Miss BumBum legend Suzy Cortez snubs Lionel Messi as she flaunts award-winning rump in David Beckham Inter Miami shirt – The Sun

MISS BUMBUM Suzy Cortez has snubbed her hero Lionel Messi in favour of showing off her curves in a David Beckham shirt.

The self-proclaimed Barcelona fan has been less than subtle in showing off her love for the Argentine magician in the past.

So much so that she even got his face tattooed near her groin and was blocked after bombarding him was saucy pictures on social media.

And now it appears she is taking her obsession elsewhere following the launch of Beckham's MLS franchise Inter Miami.

The American side lost both of their opening fixtures before the coronavirus pandemic brought football to a halt.

But their ropey results haven't stopped Cortez from stripping off to pose in an Inter Miami shirt with a matching pink thong.

The Brazilian even promised Golden Balls that she was going to visit their new stadium once lockdown is over and football in the MLS is back.

Alongside a string of pictures leaving little to the imagination, she said: "Everyone knows that I love football and now in the city they have the best MLS team.

"As soon as I get to the USA, I'm going to visit the stadium, but I'm looking forward to seeing the beautiful Miami Freedom Park too.

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Viva simples, sonhe grande, seja grato, dê amor, ria muito!

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"Congratulations to the best English player David Beckham for everything he is doing for football in the United States!

"I'm sure Inter Miami CF will be the MLS champion in the 2020/2021 season."

Suzy's eye-popping assets helped her again beat out rumpy beauties from around the world as she became a two-time winner of the coveted Miss BumBum title last year, adding to her 2015 crown.

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Glamorous Miss England hopeful, 18, swaps ballgowns for PPE

Glamorous Miss England hopeful, 18, swaps ballgowns for PPE by signing up as a care worker – and says the hardest part of the 12-hour shifts is seeing how ‘lonely’ the elderly residents are without visitors

  • Erin Smith, 18, from Worcester, exchanged glitzy ballgowns to become a carer
  • The beauty pageant hopeful works 12-hour shifts caring for elderly residents 
  • She previously played football for West Bromwich Albion and Coventry United
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

A glamorous Miss England contestant and professional footballer has hung up her sash and boots by signing up to be a care worker on the coronavirus frontline. 

Erin Smith, 18, from Worcester, who dreams of becoming a nurse, was desperate to join the fight against the deadly virus after the UK went into lockdown. 

And now the beauty pageant hopeful has exchanged her glitzy ballgowns for 12-hour shifts caring for elderly residents with Covid-19 near her home in Worcestershire. 

‘Being a carer is difficult, but I’m absolutely loving it,’ explained Erin. ‘The residents are all so lonely because they can’t have visitors and they miss their families, so it’s nice to be the one bit of joy in their day.’

Erin Smith (pictured), 18, from Worcester, who dreams of becoming of nurse, signed up to become a care worker 

Erin (pictured) has played football since she was four-years-old and has been part of the England Colleges squad at an under-18 level

She added: ‘A lot are pining for company but you have to keep your distance so you can’t give them a pat on the shoulder or a hug.’

Erin has also played football since she was four-years-old and has been part of the England Colleges squad at an under-18 level. 

She previously played for West Bromwich Albion and Coventry United before she took time off to recover from an injury.

But the centre back was forced to temporarily hang up her boots when all professional football was temporarily suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The glamorous Miss England hopeful revealed her friends told her she was ‘crazy’ for signing up for the care worker role, while her parents worried she may catch coronavirus

Erin previously played for West Bromwich Albion and Coventry United before she took time off to recover from an injury. The centre back (pictured, left and right) was forced to temporarily hang up her boots when all professional football was temporarily suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak

And Erin admitted parents Mo, 54, and Tony, 50, who she lives with, were initially worried about her working on the frontline.

Erin revealed how her friends told her she was ‘crazy’ for signing up for the care worker role with her parents worrying she might catch something.  

‘My friends said I was crazy when I signed up,’ she said. ‘Mum and dad were worried because they didn’t want me catching anything but we don’t have anyone vulnerable in our family. 

‘They are really proud of me because of the things I have to do, a lot of people couldn’t do them.

‘I never thought I’d be able to do the gruesome parts of caring but it’s shown me that I can be a nurse.’

Erin said her PPE is a bit different to her usual pageant attire as she sports a face mask, gloves, apron and face shield during her long shifts. 

‘Some think the PPE is funny and over the top but obviously you can’t risk giving them anything,’ she explained.

Erin (pictured, left and right) submitted videos and images of herself to the Miss England YouTube channel showing off her keepy-uppy skills to earn her place in the beauty contest. Erin said her PPE is a bit different to her usual pageant attire

Speaking about the Miss England contest, Erin added: ‘The only lady I told about the competition really encourages me. She thinks it’s amazing.’

Erin submitted videos and images of herself to the Miss England YouTube channel catwalking in her garden and showing off her keepie uppie skills to earn her place in the beauty contest.

The Miss England Midlands semi-final was due to take place last month at Resorts World in Birmingham, but due to lockdown restrictions the contest is being held virtually instead, with the public and judges selecting winners who will go through to the final.

Organisers are currently unsure whether the grand final, due to be held on July 31, will go ahead physically as this may also be held virtually too.

The Miss England Midlands semi-final was due to take place last month at Resorts World in Birmingham. Erin (pictured left, and right) spoke of how the hardest part of her new career is seeing how lonely the elderly she cares for are

Erin, who is sponsored by organic beauty company ST Essentials, said: ‘The reason I entered the competition is because I thought it would build my confidence, but I understand why we can’t do it on stage with an audience.

‘Doing it virtually is a bit different, but I don’t mind. I can’t wait to get back into football, though. My dad loves that I’m into it and supports me so much, but I’ve had to do a lot of Joe Wicks PE lessons instead to keep fit.’

Erin, who lost her other part-time job at a coffee shop when the pandemic became more serious, spoke of how the hardest part of her new career is seeing how lonely the elderly she cares for are.

She commented: ‘The most difficult thing is not being able to spend a lot of time with them, especially if one of them is having a bad day.

‘I set up a zoom call on my laptop for one lady so she could see her grandson, and she cried.’

Erin is also raising money for The Survivors Trust, a charity which supports victims of domestic violence, by running 10k four times a week throughout May.

Erin (pictured left, sporting her England football kit, and right, practicing her skills in her garden) said: ‘I can’t wait to get back into football’

Erin (pictured) is also raising money for The Survivors Trust, a charity which supports victims of domestic violence

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25 reasons not to miss going to clothes shops

25 reasons not to miss going to clothes shops: The hell of an all-around mirror. Pushy staff on commission. And all the big sizes hidden in the back

  • High Street retailers across the UK have been closed for nearly two months 
  • Claudia Connell explains why she doesn’t miss going to clothes shops 
  • She says after hours of shopping you return home tired and hating purchases

Nearly two months have passed since department stores, clothes and shoe shops shut their doors — and the announcement at the weekend that we’ll have to wait weeks longer for them to reopen was greeted with widespread groaning.

But while some people are itching to get back on the High Street to shop for their summer wardrobes, I feel liberated by this particular aspect of lockdown.

Let’s face it, the shopping trips I used to live for as a twentysomething have become hot, exhausting, hellish ordeals in middle age.

Here, for my fellow loathers, are 25 reasons not to miss trawling those infernal rails for a new outfit . . .

Claudia Connell (pictured) listed the reasons that she’s not missing the clothes shops, as stores across the UK remain closed 

1 Shops never get their temperature right. In winter, the heating is pumped up to hotter than the surface of the sun while you try on woolly jumpers. Then, in summer, as you shiver in a floaty dress, the air conditioning is set to ‘freezing with a chance of frostbite’.

2 When the sales assistant offers to find you a new top from the stockroom after you point out the make-up stain on the one you tried on. No! That wasn’t the plan. You didn’t want a pristine new one, you wanted that dirty one at a 15 per cent discount.

3 Never being able to find what you want. Shops have a habit of keeping some items in illogical places. Take socks. Common sense tells you they’re most likely to be found in the lingerie section. Wrong. The store you’re in keeps them in ‘accessories’ next to hair brushes and umbrellas. Obviously.

4 Inconsistent sizing. I’m a size 14 in Marks & Spencer. Joy. I’m a size 16 in French Connection. Oh well. I’m a size ‘Ha ha, we’ve got nothing for you, fatty’ in Zara.

5 The squirmy embarrassment of being measured for a bra. You stand half-naked in a cubicle while a stranger runs a cold tape measure over you. Why do all bra specialists think that not being able to breathe is a key criteria for a well-fitting bra? No wonder eight in ten of us wear the wrong size.

6 Folded item anxiety. Some stores have a special way of folding their display jumpers and shirts. An assistant is guaranteed to appear just as you poorly refold an item you were inspecting, ready to angrily fix your handiwork.

Claudia said she doesn’t miss curtains in clothing shops that don’t reach all the way across and saloon-style doors that hide only your mid-section (file image)

7 The curtain that doesn’t reach all the way across, the saloon-style doors that hide only your mid-section, the used plaster on the floor, the nauseating aroma of other people’s feet — changing rooms really are the pits.

And the lighting. Oh, God, the lighting. How many times have you caught sight of someone in the communal mirror and thought: ‘Look at the state of that old bag,’ only to realise it’s you?

8 The search for a lavatory can take even longer than the search for the perfect party dress. In department stores, if ladies’ fashion is on the ground floor, the loos will always be on the fifth, behind the TV and stereo section.

9 Cherry-flavoured lip gloss? A teeny-weeny notebook and pencil? Ooh, a unicorn keyring! It’s no longer only supermarkets that place tempting things you absolutely don’t need by the tills. Increasingly, High Street stores such as H&M are doing it, too, so that suggestible fools (like me) will fill their baskets.

Claudia (pictured) complains that trying on things such as jeans can leave your legs dry 

10 Why, after three decades of trying on clothes, do I always convince myself that this time I will be able to remove my trousers without taking off my shoes?

11 ‘Would you like your receipt emailed?’ No, I’d like it in the bag with my purchases, please. Why are shoppers made to feel bad about this? Emailing a receipt is not about saving paper, it’s about getting your details so they can bombard you with spam until the end of time.

12 When did I turn into the incredible lizard woman? All the peeling and unpeeling of jeans to try things on leaves legs dry. You then feel a little ill as you realise you are standing barefoot on a pile of other people’s flaked skin.

13 Rotating rail rudeness. You’re happily browsing clothes on a circular rail, turning it in a clockwise movement, when suddenly another customer comes along and starts moving the rail in the opposite direction. You gently edge it your way again. She firmly moves it back. You aggressively tug it towards you. All this takes place without making eye contact. The first one to walk away is the loser.

14 Do I have a store card? Do I want a store card? If I take out a store card today, then I’ll get 20 per cent off — why don’t I want 20 per cent off?

Claudia (pictured) claims that some shops don’t make larger customers feel welcome, as they have a habit of keeping their bigger sizes in the stockroom 

15 Has anyone yet unravelled the mysterious workings of shoe shops? Why, when you ask to try on shoes, do the assistants only ever hand you one from the box? Has anyone ever purchased shoes based on one of them fitting? And why do they offer you a manky pop sock — resembling one of Nora Batty’s stockings — to put on first? How many other people have had their sweaty foot in it that day?

16 The till interrogation. You’re at the finishing line when, suddenly, you’re hit with 20 questions. Did you find everything you were looking for? Who helped you today? Are you on our mailing list? Would you like to come to our VIP event? It’s a very good time to make a fake phone call.

17 The way some stores don’t exactly make larger customers feel welcome. Higher-end shops have a sneaky habit of keeping their bigger sizes in the stockroom. I’m looking at you, Whistles.

Sizes 8, 10 and 12 are on the rail, but you have to put in a special request for a size 16 or above, as they’re all kept ‘out back’.

Claudia asks who invented the full-length, all-round mirror in the changing room (file image)

18 The commissionistas. Staff who work on commission are easy to spot. They’ll gush that you look fantastic when clearly you don’t. They’ll bring you things to try on that you didn’t ask for, and will tell you that clothes that are too tight will magically ‘give’, while ones that are too big will ‘shrink’.

19 Being overwhelmed with choice. Shopping for a plain black T-shirt sounds easy enough. The reality is that after two hours of looking at V-necks, scoop necks, boat necks, cap sleeves, no sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, long, loose, tight, cropped, you’ll just give up.

20 Being emotionally blackmailed into completing a survey. Cashier Amy tells you if too few people respond, she might not get a bonus. You can’t be responsible for Amy not getting her bonus, so you duly complete the survey — and then find yourself having to unsubscribe from 100 unsolicited emails from the store’s partners.

21 What monster invented the full-length, all-round mirror in the changing room? I don’t want to see my back fat and squishy bum, and my nose doesn’t really look that big from the side, does it?

Claudia claims after hours of trudging around the shops, you return home with purchases that you hate (file image) 

22 No clothes look good when you’re standing almost on top of the mirror, so you exit the cubicle to admire yourself in the larger full-length one. There will be someone younger and thinner trying on the same dress. Suddenly you don’t look like the supermodel you’d imagined, but a sack of spuds tied in the middle.

23 Sometimes security tags are left on and they set off the alarm. Why, when this happens, even though you know you haven’t stolen anything, do you react like you’ve just been caught with the crown jewels under your arm?

24 You’ve broken a zip on a dress you don’t want to buy. You hand it back to the changing room assistant, say nothing and leg it out of there like Usain Bolt before she notices. Then you feel horribly guilty for the rest of the weekend.

25 Finally, after hours of trudging round the shops, you return home with your goods. You’re hot, you’re tired, you’re bad-tempered and broke. You unpack . . . and hate every single one of your purchases. Guaranteed.

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Brits 'could miss out on holiday destinations' as countries make travel alliance

Britons could potentially miss out on certain holiday destinations after the lockdown is lifted, as countries begin to form alliances to rebuild tourism.

Australia, Austria, Israel, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece and New Zealand – all countries that have avoided high Covid-19 death and infection tolls – are said to have banded together in order to restore business ties and tourism among themselves.

Tourists from the select group of countries would still be expected to undergo health checks at the borders and wear masks.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz told The Wall Street Journal the nations had ‘reacted early and forcefully and now we’re in a better place’.

Meanwhile, the UK is still in lockdown, having passed the grim milestone of 30,000 deaths on Wednesday, with more than 200,000 confirmed infections.

Coronavirus updates

Visit our live blog for the latest updates: Coronavirus news live

Boris Johnson has signaled lockdown measures could be eased as early as next week, but it remains unclear when people will be able to travel abroad again and which countries will accept British holidaymakers.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said this week the country will not open borders with the rest of the world for ‘a long time to come’.

Spain’s Balearic Island’s tourism minister Iago Negueruela implied last month that Britain had destroyed its chance for holidays with its slow response to the virus.

He told local media: ‘There are countries like the United Kingdom that have taken too long to adopt containment measures. That also puts us in a different situation with respect to them.’

It comes as Germany and Italy both suggest that their citizens may be able to go on summer holidays this year.

Federal tourism commissioner Thomas Bareiss told Der Tagesspiegel newspaper that Germany was in discussions with other nations.

He added that it would mainly be neighbouring states ‘that can be reached by car’ – for example, Austria, France, Poland, Belgium or the Netherlands – but said he couldn’t write off other regions in Europe yet.

Speaking to Il Fatto Quotidiano, Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said on Wednesday that he thought citizens would be able to go abroad if the virus was kept under control.

French President Emmanuel Macron told reporters it was ‘too soon to say whether we can take holidays’ but said he believed citizens would have to stay in Europe.

Claiming all would become clear by the start of June, he added: ‘What I can say is that we will limit major international travel, even during the summer.

‘We will stay among Europeans and, depending on how the epidemic evolves, we might have to reduce that a little more.’

Meanwhile, Greek Tourism Minister Haris Theocharis told the BBC the government plans to slowly welcome visitors back, adding: ‘Travelling by road will be safer initially than flying and we’ll see that kind of tourists earlier.’

Cypriot tourist minister Savvas Perdios implied last month that travels alliances could be created with certain countries in the future, saying: ‘The important thing is that travel agents have Cyprus in mind…there are positive signs from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Nordic countries, Greece, Israel and perhaps the Netherlands.’

When questioned on UK and Russia, he replied: ‘We hope to know in a few weeks when tourists will be able to come from these countries.’

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