Incredible pics show model swimming with seven 40lb stingrays off Cayman Islands in picturesque Stingray City – The Sun

ATLANTA supermodel Taylor Adkins has done a stunning shoot surrounded by deadly giant stingrays in the Caribbean.

Taylor was filmed posing in the water with a school of rays that have a wingspan of 42 inches in the shallows of Stingray City, Cayman Islands.

The area regularly hosts up to 60 sting rays and is the only place on the gorgeous islands where you can legally feed them.

A 2012 study suggests there are only 8,400 left in the world.

The stingrays in the shoot are estimated to be about twelve years old and weigh around 40lb.

Females give birth to 2–10 pups twice per year in the shallow water like in these photos, after a gestation period of about four months.

Due to the tourism industry regarding the rays as one of the key attractions to the Caribbean, each ray is worth about $2.5 million to the local economy. They are well-looked after by the locals, but they also have the ability to fend for themselves.

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White model who identifies as black Martina Big now has boobs that weigh the same as a crate of beer – The Sun

A WHITE model who identifies as black has enlarged her breasts so much that together they weigh as much as a crate of beer.

Martina Big, from Germany, has been taking melanin injection for two years and had multiple plastic surgeries to achieve her look.

She has also had her breast implants modified so she can keep "filling them up" without the need for any more surgery, and plans to carry on doing so until they are twice the size of the current world record holder.

Speaking to German newspaper Bild, Martina said: "Each of my breasts weighs over 8 kilos (17.6 lbs).

"I regularly train my back and chest muscles. I also wear special, custom-made bras."

She also said her modified implants are designed to hold 20,000ml per breast, making them the "largest in the world".

"Since my operation a year ago, I have had eleven fill-ups," she said.

"My current size is 7800 ml per breast. That corresponds to a theoretical bra size of 70T.

"But that's not enough for me. I will continue to fill my breasts."

Striking pictures, one taken in 2014, the other in 2020, show Martina wearing the same dress and showcase her dramatic transformation so far.

The earlier photo shows her white and blonde with enlarged breasts, while the later one shows her with darker skin, black hair, and much larger breasts.

Posting them to social media, she wrote: "This dress is one of my favorite dresses.

"It is particularly stretchy and can be tied at the back. I've had it for many years.

"Over time it has stretched more and more and more. I wore it during a shoot in 2014.

"You can see how the dress looks now.

"I hope that the dress will stretch even more and more in the future."

Martina said she is aiming to surpass American model Maxi Mounds, whose breasts currently 9 kilos (20.0 lbs) each.

"I will continue to have my implants refilled step by step up to 100 percent," she said.

"As soon as I have completely filled my implants up to 20,000 ml per breast, I will have double the current world record."

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Instagram model says she was fired from jobs for being 'too pretty'

Instagram model and mom-of-one claims she was fired from multiple jobs for being ‘too PRETTY’ – as she reveals how she now earns $60,000 A MONTH by posting sexy photos online

  • Stephanie Villagomez, 29, says she lost numerous jobs because of her looks
  • The mother-of-one, from Florida, recalled one time when her boss was forced to let her go because his wife was so jealous of Villagomez’s looks 
  • She quit another waitressing job because her co-workers were so cruel to her 
  • ‘They were so mad that everyone liked me,’ Villagomez recalled 
  • In order to earn money, Villagomez, who has an 11-year-old daughter, began posting sexy photos of herself on a premium Snapchat account 
  • She quickly started raking in money, earning as much as $20,000 in one day   

A stunning Instagram model who earns $60,000 per month from sharing raunchy snaps online has claimed that she lost multiple office jobs for being ‘too pretty.’

Stephanie Villagomez, 29, who is known as @tiff08 on Instagram, revealed that she turned to adults-only subscription service, OnlyFans, to make an income after being forced to leave her previous waitressing role due to jealous colleagues.

Florida-based Villagomez, who is mom to an 11-year old daughter, Destiny, said things at one job got so bad that her boss was forced to let her go from the company because his wife became so jealous of the young girl’s good looks.

Under fire: Instagram model and mother-of-one Stephanie Villagomez claims that she lost multiple jobs for being ‘too pretty’ 

Jealousy: The 29-year-old Florida native recalled one incident when her boss was forced to fire her from her waitressing job because his wife was jealous of her looks

Mean: Villagomez says that she had to quit another waitressing job because the other staff members were so cruel to her

Moving on: The model now earns a staggering $60,000 a month from posting sexy photos of herself online 

‘I worked at a restaurant as a waitress and the co-workers hated me because the guys that would go and eat in there always requested me to help them out and I would always take home more tips than them,’ the model explained.

‘The girls working there wouldn’t even want to talk to me because they were so mad that everyone liked me. They made it difficult for me to work because they were always gossiping about me or not cleaning up.’

Villagomez said she ended up quitting the job because she was ‘tired of  [her co-workers] always talking about me or doing things to make my job harder,’ and instead took up another waitressing role at a different restaurant.

However, again her good looks backfired she says, revealing: ‘The owner liked me so much, he moved me right away to being a server because they made so much more money in tips, but the other girls I worked with were mad about that as it takes a while to get that position, often months, and I got it in the first week of working there.

‘When the other girls working there found out, they wouldn’t even talk to me or help me with anything, it was so hard for me to learn the job because usually on your first day, your co-workers help you but in my case, they were so mean.’

Eventually, the stunner decided enough was enough and quit the job before taking up a new role working in a dispensary, providing customers with medical marijuana, which is legal in some parts of America. 

But again, Villagomez found her co-workers to be jealous of her striking looks, while many customers entering the store would specifically request her help, promoting further envy among her colleagues.

‘I would even go to work without wearing makeup and in baggy clothes so I wouldn’t catch people’s attention but I guess it was my great customer service that they liked,’ she said.

Finally, the model mom, was moved to another dispensary where things went from bad to worse as the owner’s wife allegedly developed a dislike for her too.

Villagomez explained, ‘The wife hated me because the husband (my boss) was extra friendly and would give me extra hours and pay me extra. 

‘The wife would make me do things I didn’t have to do and would talk to me like I was stupid. One time she even mixed up the weed and my boss thought it was me. It got to the point where the wife told my boss, ‘It’s me or her’ so he had to let me go.’

Thankfully, the young mom’s luck turned around when she was contacted by a photographer who promised she could make a lot of money with her mega curves and gorgeous looks. 

Raking it in! Villagomez quickly amassed a dedicated following, and began earning thousands of dollars from her fans, who would pay her for exclusive content 

Upsetting: The model faced backlash from her family when she started posting the raunchy content online, however she insists that the work has turned her life around

Taking control: Villagomez says she loves being her own boss and making her own rules 

Success: The mother-of-one now has an OnlyFans site, where her followers can pay her for her pictures, and she is currently earning a whopping $60,000 a month 

‘I was scared and nervous but willing to try because at that point, I had no job and needed to pay my rent and bills, Villagomez explained. ‘So I started up a premium Snapchat and it went so well, I made $20,000 in one night.

‘Then the photographer suggested we start an OnlyFans so I did and my life has completely changed because I’m now my own boss and set my own rules.’

However, the stunner admits she found it hard at first to flash the flesh, and faced backlash from her family, particularly her father, who questioned her new-found career.

Ultimately though, her new online job has turned her life around. 

‘This has helped in so many ways like being able to travel, take my daughter anywhere she wants to go, pay my bills on time and I’m almost a homeowner,’ she said.

‘I’m very proud of my work and how far I’ve come. I’m now at two million followers and I’m a small business owner.’

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Model ditches the catwalk as she MOVES into her local care home

Model ditches the D&G catwalk for a job at her local care home and reveals she’s MOVED IN for a month to protect elderly residents during Covid-19 pandemic

  • Harriet Rose, signed to London agency Select, has featured on French Vogue
  • But she’s ditched the catwalk and moved into a care home in Herne Bay, Kent
  • She took to her Instagram this week to explain that she’s working with residents
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

A fashion model who has worked for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana has revealed she’s moved into a care home to help the elderly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Harriet Rose, who is signed to top London agency Select, took to her Instagram page this week to explain that she’s started working at an unnamed care home in Herne Bay, Kent. 

The blonde bombshell, who boasts a large portfolio of catwalk and magazine photoshoots, proudly told how none of the people staying at the centre have died from coronavirus thanks to their lockdown. 

Model Harriet Rose (pictured on holiday in Italy) who has worked for the likes of Dolce and Gabbana has revealed she’s moved into a care home in Kent (right) to help the elderly during the COVID-19 pandemic 

Harriet Rose (pictured on the Ingie catwalk in Paris in 2017), who is signed to top London agency Select, took to her Instagram page this week to explain that she’s working with residents at an unnamed care home in Herne Bay, Kent

Posting to her social media account, which boasts 5,500 followers, Harriet shared several images of herself wearing her staff uniform.

She captioned the post: ‘One month ago I moved into a care home that I’ve recently started working at, for a one month lockdown period in order to ensure the safety of the residents during a peak of the covid-19 pandemic.

‘To say it’s been tough would be an understatement! But with great pleasure I can say that we have been so lucky to have not lost any resident or member of staff OR contracted ANY cases of the coronavirus during this period.

Posting to her social media account, which brags 5,500 followers, Harriet shared several images of herself wearing her staff uniform (pictured)

The blonde bombshell (pictured left on holiday, and right, recently in the UK) boasts a large portfolio of catwalk and magazine photoshoots

‘The quite literal blood sweat and tears, hundreds of hours on minimal sleep and not giving up, were all worth it! We are all SO blessed and we feel so proud of our huge achievement.

‘We send all our love to all the other care homes and care workers who are continuing to do an amazing job!’

Harriet added: ‘Stay home! Keep to social distancing and WASH YOUR HANDS. Together we will get through this! Stay smiling and stay positive.’

Harriet proudly told how none of the people staying at the centre had died from coronavirus thanks to their lockdown (pictured left). Pictured right: A snap of Harriet’s luggage and uniform as she prepared to live in the care home

Reaction: Her inspirational post was praised by her followers, with one person writing: ‘That’s awesome stuff, keep it up’

Her inspirational post was praised by her followers, with one person writing: ‘That’s awesome stuff, keep it up.’

Another added: ‘Well done Harriet, you’re doing amazing,’ while a third added: ‘God bless you! Such a good role model for others out there.’

A fourth wrote: ‘God bless you. You and your colleagues in the nursing homes are angels,’ as another person said: ‘Amazing job Harriet and an inspiration.’

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