Brian May reveals hospital dash after heart attack

Queen guitarist Brian May has revealed he suffered a ‘small heart attack’ after previously recalling landing in hospital following a gardening incident that saw him tear a muscle in his bottom.

Previously sharing a snap from a wheelchair, as he described the pain he continued to endure, the iconic rocker has now shared an update on his health.

Amid the enduring pain which he linked to the tear in his gluteus maximus, the 72-year-old – who is now fighting fit and ‘ready to rock’ – suffered a ‘small heart attack’ and had to undergo an operation to install three stents.

While speaking about the backside injury, he explained: ‘But in the middle of it, the rest of the story is a little more bizarre, a bit more shocking, well I was shocked because I thought I was a pretty healthy guy and everyone says “You’ve got great blood pressure, you’ve got a great heart rate”.’

He continued in a video posted to Instagram: ‘I keep fit with biking, I’ve got a good diet, not too much fat, but anyway, in the middle of the whole saga of the painful backside, I had a small heart attack.’

The musician added: ‘I say small, it’s not something that did me any harm, it was about 40 minutes of pain in my chest and tightness and that feeling in the arms, and sweating, you kinda know, you’ve heard, “is this a heart attack?’’’

Saying his doctor drove him to the hospital himself, Brian was seen straight away for an angiogram (a type of X-ray used to examine blood vessels) to find out what was wrong.

He continued: ‘They looked at me, and said, “Brian, I’m sorry this is a little more complicated than we thought…”’

Taken to a hospital where he was seen as an emergency patient, it was confirmed he had three arteries ‘which were congested and in danger of blocking the supply of blood’ to his heart.

Brian said some felt he needed to have open heart surgery and a triple bypass, however others said that if he had three stents put in he could walk either that night or the following day.

After some deliberation he oped for the stents.

‘I thank them from the bottom of my heart,’ he said of doctors, adding: ‘I think I’m in good shape for some time to come.’

Brian said: ‘I didn’t die, I came out and I would have been full of beans if it wasn’t for the leg…I’ve just got the point where the leg is liveable.’

Forced to take severe painkillers following the tear, he’s now off the meds and is urging followers to get their heart checked.

‘I was very near death because of this, but the pain I had was from something completely different,’ he said. ‘But I’m good, I’m here, and I’m ready to rock.’

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Shelby Tribble reveals she is having a baby boy days after confirming pregnancy – The Sun

SHELBY Tribble has revealed she is having a baby boy just days after announcing her pregnancy.

The Towie star and boyfriend Sam Mucklow discovered they were going to be parents to a son in a touching gender reveal organised by Sam's mum.

She had filled a wardrobe with blue balloons and blue baby clothes for the reveal shared on Shelby's Instagram.

It comes just days after Shelby announced that she is pregnant.

The Towie stars shared the news on social media, showing off a sweet ultrasound photo of their unborn child.

In both photos, the excited parents-to-be are beaming as they pose at their front door, which has a feathered rainbow wreath supporting the NHS as decoration.

Shelby, 27, also proudly showed off her growing bump in a fitted black dress as she cuddled up to 28-year-old Sam.

Shelby captioned the sweet post: "Something fantastic is making us glad, we’re changing our names to Mum and Dad".

Sam shared the same photos and caption to his own Instagram, with the couple's friends and fans flocking to share their congratulations in the comments.

The exciting news comes just one month after Sam's big sister Billi announced that she is expecting her third child with footballer fiance Andy Carroll.

Sam and Shelby found love while filming ITVBe reality series The Only Way Is Essex, which catapulted them to fame.

However, they both quit partway through the series last year, with Sam returning home from Marbella early and refusing to film any more scenes.

In October, Sam explained that he and Shelby had decided to leave the show due to the "pressure and anxiety" it put on their "fairytale" relationship.

Both Shelby and Sam joined the show in 2018, and started dating in October of that same year – just one month after he'd split from former flame and co-star Nicole Bass – and their rocky romance was heavily documented on the programme.

Last year, Sam faked an engagement with Shelby on Instagram in a bid to "ruin" Nicole's birthday.


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Jose Mourinho finally reveals what he whispered to Pep Guardiola in infamous Champions League incident in 2010 – The Sun

TEN years on, the secret is finally out.

A decade ago, Jose Mourinho – then manager of Inter Milan – infamously whispered in the ear of rival and Barcelona boss Pep Guardiola during the second leg of their Champions League semi-final.

But, until now, nobody knew what was really said.

Mourinho had got one over counterpart Guardiola in the first leg of the tie as Inter ran out 3-1 winners at the San Siro.

The Portuguese gaffer would have been sweating when current Chelsea star Pedro gave Barca the lead with a crucial away goal in the 19th minute.

But Inter hit back, and in some style thanks to goals from Dutch ace Wesley Sneijder, Brazilian Maicon and Argentine striker Diego Milito who completed the comeback.

Inter knew the job was only half done ahead of their visit to the Nou Camp with the Catalan giants confident in the knowledge that a 2-0 win would see them through and give them a shot at retaining their crown in the final.

In the cauldron that is the Nou Camp it is often hard for away teams to settle early amid the noise and passion of just shy of 100,000 fans.

And Inter got off to a terrible start, Thiago Motta being handed a straight red card after 28 minutes after a coming together with Sergio Busquets.

Motta stuck out his right arm which seemed to brush the face of holding midfielder Busquets who hit the deck.

It seemed a soft red card to many onlookers.

But from a moment of weakness, Mourinho saw an opportunity as the Barcelona staff and players celebrated the dismissal as if the tie had already been decided.

Mourinho told Gazzetta dello Sport: "When Sergio Busquets fell almost knocked out, I was diagonally between our bench, his [Guardiola's] and the place where Motta was sent off.

"Out of the corner of my eye I saw the Barcelona bench celebrating it as if Guardiola had already won calling Ibrahimovic to give instructions."

Even though his side were facing the daunting task of keeping out a star-studded Barca line-up for an hour with ten men, Mourinho had faith in his well-drilled Inter outfit.

He walked up behind Guardiola – while the Spaniard was addressing Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic – and whispered: "Don't throw the party, the game is not over."

It was wise words from the former Chelsea boss as his side held on until Gerard Pique's goal in the 84th minute.

It was not enough as Barca could not find a crucial second, despite Bojan coming close in injury time, that would have seen them progress on away goals.

Instead Mourinho, who described the second leg as his "most beautiful defeat", took his side to the final and beat Bayern Munich 2-0 to seal a historic treble before leaving Italy in the summer for Real Madrid.

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Nikki Bella reveals she broke up with John Cena so WWE star wouldn’t ‘regret’ having children with her – The Sun

NIKKI BELLA has revealed she ended things with WWE legend John Cena over fears he would regret having children with her.

The WWE superstars made the perfect couple but stunning Bella ended their relationship back in 2018.

The pair went their separate ways after six years together and broke off their engagement that begun when Cena got down on one knee in the ring after a mixed tag-team match in 2017.

Bella, 36, has moved on with professional dancer and former Strictly Come Dancing star Artem Chigvinstev who she met while competing on Dancing with the Stars.

The gorgeous couple are expecting their first child and pregnant Bella has revealed it was kids that drove a wedge between her and legendary Cena.

Speaking on Maria Menounos's YouTube show Better Together, she said: "Overall, we did have such an incredible relationship. It was just two people that wanted two different lives but were trying so hard to make it one.

"Even in the end when he was willing to give me kids, I could just tell, it's not what he wanted.

"And that's really, like, you know, what pushed me in the end, I was like, 'Am I'm going to force someone to be a father?'

"What if he looks at you down the road and just regrets everything, and then you have this child and you've built this life.

"Is that what you want? And I remember thinking, 'it's not what I want.'"

Nikki – who stars alongside twin sister Brie on reality show Totally Bellas – also divulged that sordid details about the ex-couple's sex life were barred from her book.

The Bella sisters' memoir Incomparable had "wild sex stories" removed on request of Cena.

Nikki added: "I understood. It was great for him!

"I was kinda like, don't you want high fives on that!?…

"We were wild, and he was strong…so it was a great story.

Nikki also revealed how series seven of the twins' reality show is being filmed amid the coronavirus pandemic with two weeks of isolation and tests helping to keep production on track.

She got engaged to new partner Artem in France in November and incredibly both twins are pregnant at the same time with their due dates just two weeks apart.

Nikki previously showed off the changes to her body to fans on social media, she posted a topless snap and said how her "boobs have gotten huge" back in March.

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Spending watchdog reveals ministers have pledged enormous sum

Rishi Sunak’s £124bn virus bill: Spending watchdog reveals ministers have pledged enormous sum to deal with effects of the coronavirus crisis

  • Ministers pledged to spend £124billion to deal with effects of coronavirus crisis
  • Chancellor Rishi Sunak warned the UK faces the prospect of a ‘severe recession’
  • Comes as millions of Britons are having wages paid under the furlough scheme 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Ministers have pledged to spend a massive £124billion to deal with the effects of the coronavirus crisis, the spending watchdog has revealed.

The National Audit Office warned that the Government could lose large amounts of money through fraud and error if it was not wary of the risks.

Its report found that ministers made more than 500 announcements between January 31 and May 4 on its response to the pandemic – amounting to £124.3billion of spending. 

The National Audit Office has revealed that ministers have now pledged to spend a massive £124billion to deal with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Pictured: Chancellor Rishi Sunak arriving to Downing Street on May 20

The figure does not include the loss of receipts to the Treasury worth an estimated £4.4billion – mostly from deferred tax payments.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has warned the UK faces the prospect of a ‘severe recession’. 

A leaked Treasury document outlined how higher borrowing and cuts in public spending will be needed if tax rises are to be avoided.

Among the spending commitments made by the Government is £6.6billion for health and social care measures, £82.2billion for businesses, £19.5billion to support individuals – such as through benefits – and £15.8billion on other public services.

But the £124.3billion figure does not include £13.4billion of NHS debt written off from April 1.

The money has gone towards bailing out businesses who would have gone bankrupt as a result of the lockdown. 

Predictions from the Bank of England and others show that the UK is on track for the worst recession in 300 years

ONS figures showed that average weekly hours worked dived from 31.6 to 24.8 in the last two weeks of March, as the lockdown took hold

Millions are having their wages paid under the furlough scheme and Mr Sunak has acted to make it easier for firms to access loans and grants. 

He has also announced higher benefits for many, as well as support for the self-employed.

The NAO revealed that senior civil servants often had such strong concerns that the high level of spending did not necessarily represent value for money that they put them in writing.

Mortgage holiday hope

Homeowners could be granted an extension to the mortgage payment holiday under plans by Rishi Sunak.

The Chancellor is looking at prolonging the scheme, due to finish at the end of June, for several months for those still struggling financially.

Banks have given the mortgage holiday to 1.7million homeowners.

But they have warned the financial regulator that a sudden end to the scheme will cause financial hardship for borrowers who still cannot afford to pay their bills.

 Mr Sunak is working with the Financial Conduct Authority and the banking sector on plans going forward, said the FT. One option could be to only extend the scheme to borrowers who are still facing difficulty.

The mortgage holiday is saving households on average £755 a month. However, extending it will raise fears of rising debt levels in the country.

An FCA spokesman said: ‘We have not yet made any final decisions. We will confirm plans in the coming weeks.’

On 11 occasions, permanent secretaries requested a ‘ministerial direction’ to instruct them to proceed – only asked for in rare circumstances and a way for officials to express concern if they believe spending breaches one of four criteria: value for money, feasibility, propriety and regularity.

The report said: ‘As a result of this direction, the minister, not the permanent secretary, is now accountable for the decision.

Gareth Davies, the head of the NAO, said: ‘The scale and nature of the Covid-19 pandemic and Government’s response is unprecedented in recent history.

The report also lays out some of the risks to the Government if it concentrates on coronavirus to the exclusion of all else, adding: ‘This includes increased risks of fraud and error.’

Ministers may lose track of the cost of huge infrastructure projects such as HS2.

Other risks include not dealing properly with major challenges such as reaching a trade deal with the EU, meeting the net zero carbon emissions target and ‘the financial sustainability of key public services’.

The NAO report includes additional funding commitments of more than £500million made up to May 15 but does not assess their value for money or their effectiveness.

It will undertake detailed audits of specific elements of the Government’s response, to identify lessons for subsequent stages of the pandemic and potential future pandemics.

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Mum reveals how coronavirus affects life on a remote island in Papua New Guinea

A German mother-of-three living on a remote island off the coast of Papua New Guinea has revealed that life there has been ‘going on as normal’ while the rest of the world grapples with managing the coronavirus pandemic.

Barbara Goodyear, 42, ended up living on the little-known volcanic isle called Karkar, which measures just 24km (15 miles) long and 19km (11.8 miles) wide, after volunteering as a teacher there in 2002 and falling in love with a local man Paul, who she went on to marry.

There are around 70,000 inhabitants and two main tribes on Karkar with their own languages, Takia and Waskia, which are completely different.

There is no mains electricity or water on the teardrop-shaped outcrop (rainwater and river water is collected instead) and there is just one pothole-riddled road to get around with a 4×4 required to navigate the other steep muddy tracks.

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Barbara, who runs several shops and a cocoa and coconut plantation with her husband on Karkar, told ‘Here on the island there have been no coronavirus cases, we are all fine here and life is pretty much normal. 

‘But on the mainland, the situation is a little different – although there have still only been eight positive coronavirus cases in the whole of Papua New Guinea, I think, with these confined to the Highlands, Port Moresby, Rabaul and the Western province.’

Despite the low number of cases, the country has extended the nationwide state of emergency through to 1 June.

Barbara says that the small numbers could be down to the fact that there are ‘not enough tests’, adding, ‘so if there are more people dying because of the virus or with symptoms nobody would really know this’.

She said the locals on Karkar panicked initially when news of the coronavirus spread in February and March and ‘there was not enough information and awareness given that we’re so cut off from things’.

The business owner adds: ‘When people hear heard about the eight positive cases, the people though eight people had died.

‘The locals didn’t understand that positive does not mean dead. These people actually survived the virus.

‘They then started to worry if our stores, which sell food and household goods, would stay open but we have kept running things. Social distancing hasn’t been done here on Karkar.’

There are currently around 20 schools on Karkar serving the various villages and these started to close in mid-March.

Barbara notes that they ‘haven’t really reopened yet’ but ‘some schools are better organised and they are rotating the classes and the high school has been issuing students in classes nine and ten with work they can do at home.’

While the schools have been shut, Barbara has been homeschooling her three children. Her youngest, Christopher, nine, and Sophie, 11, do their schooling online anyway, but her eldest Hanna, 14, had to return home from a boarding school in Cairns, Australia, as the travel restrictions started to be enforced.

‘We were relieved when she finally returned safely,’ says Barbara. ‘Our nearest airport is Madang on the mainland, which is around a four-to-five hour boat ride away on one of our cargo ships. The actual distance is around 30km (18.6 miles).’

With travel restrictions in place, locals on Karkar were forbidden to journey to the mainland for more than four weeks.

Barbara and her family were not allowed to run their cargo ships, which are the only commercial passenger ships operating to and from the isle.

On the medical side of the things the hospital on Karkar, which was built by a Lutheran missionary and his wife in the 1930s, closed for ‘some days because of no PPE’ but now it has reopened and visitors wash their hands at the gate before going into the hospital area.

Asked if she ever gets homesick, Barbara says thanks to a fairly good internet connection at her island home, she is able to keep up-to-date with her parents and sisters back in Germany.

She notes: ‘We are really well connected via Whatsapp. My parents are always busy with meetings here and there, but with the total lockdown in Germany, they have had to stay at home.

‘I think to be honest it’s been good for my parents to slow down a little and do work on their house and garden.’

Barbara is hoping to spend Christmas with her family back in Europe but she will wait to see how the situation evolves. For now, she is happy on the remote island where she ventured to teach in her 20s and never ended up leaving.

‘Life is good here on Karkar,’ she tells us. ‘Things here are basic, tranquil and the most unexpected things can happen. It’s certainly an adventure.’

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Piers Morgan reveals he’s put on weight as he looks like a ‘fat’ ornament – leaving fans in hysterics – The Sun

PIERS Morgan revealed he's put on weight in lockdown as he compared himself to a ornament – leaving fans in hysterics.

The Good Morning Britain presenter gave his Instagram followers a laugh today when he said he looked more like a rotund ornament after weeks of overeating in locdown.

Piers, 55, wrote alongside a photo of a ceramic jester ornament: "Lockdown diet is turning me into my ornaments."

One fan replied: "This has put a smile on my face thank you mr Morgan x"

Another follower joked: "I’m the Russian dolls, only I am the biggest"

And one more scoffed: "That was you before lockdown tbh"

Dozens more followers commented beneath the post, after Piers was accused of 'buying fake followers' on Twitter.

Piers even threatened legal action after he was accused of throwing cash at Twitter bots to become more popular.

The star currently has 7.5 million followers on the social media site, and 1.1 million on Instagram.

But an anonymous user has claimed at least 4.6 million of his Twitter followers are fake after launching an 'investigation'.

A 22-tweet thread details the investigator's "evidence", with the first post in the stream of messages garnering a huge online reaction with thousands of likes and retweets.

However, when Piers caught wind of the claims he was quick to publicly deny the suggestion – and hint that he'd pursue legal action if the thread is not removed.

He wrote: "I don't know who you are, but this is an absolute lie. I have never bought a single Twitter follower, and wouldn't know how. So I strongly suggest you delete this defamatory thread before I take further action."

Piers even added in Twitter's official page in hope of getting its support.

In the thread, which was launched by @AnonymousJourn9 who has over 11,000 followers, Piers is accused of buying "over 13.8million to retain 4.6million" as the user pointed out that fake accounts are systematically shut down by Twitter every day.

They add: "The fake/bot followers are following Piers account in high numbers everyday, which suggests Piers or his management team are paying an ongoing subscription to 'Follower Sellers' rather than purchasing a certain amount at a time…"

Piers was quick to deny ever buying Twitter followers, and when quizzed on how many of his followers are bots, the Good Morning Britain presenter replied: "I've no idea.

"All high profile Twitter users have bot followers, and Twitter purges them occasionally (I've lost around a million followers in past 2yrs during these purges). But I have never bought a follower, that is a lie."

The mystery user has not responded to Piers' threat to delete the thread, but has followed Lord Alan Sugar after the businessman asked him for a private chat.

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Mike Tyson reveals doctors injected him with translucent blood which left him feeling ‘weird’ during stem cell treatment – The Sun

MIKE TYSON was injected with nearly-translucent blood in his bid to make a comeback… and the former heavyweight champ said it made him feel "weird".

The 53-year-old – who retired from boxing in 2005 – has announced his intention to dust off the gloves and compete in exhibition bouts.

His return to action has been aided by stem-cell research therapy, that has left him feeling like a "different person".

He said: "You know what I had done? I had stem-cell research therapy.

"I feel like a different person but I can't comprehend why I feel this way. It's really wild what scientists can do."


Stem-cell therapy is the use of stem cells to treat or prevent a disease or condition that usually takes the form of a bone marrow transplantation.

In a recent interview with rapper LL Cool J on the Rock the Bells Radio show on SiriusXM, Tyson opened up on the effects the treatment has had on him.

Commenting on the mental aspect of training for a fight for the first time in 15 years, he said: "My mind wouldn’t belong to me.

"My mind would belong to somebody that disliked me enough to break my soul, and I would give them my mind for that period of time.

"Six weeks of this and I’d be in the best shape I’ve ever dreamed of being in. As a matter of fact, I’m going through that process right now. And you know what else I did, I did stem-cell research."

Tyson was then asked whether that meant if his white blood had been spun and then put back in, to which he replied: "Yes. As they took the blood it was red and when it came back it was almost transfluid (sic).

"I could almost see through the blood, and then they injected it in me.

"And I’ve been weird ever since, I’ve got to get balanced now."


Stem cell transplants are carried out when bone marrow is damaged or isn’t able to produce healthy blood cells.

It can also be used to replace damaged blood cells as the result of intensive cancer treatment.

Here are conditions that stem cell transplants can be used to treat:

  • severe aplastic anaemia (bone marrow failure)
  • leukaemia – a type of cancer affecting white blood cells
  • lymphoma – another type of cancer affecting white blood cells
  • myeloma – cancer affecting cells called plasma cells
  • certain blood, immune system and metabolic disorders – examples include sickle cell anaemia, thalassaemia, severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) and Hurler syndrome


Iron Mike has been called out by former rival Evander Holyfield to complete their trilogy following their two meetings in 1990s.

And his unusual methods for getting back in shape seem to be working.

Tyson is looking in incredible condition as he uploaded a clip of himself that showed off his ferocious power and speed.

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Studio Ghibli Reveals New Details About Hayao Miyazaki's Next Movie

Anime legend and Studio Ghibli co-founder Hiyao Miyazaki has got a new movie on the way–but it won’t be here for a while. Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki has been speaking about Miyazaki’s next film, titled How Do You Live? The news comes in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, in which Suzuki discusses the studio adding its catalog to HBO Max and new details on Miyazaki’s upcoming movie.

Suzuki calls How Do You Live?, which is based on author Yoshino Genzaburō’s 1937 novel of the same name, “a big, fantastical story” about a teenage boy’s intellectual and spiritual awakening following his father’s death. According to Suzuki, “one of the new approaches” used in How Do You Live?’s creation is a longer production schedule and a larger budget than is typical for a Ghibli movie.

“When Miyazaki came back and said that I want to make a film again, I actually said that’s not a great idea because he’s achieved so much already,” Suzuki says in the interview. “You can’t come back and do something that you’ve already done in the past.”

The result is a film that includes “more drawings” to create “more frames” than is usual for Ghibli. Suzuki describes how, even employing “60 animators” to work on How Do You Live?, the studio is “only able to come up with one minute of animation in a month” or 12 minutes per year. “We’ve been working on this film for three years, so that means we have 36 minutes completed so far,” Suzuki says. “We’re hoping it will finish in the next three years.” Unlike so many other areas of film production, the Ghibli producer also tells EW that the animation studios’ progress hasn’t been affected by the pandemic so far.

Suzuki also briefly describes the next Ghibli movie by Gorō Miyazaki (Tales from Earthsea; Up on Poppy Hill), Hayao Miyazaki’s son, which the producer says is “all done by computer-generated animation” and is “based on a book or a story from England” about “a very wise girl.”

As mentioned above, a number of Studio Ghibli’s films are set to arrive on HBO Max on May 27–the same day the new streaming service launches.

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Raven-Symone Reveals She Still Hasn’t Spent Her ‘Cosby Show’ Paycheck

Raven-Symonéis one smart cookie! The former child star revealed that she has yet to spend the money she earned as a kid on The Cosby Show.

During a recent Instagram Live interview, social media personality Jerome Trammel asked Raven, 34, what she did with her Cosby Show paychecks. “You hinted at [the fact] that you still have your Cosby money,” he said at the time. “Is it true you haven’t touched your Cosby money? Or you mean, like, residuals as of lately?”

“I haven’t touched my Cosby money,” the That’s So Raven alum replied without hesitation, while the interviewer said in response, “Oooh, bitch. You rich! … That’s a flex. That’s a humble flex.”

Raven was 3-years-old when she first appeared as Olivia Kendall on The Cosby Show. She would continue to be on the hit sitcom for three seasons from 1989 to 1992.

Raven previously admitted that there were “definitely hard” moments she faced while appearing on the Cosby Show at a young age. “I remember not being able to have the bagel or anything at – we would call it crafty, where it’s just a table of food, ready for you to eat whatever you want,” she said on The View in 2015. “And I remember people would be like, ‘You can’t eat that. You’re getting fat!’ I’m like, ‘I’m 7! I’m hungry!’”

After her Cosby Show departure, the Atlanta-born star went on to find success on the Disney Channel. Raven helmed her own series, That’s So Raven, and lent her voice to Monique on Kim Possible. She then starred in popular Disney Channel film franchises The Cheetah Girls and Zenon.

The singer later released four studio albums and appeared in countless films, including College Road Trip and The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.

In 2013, Raven took a brief retirement from acting. She returned to the spotlight in 2015 as a cohost for The View, but she left the daytime show in 2016. The “Backflip” singer returned to her Disney roots in 2017 to reprise Raven in the Raven’s Home spinoff series, a series on which she also serves as an executive producer.

“Disney understood me,” Raven told The Los Angeles Times in 2018 of her return to the network. “They knew it’s not about my sexual orientation. It’s about having fun, it’s about family, it’s about comedy, it’s about good content. I love them forever for embracing me.”

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