NHS won't be the service people had previously, health chief says

NHS ‘won’t be able to provide non-emergency care until government track and trace system is up and running,’ health chief says

  • Officials urged all hospitals to cancel thousands of operations back in March
  • Trust bosses have since been given the green light to resume halted services
  • NHS Providers says that resuming NHS services will happen ‘relatively slowly’
  • The body warned: ‘It’s not going to be the service that people had previously’
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Saffron Cordery, deputy chief executive, said: ‘It’s not going to be the service people had previously’

The NHS won’t be able to provide non-emergency care until the government’s track and trace system to halt the spread of coronavirus is up and running, a health chief warned today.

Saffron Cordery, deputy chief executive of NHS Providers – which looks after trusts in England – said without an effective system in place hospitals can’t be sure staff aren’t infected. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson claimed that the UK would have a ‘world-beating’ test, track and trace system in place by June 1, amid mounting pressure on ministers to stop a second wave of Covid-19.

Ms Cordery told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that the test and trace strategy is important to contain local outbreaks, adding that hospitals also need rapid testing for NHS staff and patients and consistent supplies of PPE.

In a stark warning, she said: ‘Without that testing we can’t be clear that staff working on the frontline are safe and not infected and that’s really, really important we get that in place.’

She also admitted it is was ‘absolutely imperative’ the NHS gets started again – but added: ‘We’ve got to be clear that’s going to come relatively slowly and it’s not going to be the service that people had previously.’ 

Officials urged all hospitals to cancel thousands of operations and turf out patients on their wards to make way for a surge in COVID-19 patients early on in the crisis. 

Trust bosses have since been given the green light to resume services that came to a stop in March, with the peak of the first wave of the outbreak having passed. Health leaders last week warned it will take several months before the NHS is able to fully restart services in the face of Covid-19. 

Ms Cordery told BBC Radio 4: ‘We are in a situation where we’ve done astonishingly well to really reconfigure the NHS to manage with this surge in coronavirus cases.

‘But, of course, that comes at a cost and the cost is for those who need other types of treatment. And it’s absolutely imperative that we get the NHS started again in terms of routine operations as far as possible.’

Trust bosses have been given the green light to resume services that came to a stop in March, with the peak of the outbreak having passed. Pictured, a nurse changes bed clothes in Belfast’s Mater Hospital’s coronavirus recovery ward

She added the NHS needs a ‘sustainable supply’ of personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as effective testing for staff and patients. 

Ms Cordery said: ‘Early on in the crisis the supply of PPE was very challenging indeed but it’s improved substantially. 

‘But it hasn’t become as sustainable as we’d like it because we need more than the current supply of PPE.’

She added that hospitals currently only have a five-day supply of PPE and full-length gowns for patients, as opposed to two weeks’ worth of stock. 

NHS Providers’ chief executive Chris Hopson told The Guardian some hospitals had to wait up to 13 days to get test results back.


Beth Purvis, a 40-year-old mother of two, has stage-four bowel cancer that has spread to her lungs.

But an operation to remove a tumour from her right lung – scheduled for March 25 at the Royal Brompton Hospital in Chelsea, London – was cancelled with only a week’s notice amid the coronavirus crisis.

Mrs Purvis said: ‘I was devastated, I just burst into tears. It is a critical operation because it can help buy me time and there is a small chance it might be cured.

Pictured: Beth Purvis, whose operation to remove a tumour in her right lung was cancelled with a week’s notice 

‘If you leave the cancer, it has the opportunity to grow and spread further, I just do not know what it is going to do or how long it is safe to leave it for.’ The operation had offered her and her family some much-needed relief, said Mrs Purvis, from Bishops Stortford, Essex.

‘When you have stage four cancer, every time something pops up you just hope that you can treat it. Each treatment just gives you hope and all that hope had been wiped away.’

Mrs Purvis has now been offered stereotactic body radiotherapy which she was not eligible for before due to the number of tumours in her lungs.

Her doctors feel it is a safer option than surgery because of the risk of catching coronavirus in hospital. She said: ‘It may actually turn out to be a better option in the long run.’

Mrs Purvis said she understood why the decision to cancel her surgery was made, adding: ‘It is a really difficult situation because those of us waiting for operations will probably last a few weeks or months without our operations. Logically and rationally, I understand the decision but emotionally I am completely drained.’

Mrs Purvis said she and husband Richard, a painter and decorator, were up front with their children, Joseph 11, and Abigail, ten. She added: ‘Their worlds have been turned upside down.’

He said this was ‘effectively useless’ to hospitals, with quick results needed to ensure staff don’t unknowingly spread the virus within the NHS to vulnerable patients. 

Mr Hopson said: ‘We can’t restart NHS services as quickly as everyone would like because of the wide range of constraints trusts are facing.

‘My concern about reopening the NHS is that people are massively underestimating how difficult and complex it’s going to be.’

He told The Guardian: ‘People think it’s like flicking a light switch back on again but it absolutely isn’t.

‘It’s fiendishly complicated and will take a lot longer than people think because there are a number of different problems that have to be sorted first. 

‘We need to ensure that hospitals are safe for people without coronavirus who need to be treated, including those who need elective surgery.’

Dr Rob Harwood, chair of the British Medical Association’s consultants committee, accepted the PPE situation was ‘improving’.

But he added that medics ‘need a guarantee there is adequate equipment to protect all staff before we recommence services’. 

The Hospital Consultants and Specialists Association’s president said: ‘We can’t risk a further spike of infections among hospital patients. 

Dr Claudia Paoloni added: ‘We are all keen to see hospitals to restart a wider range of NHS services, but not until this can be achieved safely and sustainably.

‘It would be premature and inadvisable to attempt a return to “business as usual” before the testing regime is operating effectively and accurately in all parts of the country and significantly increased supplies of PPE can be guaranteed to protect staff and patients.’ 

Ministers are expected to launch the vaunted new track-and-trace programme this week with an army of 25,000 recruits battling to lead Britain out of the coronavirus crisis.

The plan – to track down those who have been in close contact with Covid-19 victims and isolate them to stop the chain of transmission – will swing into action as ‘part of the largest virtual call centre operation in the country’.

Using a model which has proved effective in other countries and which has been trialled with an app on the Isle of Wight, tracers will contact those who test positive for the virus.

They will then ask them for information about people they have been in prolonged contact with who may have been exposed – most likely household members or workplace colleagues.

It comes amid fears more than 8million people will be stuck on NHS surgery waiting lists by autumn because treatment delays due to Covid-19.

Last August there were a record-high 4.41million patients in England on waiting lists for routine operations, a rise of 250,000 from the same month a year earlier.

But that number is expected to more than double because of a backlog triggered by the Covid-19 crisis, according to the Nuffield Trust think-tank.

Nigel Edwards, the body’s chief executive, earlier this month told MPs that hospitals have only been able to carry out around ’15 to 20 per cent’ of elective procedures.  

His claim came on the back of a separate study by health analysts, which predicted 7.2million people would be on waiting lists by autumn. 

Last month medics warned that up to 2,700 cancers were being missed every week as the numbers being referred had dropped by 75 per cent.

Professor Karol Sikora, a cancer specialist, had warned the impact of the coronavirus outbreak could result in 50,000 cancer deaths.  

A&E attendances in England have also fallen to the lowest figure on record as people stay away from hospitals in the face of coronavirus.  

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The One of a Kind Mustang From 'Gone in 60 Seconds' Went up for Auction

Everyone loves car movies. And, while the Fast and the Furious franchise may have the coolest car movies nowadays, 20 years ago, there was Gone in 60 Seconds. This Nicolas Cage movie was well-known for a lot of reasons, but arguably, it’s best-known for its cars.

In particular, the 1967 Shelby GT500 Mustang that was heavily featured in it. Nicknamed “Eleanor” in the movie, this special Mustang has since become an icon, as well as a collectible car.

Eleanor in ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’

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Gone in 60 Seconds, at least the one starring Cage and Angelina Jolie, is actually a remake of a 1974 movie that had the same name. Both of these movies had an “Eleanor”, but they were different cars.

The “Eleanor” in the original Gone in 60 Seconds was a 1971 Mustang, while the “Eleanor” in the remake was that 1967 Shelby Mustang. 

In both movies though, according to GQ, “Eleanor” had the same job. It was the super powerful and super-fast car that was the object of affection for the main character, which Cage plays.

Cage plays a car thief who steals cars for a gang, and he’s been trying to steal “Eleanor” for a while now. It’s only until the end of the movie that he succeeds in stealing and driving in “Eleanor.”

“Eleanor” wasn’t like any other 1967 Shelby Mustangs, though. As GQ reported, in both the movie and in real life, “Eleanor” was equipped with a NOS booster that gave it an extra 125-hp with the press of a button.

This was a feature that was important to the plot, as it helped Cage’s character escape from the police. As a result, the car that was used to film the movie actually had a NOS booster that did exactly what it did in the movie.

A special Ford Mustang

Technically speaking, “Eleanor” is not one of a kind, as 11 of these “Eleanors” were built for the making of the movie. But still, it’s a rare car that was heavily customized for the production of the movie. 

As GQ reported, “Eleanor” has, along with its NOS booster, a “trunk-mounted fuel cell, PIAA lights, TCP aluminum pedal covers, and infamous custom 10-spoke spinner wheels.”

On top of that, “Eleanor” takes the 1967 Shelby Mustang and revamps it for the modern era. It has modern brakes, custom instrument gauges, a five-point harness, and other interior upgrades.

And of course, it wouldn’t be “Eleanor” if it wasn’t fast. The NOS booster makes it even faster than usual, but “Eleanor” has an improved engine as well. “Eleanor” has a 5.7-liter V8 engine that gets 400-hp. 

Up for auction

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With 11 of these “Eleanors” ever produced, it’s a very rare and collectible car. Many car lovers are fans of the movie, and GQ even says that “Eleanor” has caused a boom in people modifying classic cars.

That’s why, when an “Eleanor” was put up on auction in 2013, Motor Authority said that it sold for $1 million. Other “Eleanors” have sold for six-figures, so it’s clear that it’s a very popular car for collectors. GQ says that another “Eleanor” from the movie will be going on auction soon, too.

With that said, while the 11 “Eleanors” from the movie are rare, the car itself isn’t rare. As Motor Authority said, a company called Classic Recreations will build “Eleanors” for you for a big price tag. These will be similar to the “Eleanors” in the movie, but they won’t have the honor of actually being the “Eleanors” from the movie. Still, for $140,000, you can get your very own, brand-new “Eleanor.” 

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'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Here's What Will Happen During Villains Week

With filming suspended due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, The Young and the Restless is still airing themed weeks of reruns. This upcoming week, all of the episodes will be centered on some of the evilest schemes of the show’s notable villains.

So, while these aren’t technically spoilers in the traditional sense, here’s what to expect on The Young and the Restless from May 25, 2020, to May 29, 2020:

Monday, May 25

Original airdate: Oct. 7, 1991.

Official description: The walls close in on the nefarious David Kimble (Michael Corbett); Traci (Beth Maitland) keeps a secret from Brad (Don Diamont); and Nina (Tricia Cast) comes out of hiding.

David Kimble was a con artist who was married to Nina Webster. He targeted her after Nina got a fortune from her late husband, Phillip Chancellor III. He threatened Nina’s friends, Christine Blair and Danny Romalotti. It is soon revealed that he killed multiple people.

Tuesday, May 26

Original airdate: August 14, 2003

Official description: Isabella (former cast member Eva Longoria) and Christine (Lauralee Bell) settle unfinished business, while Paul (Doug Davidson) and Michael (Christian Le Blanc) unravel a mystery.

Additional details: Before her breakthrough role as Gabrielle Solis on Desperate Housewives catapulted her to a household name, Longoria was the villainous Isabella Braña on The Young and the Restless. The character was introduced to vill a void while Lauralee Bell (who plays Christine) was on maternity leave. Braña, who had a mental illness, also had an affair with Paul and attempted to kill Christine. In what was considered a “shocking” exit, Longoria was let go after two years when the cut several cast members.

Wednesday, May 27

Original airdate: Oct. 10, 2003

Official description: Kevin’s (Greg Rikaart) revenge plot takes a dangerous turn, while Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and Sharon (Sharon Case) fight for the spotlight at the Newman Ranch. 

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Additional details: Before the character was reformed, Kevin Fisher was initially one of the show’s more evil characters. He was first introduced as an internet predator who pursued Lily Winters. They ended up having sex and the statutory rape resulted in Lily getting chlamydia. Lily’s best friend, Colleen Carlton, hated Kevin and he attempted to kill her by locking in a restaurant fridge and setting the building on fire. All off this is a stark contrast to the fan-favorite character’s personality and actions now.

Thursday, May 28

Original airdate: Dec. 15, 2005

Official description: Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) makes a surprise appearance during Lauren (Tracey Bregman) and Michael’s (Le Blanc) honeymoon, while John (Jerry Douglas) learns the truth about Gloria’s (Judith Chapman) past.

Additional details: Shelia Carter is one of the most infamous villains in all of soap opera history. In 2005, the character (who also appears on The Bold and the Beautiful) returned to the show for the first time in 10 years. The character is arguably most known for her feud with Lauren Fenmore, who she has attempted to kill numerous times.

Friday, May 29

Original airdate: April 27, 2010

Official description:  Lauren (Bregman) and Michael (Le Blanc) see double as they come face to face with Lauren’s imposter, while Kevin (Rikaart) races to save Jana (Emily O’Brien) from Ryder (former cast member Wilson Bethel).

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Additional details: A few years after Shelia made a return appearance, it was revealed that she had a sister, Sarah Smythe. This new sister, wanting to avenge Shelia’s “death” got plastic surgery to look like Lauren and began to torment her. This was similar to the time in which Shelia Carter got plastic surgery to look like Phyliss Summers to also torment her.

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'The Office': The Best Dwight Episodes and Where to Stream Them

Dwight Schrute may be the strangest TV character in the history of the medium. Nevertheless, he managed to create a lot of The Office fans thanks to Rainn Wilson giving him a dose of humanity.

If some episodes with Dwight were more than a little maddening, others showed him having a real heart. Then others also reminded viewers he had the worst competitive streak, with a few downright crazy moments.

Add in his offbeat Amish roots, and things really get interesting. Which episodes of The Office best encapsulate all these oddball traits and situations Dwight had?

Take a look at this Top Four culled over nine years of Dwight evolution.

4. ‘Product Recall’ from Season 3

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This was an early episode in the series run, yet the characters were all firmly established by then. Dwight was already noted as being the most hilariously offbeat character on network TV, making the twist of him being impersonated all the funnier.

The outside plot of this episode involves an offensive watermark accidentally printed on official Dunder Mifflin paper. How the staff deals with the repercussions is funny enough. When Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) begins to impersonate Dwight, it becomes a laugh riot.

Out of multiple guffaw-worthy episodes, this one might be the funniest. When Dwight turns around and impersonates Jim, things turn even more uproarious.

Product Recall proves how fast these characters became iconic enough to be impersonated within the same show.

3. ‘Drug Testing’ from Season 2

One season earlier, everyone had a chance to see how Dwight lives on the edge at times. At the same time, he always seemed adamant in making sure the rule of law was always followed.

When Dwight finds out someone in the company smoked a joint, he goes to great lengths to weed them out as “volunteer sheriff deputy”. Unfortunately, Michael Scott (Steve Carell) worries he may be scoped out for once smoking a similar cigarette, hence attempting to deflect during a drug test meeting.

Michael forces Dwight to take a drug test himself, resulting in latter thinking he violated his deputy role. Dwight even steps down as deputy because he thinks he ruined the oath.

Along with some very funny lines, this episode indicates better than any how Dwight obsessively tries to adhere to order. He ends up looking near psychotic at times when doing so.

2. ‘Conflict Resolution’ from Season 2

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Airing just one week later after Drug Testing, the example of Dwight going ballistic when pressed too hard is shown here in all comedic glory. It proves that a lot of the best of Dwight seemed to come in Season 2, even if his all-time best did not occur until Season 5.

In Conflict Resolution, Dwight basically blows up from all the complaints sent in about him from Jim. It leads Jim to consider leaving the company after realizing how insane their office culture had turned into.

Of course, Jim and Dwight eventually become more friendly later. Yet, this episode shows office politics taken to the extreme. If everyone thought Dwight acted over the top here, an episode in Season Five is a near classic in demonstrating his orderly OCD.

1. ‘Stress Relief’ in Season 5

According to IMDb, most The Office fans cite Stress Relief as the true peak of the series. Aired in two parts after the Super Bowl on February 1, 2009, it places Dwight in the center of things at a manic level.

In the first half, Dwight is frustrated with the office staff for not following proper fire drill procedures. He sets a deliberate fire in a trash can to make everyone listen, only leading to utter chaos. Even Stanley Hudson (Leslie David Baker) almost dies from a heart attack due to smoke inhalation.

By the second half, Michael Scott sets up CPR classes, leading Dwight to butcher a CPR dummy during the process. The scene of Dwight wearing the face skin of the dummy is one of the most disturbingly hilarious things the series ever attempted.

Nowadays, when seeing memes about Dwight, you can be sure to see that face mask scene more than any other.

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Viral TikTok has the best kitchen tap hack to fill up paddling pools

The only thing sadder than having to put the paddling pool in the shed at the end of summer is getting one and realising you have to fill it up without a hose.

Not all gardens have hoses, which means watering the garden, washing the car, and filling up any large bodies of water are basin or bucket jobs with multiple trips to the sink.

A viral TikTok has given hope to those without outdoor faucets, though, giving us a way to hook a hose up to our kitchen tap.

In a video by John McNeill, we see that the bottom part of the tap easily screws off, and can be replace with a hosepipe attachment with no tools required.

From there, you simple click on a standard hosepipe, and you’re good to go.

Of course, this won’t work for every single tap, but it will on most, so it’s worth a go.

#upage #fypage #4upage #foryoupage #fyp #lifehacks

You’ll need to measure the width of your tap outlet, but there are various types of threaded hosepipe connectors, so you should be able to find one that fits on sites like Amazon or in a local hardware store.

Depending on how far your kitchen is from wherever you need your hose to reach, it’s also worth thinking about getting an extra-long one.

Even if you don’t need a hose, unscrewing the bottom of your tap every so often is worth doing. You can remove the filter part and give this a clean with some limescale remover (as it can build up, particularly in hard water areas).

You can also fit a different part like an aerator to save money on your water bill and do better by the planet. Some water companies even offer these for free to help their customers go greener, so check your postcode on the Save Water Save Money site to see if you’re eligible. Even if not, it shouldn’t cost you more than a tenner.

If you’re in the business of sink-side upcycling, why not also check out this woman’s ingenious trick to utilise the ‘pointless circle’ in her kitchen as a washing up liquid dispenser?

Do you have a brilliant hack to share?

Get in touch with us at [email protected]

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'Breaking Bad': The Surprising Meaning Behind Walter White's Last Name

Breaking Bad seems like it will be timeless. Despite the fact that the show aired its last episode in 2013, it’s still popular today. A lot of that popularity is thanks to streaming services like Netflix. Breaking Bad is incredibly binge-able.

As long as fans can watch episode after episode, it will probably never go out of style. The show’s premise hasn’t gone out of style either, although some day that could change. 

What is ‘Breaking Bad’ about?

The show follows Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher. White is diagnosed with cancer, but can’t afford the treatment. He turns to cooking and selling meth in order to pay the bills. The character, played by Bryan Cranston, evolves a lot over the course of the show. 

White’s answer to the high cost of health care may be unique, but his predicament is not. Although Breaking Bad evolves into a serious drug trafficking drama, Walter White is one of many American’s who struggle with paying for healthcare treatment.

But the show shies away from a statement about the US healthcare system. While the premise may be dependent on expensive healthcare, Walter White’s transformation is thanks to personal decisions that he makes. He may blame his circumstances, but he gets so far away from who he was that it’s hard to pin the change on a system. 

According to the showrunner for Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan, the show essentially traces White’s path “from Mr. Chips to Scarface.” It does so with beautiful visuals, and stunning attention to detail.

The imagery in the show is one of it’s best qualities and highlights the drama of White’s transformation. That’s no accident. The show’s creators put a lot of effort into streamlining the images and colors that viewers see on-screen. 

Color is very important in ‘Breaking Bad’ 

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According to Gilligan, the colors in the show are significant. In a way, Gilligan and his Breaking Bad crew use color to send subliminal signals to viewers. They took the wardrobe very seriously. As Gilligan puts it: “We always try to think of the color that a character is dressed in, in the sense that it represents on some level their state of mind.”

It’s true that certain colors evoke certain emotions. For example, blue tends to make people feel calm, while warmer colors like red and orange may produce anxiety. While Gilligan doesn’t admit to using ‘color psychology’ to manipulate the emotions of viewers, he does say that the show’s creators always tried to “think in terms of” color. 

White’s sister in law Marie, for example, is always in purple. Her house is decorated with purple, and she wears purple. That’s no accident. Why purple? The show’s creators decided it would highlight an aspect of the character’s personality. “Marie would say purple is the color of royalty.”

Walter White’s name has an interesting meaning 

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The Vamonos Pest days are underrated.

A post shared by Breaking Bad (@breakingbad) on

The very name of the main character is also a color. That’s no accident. The surname White is very purposeful.

Gilligan says they were looking for some way to indicate that the character is bland. So they decided to give him a bland name. White is a common surname, plus as a color it is the ultimate neutral. 

The name stuck with Gilligan because “white is the color of vanilla, of blandness.” However, the show’s creators still wanted a name that would stick with viewers. That’s why they chose Walter as a first name.

Gilligan says he knew Walter White was the right name for the character as soon as he heard it. “‘Walter White’ appealed to me because of the alliterative sound of it and because it’s strangely bland, yet sticks in your head nonetheless,” said Gilligan.

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The shocking reason hospitals keep their prices a secret from you

Congress has provided hospitals with nearly $200 billion of our hard-earned tax dollars to help them weather the coronavirus pandemic. House Democrats just passed a bill adding another $100 billion. Now it’s time to stop bailing out hospitals and start helping financially stressed families get better health care at lower costs.

In health care, most prices are hidden. Earlier this month, big, profitable hospital systems were in court to make sure that American patients remain in the dark, challenging a Trump administration rule that would require them to publicize prices, including those negotiated with insurance companies.

No other industry is fighting to hide prices from consumers. When given pricing information, people know how to shop for value. With websites like Amazon and Kayak, Americans use price information to secure the best deals. This forces providers to compete by lowering prices and improving quality. Health-care markets don’t work like this.

Imagine going to the grocery store to buy milk, bread and butter, but without any prices. You check out and the grocer tells you that your bill will come in a few weeks. In about a month, you get both an explanation of grocery benefits from your insurer and a bill from the grocer for $150.

You know this can’t be right — a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread and a pack of butter can’t cost this much. You call your insurer, and they ask what you are complaining about. Without their discount, you would have paid $250. They saved you $100!

Sounds crazy, but this is how we pay for most of our health care. It’s actually worse because of huge price variation across insurers. The parallel would be if two other people purchase those same goods and one of them is charged $50 and the other is charged $400.

A lack of price information has led both insurers and hospitals to become lazy and inefficient. They can deliver mediocre or even poor care at high cost and still see their bottom lines improve. Counter to common perception, health insurers aren’t interested in lower health-care costs since they gain more revenue from higher spending. Insurers pass the higher costs to employers and employees through higher premiums while they tell us what a great “discount” we received.

The Trump administration rule would also require hospitals to post prices for at least 300 shoppable services on their websites in a consumer-friendly way. With this information, consumers and employers would force insurers, hospitals and health-care providers to compete by lowering costs and improving value. By lowering what Americans spend on health care, it will leave families with more income to save for their retirement, help pay for their kids’ education, or take a family vacation. Now, more than ever, Americans have a greater incentive to make smart health care choices, as high deductible plans and health savings accounts are both growing.

The hospitals claim the Trump administration exceeded its authority in issuing its price transparency rule. We don’t know if that’s true, but there’s a simple fix. Congress can pass this action and ensure that Americans have access to real prices in health care.

This is especially important now as the economic recession pinches family budgets across the country. Congress has already taken care of hospitals. Now it should help patients by giving them the control and information they need to be effective health-care shoppers.

Brian Blase served as a special assistant to President Trump at the National Economic Council, 2017-19. He is president of Blase Policy Strategies LLC.

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90 Day Fiance: The truth about Varya’s surprise visit to Geoffrey’s house

During the current season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, viewers have been treated to several dramatically unraveling relationships, chief among them David and Lana, whose future together seemed doomed only for their story to take a massive left turn once it became clear the stunning Ukrainian was actually a real person after all. The path to true love was just as rough for 41-year-old Geoffrey and his 30-year-old Russian girlfriend, Varya.

Geoffrey was forced to own up to his criminal past with drugs and prison time, leading Varya to reject his marriage proposal due to feeling insecure about their burgeoning relationship. Geoffrey swiftly returned home to Tennessee, vowing to never speak to Varya again, and even rekindled his relationship with ex-girlfriend Mary. Unbeknownst to him, Varya was filled with regret back in Russia and decided to venture to the U.S. to make her feelings for him clear.

90 Day Fiance's Varya and Geoff ended things

As ET notes, Varya’s tourist visa had just been approved, so the timing was perfect to surprise Geoffrey (meanwhile, he was gushing about the timing finally being right for him and Mary to give things a proper shot). Varya didn’t realize Geoffrey had moved on so quickly since he’d cut off all contact with her, but she was confident they’d make it work, even booking just one night at a hotel because she anticipated staying with him for the rest of her trip.

Varya excitedly took a taxi to his house and Geoffrey answered the door, visibly shocked to see her, and asked simply, “What are you doing here?” as they awkwardly embraced. Unfortunately, Mary also happened to be present for Varya’s arrival and, in a preview for the next episode, the two women get into it while Geoffrey stands by looking like he’d rather be anywhere else. Social media unsurprisingly ate the whole thing up.

Varya's visit to Geoffrey's house was totally unplanned

It was such a perfect reality TV moment that certain commentators questioned the veracity of the situation, with one suggesting, “TLC producers hyping Varya to go see Geoffrey knowing damn well he is with Mary now.” Geoffrey, however, claimed the moment was entirely, uncomfortably real. Appearing on the Domenick Nati Show, he explained that the reconciliation with Mary happened around her birthday, about three months after he broke things off with Varya. “Then, pretty much Varya showed up the next day,” he advised.

The 90 Day Fiancé star was adamant that Varya’s visit was not as a result of producer interference, however, noting he was as surprised as everybody watching at home. “I was caught in the moment. You saw my s**t-eating grin on. I didn’t know what to do. It felt like my heart went down to my toes. But it was completely in that moment. And Mary was still at my house from the night before,” he explained.

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Dog the Bounty Hunter shares cute video of late wife Beth pranking stepson Leland on his birthday – The Sun

DOG the Bounty Hunter shared a cute video of his late wife Beth pranking his stepson Leland on his birthday.

The post comes a day after Dog paid tribute to Beth on what would have been their 14th wedding anniversary.

In the video, Beth snuck up behind Lehland while he was on the phone at another booth in a restaurant.

When he finally turned around to see her, they both laughed, and Leland was all smiles.

Dog, whose real name is Duane Lee Chapman, captioned the post: "#throwback This makes me laugh every time.

"Beth was kidding around with Leland on his birthday.

"She had an amazing sense of humor and laugh. We sure do miss her."

Yesterday for the couple's 14th anniversary Dog posted: "She said Big Daddy you're going to be so sad when I am not here on our next anniversary why did she have to be so right? (sic)."

Beth died last June after a long battle with cancer.

She and Dog married in 2006 in Hawaii.

They exchanged vows the day after Dog's daughter Barbara Katie, tragically died in a car crash.

Earlier this week he shared a picture of his late daughter with her young son Travis, who was four when she died.

He captioned the pic: "15 years ago today My Barbara Katie went to be w/ JESUS."

Dog recently became engaged to Francie Frane.

The reality star's daughter Lyssa told The Sun her dad and his new love are "really cute" together and the 51-year-old fits in with the family perfectly.

Lyssa added her dad's relationship may inspire other widows and widowers to find love again.

She admitted fans may not easily accept her father's new relationship since Beth died last June.

Lyssa said: "I think that it's really hard for people to see dad move on."

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The truth about the $40 million home on Selling Sunset

The only thing more impressive on Selling Sunset than the Oppenheim Group’s all-female staff’s ability to walk around in power heels all day is the $40 million dollar house in the Hollywood Hills that the agency is trying to sell. The palatial pad appears in the very beginning of the Netflix series as Jason and Brett Oppenheim walk their team around the property, which is still under construction at the time. Which agent will sell the house — and bag the $1.2 million commission — becomes a running question throughout the series, which originally aired in spring 2019. 

Warning: Mild spoilers ahead! In Season 2, viewers again are treated to aerial views and wide, panning shots of the completed home, which sits on Hillside Avenue in Los Angeles. Oddly, that’s the only mention of the multi-million dollar property in the season. It likely sold sometime in between filming for Season 1 and Season 2, but the agent who handled the listing is never revealed on the show, nor is the buyer. So whatever happened to this legendary home? Let’s dig in.

The house has four hot tubs and a 15-car garage

The Hillside house from Selling Sunset was originally listed for $43.9 million. As Jason Oppenheim told Realtor.com, the home was originally built for real estate developer Jeff Thomas, which is why it’s so unique, but he never moved in. Instead, he brought it to market.

The place really is a sight to behold. Sitting at 8408 Hillside Ave. in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, it was designed by South Africa–based agency SAOTA. It has five bedrooms, nine bathrooms, outdoor seating and dining areas, a 175-foot linear pool with a waterfall that goes into an atrium garden, automated sliding glass doors, a 15-foot outdoor television that rises up from the ground and can be seen from any room, four spas, a home theater, a wine cellar, an elevator, and an unrivaled roof deck.

Most noteworthy are the views. Thomas spent an estimated $2 million to bury the power lines in the adjacent lots, making way for clear 360-degree views of the entire city, per CNBC. “The view is unrivaled from any home that I’ve seen in my life,” Jason Oppenheim told Realtor.com, and he’s seen a lot of really great homes in L.A., so we’ll take his word for it. 

Someone got a great deal on the home

The Los Angeles Times reported in December 2019 that the Selling Sunset Hillside house sold to a lucky buyer — but not for the full $43.9 million that it was originally listed for. Instead, it reportedly sold for $35.5 million. It’s still one of the largest-ever sales in the Hollywood Hills neighborhood, second only to when Malaysian businessman Jho Low spent $38.98 million on a house in the Bird Streets in 2012, per the Los Angeles Times.

Whoever the new owner is, they must be really enjoying the 2800-square-foot master suite and the walk-in closet imported from Italy. We just don’t know who they are! The buyer’s identity hasn’t been made public…yet The Hollywood Hills isn’t exactly secluded, but the house has 24/7 security, according to The Agency, who co-listed the property. So who knows? The new resident could be someone famous, or just someone with a boatload of cash to spend on prime real estate who likes to stay out of the spotlight. 

In any case, let’s hope one of the lucky ladies from Selling Sunset was able to snag that $1.2 million commission.

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