Why #jimmyfallonisoverparty is trending: Jimmy Fallon did blackface in 2000

Jimmy Fallon is catching heat on social media over a resurfaced 2000 “Saturday Night Live” sketch featuring the former cast member in “blackface.”

The 45-year-old host of “The Tonight Show” went viral on Twitter overnight following a tweet with the hashtag #jimmyfallonisoverparty, and a 20-year-old “SNL” clip featuring Darrell Hammond and Fallon, face painted brown, doing an impersonation of Chris Rock.

The vintage skit, posted by @chefboyohdear, is captioned with the sentence, “NBC fired Megyn Kelly over mentioning blackface. Jimmy Fallon performed on NBC in blackface.”

The ensuing lament over the beloved broadcaster’s now-tarnished reputation was swift.

“I know I did not just open Twitter and see that Jimmy Fallon did blackface in 2000. Nobody is safe from Twitter when we got this much time in our hand. First Lana, then Doja Cat, and now Jimmy Fallon. Please let me catch my [breath]. #jimmyfallonisoverparty,” said a bewildered @ratgang48 on Twitter.

Representatives for Fallon did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

Alas, the trending Twitter topic provided a moment to re-drag every other celeb who has worn blackface or engaged with racial epithets.

“So jimmy fallon is canceled for this but justin trudeau does it dozens of times throughout his youth and is still re-elected as PM. I don’t understand this planet,” said @kyriehugsloth.

“Hello RDJ anyone?? #jimmyfallonisoverparty,” wrote @nova_mare beside a GIF of Robert Downey Jr. in 2008’s “Tropic Thunder,” where he played a white actor who had been cast to play a black Vietnam soldier in an ill-fated period flick.

“Unfortunately this gets mentioned/tweeted about once a year without a peep of an apology from
@jimmyfallon,” tweeted @thechelseagirl, along with a link to a 2019 Jezebel.com article calling out Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman over their own long-past transgressions. Kimmel and Silverman, for their parts, responded to the controversy at the time of their resurfacing.

Some initial reactions were those of exasperation over so-called “cancel culture.”

“Y’all whack. How long ago was this? Was this SNL? No one can be famous anymore bc we’ve all done something the society of 20 years from now doesn’t like🙄🙄 can we stop with trying to cancel people on their [past] and focus on the present?” argued @NancyLovesM.

“Well, Fallon shouldn’t have did what he did but hey guys . . . why not cancel Loren Michaels? He approved the sketch. LM has a problem giving POC and WOC a seat at the Saturday Night Live table for the last 50 year,” asked @_rockN_rolla.

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Led Zeppelin: Why You Hear Robert Plant's Vocals Echoing on 'Whole Lotta Love'

You can point to several landmark songs in the career of Led Zeppelin. In the early days, “Dazed and Confused” served as a showcase for the band’s explosiveness in live performances. And, later, “Kashmir” represented a high point for Zeppelin on several levels.

But you could argue “Whole Lotta Love” was the song that established Zep as an unstoppable force in rock ‘n’ roll. Between the epic Jimmy Page riff and theremin-fueled “freakout” section in the middle, the first track of Led Zeppelin II made quite a statement in 1969.

More than 50 years later, “Whole Lotta Love” still stands out for the gut-punch drums and other sounds Page and his engineers achieved in the studio. And by this point Zep fans are well aware of the track’s quirks, beginning with the vocals of Robert Plant.

Following an array of stereo pans and other effects, you hear the oddest thing at the 04:00 mark. While howling his “Wayyyyyy down inside, woman,” you actually hear Plant’s voice anticipate the lines he’s about to sing. It was a studio accident Page decided to leave on “Whole Lotta Love.”

You can hear Robert Plant pre-echo his lines late in ‘Whole Lotta Love’

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After the opening verses and freakout, Zep transitions to the latter part of the song with a thunderous drum part by John Bonham (around 3:00). Then Page enters the mix with one of his great solos. Once the band runs through another verse, it feels like the song is about to end.

But then the music cuts off and you hear what sounds like Plant’s voice singing in a studio next door. His faint “Way down inside” is followed by Plant’s full-throated “WAY DOWN INSIDE.” Then the same thing happens on the next line.

According to engineer Eddie Kramer (who mixed the album with Page), that happened because Plant recorded vocals on two different tracks. No matter how he tried to get rid of the second, fainter vocal on one of those tracks, Kramer couldn’t do it.

“Even when I turned the volume down all the way on the track we didn’t want, [Plant’s] powerful voice was bleeding through the console and onto the master,” Kramer told the Wall Street Journal in 2014. So he and Page decided to make the best of this “pre-echo.”

Jimmy Page and Eddie Kramer made the accident a feature of ‘Whole Lotta Love’

As Kramer recalled it, neither he nor Page fretted once they realized they couldn’t eliminate Plant’s second vocal. Instead, they both went for knobs on the studio console to make it sound better, making one another laugh in the process.

“Our instincts were the same: to douse the faint, intruding voice in reverb so it sounded part of the master plan,” Kramer told WSJ. For Page, it represented exactly the sort of thing he looked for while producing Zeppelin.

“Robert’s faraway voice sounded otherworldly, like a spirit anticipating the vocal he was about to deliver,” Page told the Journal. “I hadn’t heard anything like that before and loved it.”

Mixed in with the echoes, panning, and other studio effects you hear on the song, many listeners simply assumed Page planned to put it on the record that way. That certainly wasn’t the case at first.

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Why Anderson Cooper Will Never Leave CNN No Matter How Much Money Another Network Offers Him

Anderson Cooper is still doing the news every day during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. He’s even going into the CNN studio for broadcasts and interviews. When he’s home, he gives interviews to the likes of Stephen Colbert via video chat. 

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Cooper appeared on The Howard Stern Show on May 12. Stern asked Cooper what it would take to get him to leave CNN, and Cooper said nothing because he won’t leave. Anderon Cooper 360 airs nightly at 8 p.m. on CNN.

Anderson Cooper still has at least two years on his CNN contract

This conversation is all hypothetical right now. Cooper is under contract with CNN for at least two more years. Cooper became a CNN anchor in 2001 after 9/11. Prior to that he’d been an anchor for ABC, and host of the reality TV competition The Mole.

“I don’t know that anyone wants a contract to be up during a global pandemic, by the way,” Cooper told Stern. “I got a couple years. I’m very happy. I’m very lucky.”

Anderson Cooper wouldn’t leave CNN for double the money

CNN reportedly pays Cooper $12 million per year. That leaves another $24 million on his current contract, and a potential renewal at at least the same rate. Should a rival network offer him $24 million per year, Cooper still wouldn’t take it. 

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“No, I would not,” Cooper said. “I’m very happy. I’m very happy. First of all, no one’s going to double my salary. I’m able to work at 60 Minutes. I’m able to work at CNN.”

No one else does what CNN and ‘60 Minutes’ do

Cooper joined the 60 Minutes team in 2007, but it’s not just moonlighting for the legendary news magazine show that earns CNN his loyalty. Cooper does a lot of on location reporting, from Hurricane Katrina to war zone coverage. He does not believe another network, even MSNBC, would allow him as many opportunities.

“MSNBC doesn’t have people traveling around the world,” Cooper said. “A lot of people are thinking about a lot of stuff but they’re not doing it. CNN is doing it and that’s what I’d like to do.”

Anderson Cooper doesn’t need the money either

$12 million is far more than most people’s salaries, so Cooper is pretty well set for life. He’s also reportedly very frugal with that money. Plus, he stands to inherit his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt’s estate, which could range from $1.5 – 2 million. Cooper said she never cared about money either, and she inherited a railroad fortune plus made her own in modeling and fashion.

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“I am my mother’s son,” Cooper said. “Money is not my thing. I wish it was. My mom lived a big life and made a lot of money, spent a lot of money, had people embezzle money. She wasn’t interested in money. I know people would imagine that’s what she was interested in. She had no sense of it. She cared about being generous to her friends and having a nice physical environment and creating art.”

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Why ‘The Voice’ Season 19 Odds Are Looking Good

As the reality-competition television juggernaut The Voice wraps its 18th season on May 19, fans are surely wondering whether the star-studded talent show will be returning for another season. The short answer is that like many other shows currently in limbo due to the effects of the novel coroanvirus; The Voice hasn’t been officially renewed. However, it is The Voice we’re talking about. It’s hard to imagine it won’t be returning, given the show’s consistent top ratings over the years.

Television shows — especially ones with live studio audiences like The Voice — are going to great pains to try to find a way to get back to work while in quarantine. And to keep Season 18 on track The Voice implemented health screening procedures and worked with a greatly reduced staff in order to continue with production of the live studio portions of their program, according to Deadline. Contestants and judges, meanwhile, broadcasted from home, with the former of those receiving high-end production kits to help them create studio-quality recordings of their performances, all to be aired live during what would traditionally be the live competition portion of the show.

That NBC is willing to test new procedures and go on with producing The Voice appears to be a fairly solid indication of how much it’s willing to continue to invest in the show’s continued existence, though again, there’s no hard confirmation that this is the end goal.

Another consideration: The Voice has high Nielsen ratings among that hotly-contested 18-to-49 demographic, according to TV Series Finale. As they report, The Voice‘s Monday and Tuesday timeslots hold four of the top five rankings in the 2019 to 2020 season, sharing a spot with America’s Got Talent: Champions.

In terms of pure viewership over 2019 to 2020, however, only The Voice holds ranks one through four, with America’s Got Talent: Champions coming in at fifth. Again, consistently high ratings for a network are a good sign of a show’s health, so fans should remain optimistic about Season 19.

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The real reason why America’s Next Top Model was canceled in 2015

America’s Next Top Model made its debut during the reality TV boom of the early 2000s, and was television’s first attempt at blending an American Idol-style competition with the modeling world. Aspiring models from throughout the U.S. were brought together under the eye of supermodel Tyra Banks, serving as the show’s host and executive producer over the course of numerous “cycles” (the show’s preferred term over the more traditionally used “seasons”).

ANTM was an instant hit, drawing some of the biggest ratings ever seen by the UPN network. “Model gave us a footprint in the sand and let people say, ‘Yes, UPN is there,” UPN chairman and CEO Leslie Moonves told Variety after the series’ debut cycle. When UPN merged with The WB network in 2006 to form a new network called the CW, ANTM was one of a handful of UPN shows carried over to the new venture — and undeniably the most popular. 

After more than a decade and 22 cycles, the show was finally taken off the air (albeit not for long). Read on to find out the real reason why America’s Next Top Model was canceled in 2015.

America's Next Top Model had a steady decline in ratings

It’s an unfortunate truism in television that, with rare exceptions, most TV shows have a best-by date. Following the success of its early seasons, by the early part of the 2010s, ratings for America’s Next Top Model had begun to dip. According to ratings archived at SpotVault, the series premiere in 2003 attracted 2.9 million total viewers and a 1.5 rating in the key 18-49 demographic; ratings grew throughout the cycle, with the 2003 finale bringing in 4.5 million viewers and a 2.3 in the 18-49 demo. 

Viewership kept growing, with 6.4 million tuning in for the fall 2005 finale. However, ratings began dipping in subsequent seasons. By the 22nd cycle in 2015, the numbers had dropped considerably, with an average of just 1.12 million viewers. As SpotVault‘s analysis pointed out, a show that had once been one of the CW’s strongest shows had plunged considerably, and was still trending downward. In fact, the fall 2015 cycle earned a mere 0.37 in the 18-49 demo, a fraction of its early seasons.

In fact, Deadline reported that ratings for the 2015 finale was an all-time low for ANTM, “the worst the 12-year-old show has ever done.”

Few of America's Next Top Model winners became actual top models

The lure of stardom is dangled in singing competitions such as American Idol and The Voice, but longtime viewers can concede that not every winner on either of those shows winds up going on to Carrie Underwood-sized success. That was certainly the case with America’s Next Top Model.

In Touch Weekly took a retrospective look at the post-ANTM careers of the winners, and it’s safe to say there are few who’d be considered household names on the level of host Tyra Banks. In fact, arguably the two most famous winners came from the show’s first and 22nd cycles: Adrianne Curry and Nyle DiMarco, respectively. Interestingly enough, fame for both came not from modeling but from reality television, with Curry going on to star alongside then-husband Christopher Knight (a.k.a. Peter from The Brady Bunch) in My Fair Brady and other shows, while DiMarco became the winner of the 22nd season of Dancing With the Stars

As Variety‘s list of the show’s most notable contestants indicated, the post-show success of ANTM alums like Winnie Harlow, Danielle Evans, and Fatima Siad have been the exception, not the rule.

There was insensitivity towards the models on America's Next Top Model

America’s Next Top Model has had its share of awkward moments that made viewers cringe. One of these moments came in the fourth cycle when model Kahlen Rondot was asked to pose for a photo shoot in a grave — shortly after learning that a close friend had passed away. 

Another infamous moment came in the 15th cycle when Kayla Ferrel was pushed into a shoot that required her to kiss a male model. This made her highly uncomfortable; as Ferrel revealed that not only was she gay, but she had also been sexually abused as a child, admitting that having to be intimate with a man “freaked me out.” Another infamous moment came in the sixth cycle when host Tyra Banks laid into Dani Evans (who would ultimately win) for refusing to let a dentist close the gap between her front teeth.  

When a clip of that scene with Evans was posted on Twitter in 2020 and went viral, host Tyra Banks was hit with backlash. She took to social media and addressed “posts about the insensitivity of some past ANTM moments,” tweeting, “I agree with you.” She added, “Looking back, those were some really off choices.” 

Blackface controversies led to America's Next Top Model backlash

White people darkening their skin is a hot-button issue that has led to TV hosts being fired and politicians apologizing for ill-conceived costumes. Yet models in blackface was a phenomenon that took place in America’s Next Top Model repeatedly over the years. As Vox pointed out, there were several occasions when models had their skin darkened for photo shoots throughout the show’s run.

The first time it occurred, Vox recalled, was in the second cycle, when model Xiomara Frans’ skin was darkened so she could resemble model-singer Grace Jones. A clip from the episode showed host Tyra Banks seemingly missing how offensive the whole thing was when she complained that Frans’ reluctance to participate in the shoot was because “ethnic women never want to be darker.”

Another blackface incident took place in the 13th cycle, when red-headed, pale-skinned model Nicole Fox’s skin was darkened for a photo shoot in which the models were all meant to be biracial. “Tyra crossed the fine line from tasteless over to offensive,” writer Gazelle Emami wrote of the episode in HuffPost, adding, “Call it what you want, but that’s basically a euphemism for putting them in blackface.” 

Judges were fired and replaced on America's Next Top Model

Loyal viewers of the show had grown to appreciate the judging panel — until producers (including host/exec producer Tyra Banks) cleaned house in 2012, reportedly firing longtime fan favorites J. Alexander, Jay Manuel, and Nigel Barker.

According to a report by Page Six, the “ugly firings” were the result of a planned shift for the upcoming season, with a “show insider” telling Page Six that ANTM would be putting a greater emphasis on social media. Executive producer Ken Mok addressed the dismissal of the trio in a statement. “Nigel Barker, Jay Manuel and J. Alexander have been an integral part of the America’s Next Top Model brand and they helped turn this show into the household name it is today,” he said, declaring they had been “amazing assets to the show.” Despite having just sent them packing…

Barker, however, insisted there were no hard feelings, telling E! News that it “wasn’t a shock” that he was let go, insisting it was “a network thing” to axe him. “There had been a discussion that ratings were down and that something like this would happen,” he explained.

Were there too many changes at America's Next Top Model's judge table?

Supermodel Janice Dickinson was one of the original judges of America’s Next Top Model. As the show evolved in its early seasons, Dickinson ultimately parted ways with the show. As Entertainment Weekly reported, it wasn’t clear whether Dickinson (described as ANTM’s Simon Cowell) “quit or was pushed.” Brought on as her replacement was iconic British model Twiggy. “We are thrilled to have Twiggy as a part of this cycle’s judging panel,” said ANTM exec producer Ken Mok in a statement, lauding her vast knowledge and expertise.”

After five cycles, Twiggy also exited, with “scheduling conflicts” said to be the reason. She was replaced by Paulina Porizkova, who hung on for three cycles before she too parted ways with ANTM.

While Twiggy never confirmed whether she had quit or been fired, that wasn’t the case with her successor. During a 2009 appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Porizkova confirmed rumors she’d been axed. She candidly told Ferguson, “I’m looking for a job. Because I was fired by America’s Next Top Model — on my birthday!” While producers may have felt an ever-revolving roster of judges kept things fresh, viewers continually encountered an inconsistent show.

America's Next Top Model's British Invasion season was kind of mean

Producers of America’s Next Top Model could be forgiven for wanting to shake things up in the show’s 18th cycle, although there’s no denying that the ensuing shakeup was ill-conceived. Cycle 18 featured the infamous “British Invasion” edition, which pitted seven wannabe American models against seven fan-favorite contestants from the show’s U.K. version, Britain’s Next Top Model. “Emotions run high, the women are divided and the competition is intense as they vie for the grand prize,” declared a press release, as reported People.

Notably, the “British Invasion” season featured publicist Kelly Cutrone behind the judges’ table. Tensions between Cutrone and British model Louise Watts simmered and then boiled over when the two clashed over Watts’ running on the set. When Cutrone lit into her during a judging session, Watts decided she’d had enough and stormed out. Filmed outside next to a parked car, Watts was emotional, tearful and furious, declaring that if she ran into Watts on the street she’d “knock her out.” Sure, the moment was full of the kind of high drama that viewers of reality TV lap up, but was that what viewers wanted from this show?

America's Next Top Model no longer fit the network's brand

While plunging ratings and constant changes at the judges’ table may have been factors in the CW’s decision to cancel America’s Next Top Model, another had to do with the changing nature of the network itself. When the UPN and WB networks merged to become the CW, ANTM was one of the few UPN shows brought over to the new hybrid. For years, the show proved to be an ideal fit for a network that marketed itself to a young female demographic, home to such series as Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, and 90210

As Variety pointed out, by 2015, ANTM was no longer such a great fit with the network’s programming, which had evolved to expand beyond teen dramas into the superhero realm with the likes of Arrow and The Flash

In an interview with TV Guide, the CW’s president, Mark Pedowitz, admitted that the network had intended to bring the show back for a 23rd cycle. However, after some conversations with Tyra Banks, all parties involved came to a mutual decision that fans of the show were not going to like.

America's Next Top Model was finally canceled

In October 2015, the CW announced its decision to cancel America’s Next Top Model after 22 cycles. Tyra Banks was the first to break the news. “Thinking #ANTM22 should be our last cycle,” she wrote on Twitter. “I truly believe it’s time. May your pics be forever fierce. Keep on Smizing!”

The CW’s president, Mark Pedowitz, confirmed the news in a statement. “America’s Next Top Model was a successful franchise for two networks, first at UPN and then The CW, and it became not just a ratings hit, but a global pop culture phenomenon,” he said, as reported by Variety. He also thanked exec producers Banks and Ken Mok for “establishing a show that was not just popular in the U.S., but all across the world.”

Pedowitz subsequently told TV Guide that it hadn’t been his intention to cancel the show. It was only after discussing the future of America’s Next Top Model with Banks that the decision was reached. “America’s Next Top Model was an iconic show,” he said. “It kept the lights on for many, many years in many, many forms.”

America's Next Top Model was resurrected for VH1

After its 2015 cancellation, America’s Next Top Model was gone — but not for long. In April 2016, just months after the supposed series finale aired, Variety reported that the show was making a comeback. There would, however, be some changes, the least of which was that it would now be airing on an entirely different network, VH1. In addition, Tyra Banks, while continuing her behind-the-scenes role as executive producer, would be stepping back from her on-screen role as host. 

Instead, British pop star Rita Ora was selected as the new host for ANTM‘s 23rd cycle. “I think I was 12 or something when I first noticed [the show] and I’ve just been so obsessed with it,” Ora told CNN

Ora, unfortunately, didn’t make a lasting impression. When VH1 picked up the show for a 24th cycle, Ora was out. Stepping in to replace her was none other than Tyra Banks, reported Variety, with the new cycle offering yet another twist when Banks took to Twitter to share a video, announcing that the age limit for models had been jettisoned. “I don’t care how old you are, honey,” she said to aspiring contestants. 

The uncertain future of America's Next Top Model

After Tyra Banks made her triumphant return in the 24th cycle of America’s Next Top Model (its second on VH1), fans wondered whether the show would return for a 25th. They were in for a long wait, give that the cycle’s finale aired in April 2018, and, as of May 2020, no decision about a new cycle had yet been reached.

Speaking with ABC Audio in February 2020, Banks said that, while a 25th cycle hadn’t yet been confirmed, she was optimistic it would happen, expressing her desire “that we should at least end at 25.”

If America’s Next Top Model were to return for one final swan song season, celebrating its milestone 25th cycle, it would be a fitting end for a groundbreaking reality show that made its mark on television, surviving on three different networks over the course of three different decades. “So, we’re seeing if that could happen,” Banks told ABC Audio. “We shall see.”

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You can easily forget why you’re getting married when planning a wedding – no Big Day might be no bad thing – The Sun

THIS weekend, I was supposed to be at a wedding. But, sadly, socially-distanced conga lines don’t really work so, like millions of other disappointed couples, my friends have had to cancel. In New York, brides and grooms are saying “I do” on Zoom, which certainly makes doing the table plan a lot easier.

While I’m gutted for everyone who can’t celebrate in the way they’d planned, banning big weddings might be no bad thing. In recent times, weddings have become giddy spectacles, sometimes years in the making.

The average Big Day now costs more than £30,000 and often includes a punishing pre-wedding personal training regime, plastic surgery and more stress than your actual full-time job.

The result is that it’s all too easy to lose sight of why you’re getting married in the first place. And I should know. Less than a year after my wedding day, I was getting divorced. I spent so long compiling playlists and choosing poetry readings, but very little time and energy thinking about what married life would be like afterwards.

When we first got engaged, I thought I didn’t want all the fuss of a big wedding (no sugared almonds and choreographed first dances here, thanks). But soon I was booking a choir and a coffee van, and forking out more than I earn in a month on a dress I’d only wear once.

Friends and family all had an opinion, and I quickly discovered that if you add the word “wedding” to ordinary items – cakes, dresses, flowers – then you can also add a zero to the price. No wonder the wedding industry is worth £10billion.

It’s hard to say why weddings have become so removed from reality. Partly, it’s the intensity of social media. When you know yours will be tagged and viewed and judged by more people than you invited, it goes from Big Day to Big Deal.

Some people have pointed to extravagant celeb weddings as the reason for this trend – if Kim and Kanye’s multi-destination affair cost a reported £9million, surely you can splash out on a food truck or flower arch?

As more of us up the stakes with our special days, we only pile on more pressure to have The Best Day Of Our Lives™.

And I wasn’t the first bride-to-be to get carried away. Irritatingly – among heterosexual couples – the planning seems to fall on the woman.

Perhaps it’s because so many nuptial traditions are rooted in misogyny – your dad “giving you away”, a white dress to symbolise virginity – that we barely recognise how sexist it is to expect women to sort every detail.

A friend recently confided that her husband felt left out of their wedding planning. Another said she couldn’t even enjoy her wedding because she was so stressed about everything going perfectly.

Although I loved every minute of mine, I wish my ex-husband and I had spent some of that spiralling wedding budget on some pre-marriage counselling.

We are the proof that a great wedding doesn’t always equal a great marriage.

In fact, a study from Emory University found that the more expensive the wedding, the more likely a couple are to split.

So if your wedding’s been corona-cancelled and you have to throw a smaller bash at a later date, don’t lose heart.

A wedding should be about just the two of you. And I don’t mean you and your wedding planner.

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Why Khloe Kardashian Is Extremely ‘Upset’ About New Pregnancy Speculation & Wanted To ‘Fight Back’

Khloe Kardashian made it clear she wasn’t happy with the public thinking she was pregnant again in a series of tweets on May 13 and we’re learning why the speculation has ‘always been a trigger’ for her.

Khloe Kardashian, 35, took to Twitter to address the recent rumors that she’s pregnant with her and ex Tristan Thompson‘s second child and made it clear she wasn’t happy about the situation and now we’re finding out exactly why it bothered her so much. The mother-of-one never feels comfortable with pregnancy speculation because it seems to shed light on her body, which she doesn’t appreciate, and it brings back the rough past she had with Tristan, who is the father of her daughter True, 2.

“Khloe has dealt with pregnancy rumors for years and years and it’s always been a trigger,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “No matter how fit she is having people commenting on her body and saying she’s pregnant just feels really crappy. But what really upset her more than anything were the comments about her and Tristan. She’s extremely sensitive when it comes to him because of True. When people say mean stuff about Khloe she can let it roll off her back pretty easily but anything that relates to her daughter in any way triggers the mamma bear in her and she feels like she has to fight back.”

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'The Batman': Why Robert Pattinson Is Scared of Getting Arrested While Training for the Role

The coronavirus pandemic derailed business as usual all around the world. And in Hollywood, the public health crisis has meant many 2020 films were postponed or even released digitally instead. In the case of The Batman, filming had already begun when stay-at-home orders launched.

So, in the midst of playing the latest version of the Dark Knight, star Robert Pattinson finds himself biding his time until he can get back to work. The actor’s peculiar sensibility has made him a breakout star since he left The Twilight Saga. And now he’s contending with the paranoia of pandemic life.

Robert Pattinson isn’t exactly trying to stay in superhero shape

Whenever an actor plays a superhero, the industry expects him or her to commit to a lot of physical preparation. Pattinson knew he’d be expected to bulk up to play Batman. But now that filming is on hiatus, he isn’t making an effort to keep up with his exercise routine like his trainer hoped he would. Pattinson has other thoughts about actors who constantly work out.

“I think if you’re working out all the time, you’re part of the problem,” Pattinson recently said. “You set a precedent. No one was doing this in the 1970s. Even James Dean—he wasn’t exactly ripped.”

The actor raises an issue about how Hollywood pressures stars to prepare for a role. But beneath Pattinson’s thoughtful approach to the knee-jerk reaction to superhero workouts lies another problem. The actor has “a paranoid quality,” The Lighthouse director Robert Eggers told GQ. And that energy is making it hard for Pattinson to do much of anything, it seems.

The actor is having a hard time venturing out into the outside world

By its very nature, the coronavirus pandemic prevents Pattinson from going about his life as normal. But even when he feels cooped-up or musters up the energy to exercise a bit, he runs into problems. The restrictions put in place to control the virus have heightened his anxiety about being outside, the actor told GQ.

“I went for a run around the park today,” Pattinson said. “I’m so terrified of being, like, arrested. You’re allowed to run around here. But the terror I feel from it is quite extreme.”

Given the unprecedented situation citizens find themselves in, Pattinson’s reaction makes a lot of sense. Everything has been thrown into such a shaky realm of uncertainty. So, of course he feels uneasy about being outside and perhaps accidentally running into trouble with the law. Besides, the constant updates about the pandemic only add to the confusion.

Fans want Robert Pattinson to go back to ‘Twilight’

Eventually though, Pattinson will return to The Batman set. The film — written and directed by Matt Reeves (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) — has already been pushed from a June 2021 release to Oct. 1, 2021. But once Pattinson has put his own distinctive stamp of the character, fans want him back in his other big franchise role.

Twilight author Stephanie Meyer recently announced the series’ next novel, Midnight Sun, will focus on Edward Cullen’s perspective. Because Pattinson’s performance as Edward made him a star, some Twilight fans hope he’ll reprise the role in a movie. Will he consider returning to Twilight? It’s not likely, but clearly nothing is impossible.

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Why Kylie Jenner’s cake-cutting technique has the internet disturbed

There’s no doubt that Kylie Jenner marches to the beat of her own drum. As much as her fans all over the world adore her, that level of adoration also comes with a certain amount of criticism. The latest thing critics are singling out is her cake-cutting technique.

Jenner recently took to Instagram to show off an olive oil cake she received for Mother’s Day. A tiny, off-center, triangular piece of cake was missing, which immediately led to backlash from fans for how Jenner had cut the cake. “The way @KylieJenner cut that olive oil cake on her Instagram story is making my skin crawlll,” wrote one fan on Twitter.

Always a rebel, Jenner responded to the haters by cutting a circular piece from the middle of the cake, throwing off its aesthetic even more. “People were very disturbed I cut my cake how I did so this is for those people,” she wrote.

Kylie Jenner showed a more relatable side with another Instagram post

While fans may not like how King Kylie cuts her cake, Jenner clearly does not care. She’s got bigger things on her plate, like raising her daughter, Stormi, and running the cosmetics company that made her a billionaire. Her lavish lifestyle is proof that Jenner can have her cake and eat it, too.

Her cake-cutting technique may not be for everyone, but Jenner has also proven that, in some ways, she is just like the rest of us. While she normally posts Insta-perfect, edited shots of herself, she recently decided to break with Kardashian tradition by posting a swimsuit pic on her Instagram Stories (via SheKnows) that shows clearly visible stretch marks.

Between that picture and the way she cuts a cake, Jenner is sending the message that — celebrity or not — she’s human just like everyone else.

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Dad Explains Why His Youngest Child is His 'Least Favorite' in Viral TikTok

Most parents would never admit to having a favorite child (because, duh, isn’t that just…mean?), but sadly, research backs up the fact that most parents prefer one kid over another. According to a 2005 study published in NCBI, 74 percent of mothers admitted to having a favorite child while 70 percent of fathers confessed to having a preference. Still, that doesn’t mean you need to shout your preference to the world / to your own kids. Which is why we think this TikTok star and dad (who’s going viral for explaining just why he’s chosen his favorite and least favorite children) is being a primo dick. 

At first, we thought the video was kind of amusing. But we did not expect it to take this turn.

“People go ‘Zach, you don’t have favorites in your kids!’” the dad says while laughing. “The fuck I don’t! Here’s the big difference about why I love the oldest the most,” he begins his story. “She breaks an eight-dollar lamp from Walmart, you would have thought she shot me at point-blank range. She’s shaking and crying and I’m like ‘Honey it’s okay, you were chasing the dog. Shit happens!’” Then, he tells his viewers why the youngest is his least favorite.

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“My youngest, that little psychopath, comes up to me butt-ass naked and goes, ‘Dad I pooped behind the couch.’” He then goes on to explain how she pushed the couch with her “fat little ass behind” and complains about having to pick up “human shit.” Um, welcome to fatherhood? Has this man never changed a diaper in his life? Because when you’re parenting, shit (literally) happens, dude.

Oh, and in addition to calling his daughter “fat” and a “psychopath,” this guy also calls her “an animal” and his “least favorite.”

Commenters had varying opinions. Some were on board with the dad, but even those who agreed that they, too, have a favorite child emphasized that they don’t announce this to the world.

“I have favorite, I just don’t tell them that,” wrote one commenter. “Every parent has a favorite and if you say you don’t, you’re lying.”

Tik Tok parents are the best birth control,” wrote another.

“She’s your least favorite because she’s the most like you,” added an insightful viewer.

But perhaps the most spot-on comment is this one: “He forgot to read the terms and conditions when signing up to be a dad.” Um, yes. Because if you’re not prepared to clean up some poop, definitely don’t have kids.

If the favorite child is the one who behaves the best and poops the least, then we know a lot of kids who are doomed. Let’s hope the other parents keep their hurtful thoughts to themselves rather than risk psychologically damaging their young kids.

If you’re looking for honesty that’s beautiful, these photos capture what childbirth really looks like. 

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