Everyone on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is looking for love. Well, at least all of the Americans are. Some of them met their significant others randomly through social media but others were specifically searching for foreign lovers through dating apps and websites. David Murphey is one of the latter. In fact, he specifically searches out women from Ukraine to be with. So, his relationship with Lana is no surprise.

David Murphey only dates Ukrainian women

In an Instagram Q&A, Murphey got candid about his dating habits.

Murphey got into international dating when a friend showed him a dating website.

“When the internet was brand new a tenant of mine showed me a website where you could meet Russian and Filipino women,” he wrote to a fan. “I had an interest in Russians. Within months, the Ukrainian women on the site outnumbered the Russians. I went to both countries. A few years later, Ukraine became more Western-like and you didn’t even need a visa to go there. Russia requires a visa and you have to register everywhere you go. It was just harder to travel in.”

So, for over a decade, he has only dated Ukrainian women.

“I stopped dating in the USA 15 years ago,” he wrote. “Every time I did I would start thinking about Ukraine, so I stopped trying so my heart was free just in case I went to Ukraine. I have dated well over 100 women in Ukraine. Turned down many marriage proposals and have been turned down twice myself.”

How much does David spend on dating Ukrainian women?

Dating attractive Ukrainian women definitely comes at a price, as we have seen on previous seasons of the show. But Murphey reasons that he would have been spending that money anyway.

“I was spending $2,000 per month dating when I was dating in the USA,” he wrote when a fan asked how much money he spent on the dating sites. “Dinner, shows, activities, and travel. When the website came out I just transferred that expense to them. I know, I know. If you earn 4k a month, this is crazy money, but not if you earn 15k plus. None of this money is lifechanging to me.”

And according to Murphey, there is no cheap way to date a Ukrainian woman through one of these sites. No matter what you do, the relationship will come at a steep price.

“Even if you did it the cheapest way possible, you are still going to be out $15,000 just to get someone here finally. But this will be the same cost if you find someone equally as far away. This is using legitimate methods of meeting someone. Never respond to someone on social media and never ever send any money.”

It seems like Murphey has dating foreign women down to a science and has protected himself better than some of the show’s previous cast members like Caesar Mack, who notoriously sent thousands of dollars to his girlfriend Maria, who then stud him up and broke his heart.

We’ll have to wait and see how Murphey’s relationship with Lana pans out.

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