ABBEY Clancy posed for a mirror selfie at the gym as she showed off her toned tummy in a crop top.

The 35-year-old headed for her first exercise class since gyms reopened earlier this month.

Abbey proved she's managed to dodge putting on lockdown weight as she flashed her abs.

But she was thrilled to be out the house for a pilates workout.

Abbey said: "Feels great to be back @upilates_studio with the amazing @sianmarshallpilates."

The mum-of-four was taking some much needed time to herself after her husband confessed to pulling the wool over her eyes to escape baby duties and family time.

The former Spurs star blamed “important” football work when he was actually sneaking off to go boozing.

He said he had even got club secretaries to send fake emails making attendance for evening events compulsory when he was just going out on the town with team mates.

And he admitted that now that he is a pundit and podcaster he pretends he has to miss out on time with model Abbey for “vital” work-related watching of football and having fun drinking with pod colleagues Tom Fordyce and Chris Stark.

Talking about social bashes during his career at clubs including Liverpool, he said: “There’s been a couple of occasions where there’s a bit of a team bonding session or something like that and Ab will say ‘you don’t have to go that, do you?’ And I would be like ‘I do’.

“There has been one or two occasions where I’ve gone to the secretary and gone ‘can you just fire an email just saying that it’s compulsory and it’s important for the team’. And we would just go and have a night out."

"You train all week to play on a Saturday.

“Certainly when you’re at home and I remember when my first baby was born, Friday night if she’s crying, I’m like ‘that’s not for me, I’ve got a game tomorrow’.”

Ex-Britain's Next Top Model host Abbey met future husband Peter at a friend’s party in 2006 and the pair started dating.

By July 2009 the pair were engaged – later getting married in 2011.

They have four children together Sophia Ruby, Liberty Rose, Johnny, and Jack.

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