The Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and the Health Secretary Matt Hancock appeared on BBC Breakfast and were both asked about Ms Sturgeon’s plans to look into lifting coronavirus lockdown measures in the coming weeks.

Asked about her strategy, the First Minister appeared to dismiss claims her government was bypassing Westminster on the second phase of the lockdown.

BBC host Charlie Stayt probed the First Minister on the issue as he asked: “Now, we spoke to Matt Hancock just a few minutes ago on the programme, not sure if you heard the interview.

“But we asked about what you said yesterday about your plan and the proposals you had laid out for the Scottish people, which is a point you have made many times, you want to be open with people.

“His response was, ‘Nicola Sturgeon, he named you specifically, had not set out what the Scottish government will do.’ Is that at odds of what you thought you had done?”

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Mr Stayt’s line of questioning was, however, criticised by BBC viewers as an attempt to stir an argument between the First Minister and Mr Hancock.

One BBC viewer wrote on Twitter: “Partial and out of context quoting of Matt Hancock. Sturgeon was even embarrassed at how soft the question was and sidestepped it. BBC Breakfast is amateur.”

Another asked: “Why is Charlie trying to create an argument with Nichola Sturgeon when there isn’t one to have. We are NOT interested in this sort of journalism.”

AS the Scottish SNP leader dodged Mr Stayt’s question saying she had not heard Matt Hancock’s interview, another Twitter user wrote: “Nicola Sturgeon really is a class act isn’t she. Charlie trying to drag her into a row with Matt Hancock and she sidesteps it and owns it.”

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Another wrote: “The BBC presenters try their hardest to make an issue out of it and try to force Nicola Sturgeon into saying she doesn’t agree with Matt Hancock. They are becoming no better than GMB!”

Not everyone was impressed with Nicola Sturgeon’s performance, however.

Some still criticised the First Minister for trying to score political points over the coronavirus pandemic.

One viewer said: “Nicola Sturgeon: ‘I’m not coming at this from a political angle’

“Also Nicola Sturgeon: Here’s what I think the UK should be doing live on national TV.”


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And another: “BBC Naga you just summed up Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘grand announcement’ perfectly. “A rough idea of what it might look like.” In other words she has no more idea than anyone else.”

One viewer accused her of being “desperate” as they wrote: “Sturgeon thinks she rules the world. Why is she telling us what we already know that was said last week by the Government of the UK.

She is really desperate.”

Another one also blasted the First Minister over her attempt to play party politics.

They said: “Nicola Sturgeon meant to give the impression she was saying something about the exit strategy when she had added nothing. We knew all those things were under consideration along with other factors. Nicola keeps playing Party politics, which is very wrong at this stage.”

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