KATIE Thurston “concerned” being the THIRD Bachelorette Blake Moynes has dated as fans slam his “unfair” show return. 

On tonight’s episode of the ABC dating show, the handsome suitor made a shocking comeback after previously trying to find love with both Tayshia Adams and Clare Crawley. 

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Former Bachelorette and current host Tayshia had an emotional sit-down with Katie, 30, where she revealed that “someone from her past” reached out to her about the Washington native. 

“He cannot stop thinking about you and I know he’s ready for marriage,” Tayshia gushed of her ex. 

As Katie began to cry, she was told to go outside to see what man the host was referring to and found Blake waiting in a green bomber jacket. 

The pair locked eyes and shared a long embrace before they sat down on a bench for a lengthy chat. 

She appeared surprised to see him and even admitted he was the “last person” she ever thought would join her season. 

“Your openness, your boldness are all things I’m very attracted to,” the Canadian gushed to Katie. 

Appearing overwhelmed, she said in a confessional: “I’m so flustered. I’ve seen Blake on Tayshia’s season and he’s even DMed me before to compliment me on my bold personality.”

She then told him: “You’re a handsome guy. But the last person I expected to see here. 

“It is concerning you’ve dated two Bachelorette’s and if you stay, I will be your third Bachelorette. 

“There’s a lot of issues in the house of people here for the right reasons and I want to make sure I do something that’s right.”

However, Blake assured her that he was there for love, explaining: “I would regret forever if I didn’t do this.

“I promise you if it came down to the end and we connected the way I think, we would be engaged at the end of this. I won’t disappoint you, that’s not me.” 

Katie choked up at the candid confession, but struggled with the decision further saying: “Ive already formed connections so I’m conflicted. 

“But do I think we have something? Maybe. Do I risk everything? I don’t know.”

Clearly smitten, Katie decided to keep the wildlife manager – leaving many fans outraged by the unique decision. 

One person asked: “Am I the only one that thinks it’s not fair that Blake is on here because him and Katie have already talked before???”

“I feel an intense distaste and aversion towards Blake moynes & I cannot explain why,” another tweeted.

A third wrote” “Blake: “…The risk of me looking like a complete idiot” Too late."

"Bachelor in Paradise would have been a better fit for Blake. But we will see,” someone suggested. 

While one more fired off: “Nothing about Blake screams keep me. More like creepy.  Creepy Blake.”

Earlier today, a source close to the reality contestant exclusively told The Sun that while Blake has “genuine” intentions on the show, he “falls hard very fast.”

The source revealed: “He gets a case of puppy love when it comes to pretty girls and in the last year alone, he said he loved two different women [Clare and Tayshia] – and now potentially Katie. 

“His family and friends are worried about him going back on the show. 

“They’ve seen his heart shattered on this show on more than one occasion and still don't fully buy the process.” 

The insider said that now Blake is entering the “lion’s den” as a late arrival, he will feel even “more pressure” – which he was “nervous about” before he left to film.

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