BEAT The Chasers host Bradley Walsh is shocked tonight – when Shaun 'The Dark Destroyer' Wallace admits he's be keen to pose NUDE.

The 60-year-old presenter is left spluttering after the quiz champ, also 60, said he would "absolutely" get his kit off.

The unusual subject came up after Bradley compared the line-up of Chasers – Shaun, Mark Labbett, Jenny Ryan, Anne Hegerty and Darragh Ennis – to Naked Attraction contestants.

He said: "There they are. It's right now I'm so pleased this isn't Naked Attraction. Frightening, right?"

Bradley then asked: "Would any of you actually pose nude in a magazine?"

Darragh, 40, was the first to reply, joking: "Nah, never again"

But Shaun pitched in: "I would, yeah. Absolutely."

Bradley giggled: "Where would they put the staple do you reckon?"

But Shaun, not even cracking a smile replied: "I think you'd need a couple of those."

Aware the conversation was straying away from the quiz's usual family-friendly vibe, Brad told the panel: "All right settle down.

"Yuk, double yuk and triple yuk. And on that bombshell we have contestants from right across the country who think they can beat the Chasers."

Viewers have seen Shaun slightly undressed before thanks to TV show Chasers Road Trip, where he appeared in a very tight pair of shorts.

He has also been seen covered in soap suds in a bath while checking his phone.

Beat The Chasers continues tonight at 9pm on ITV and ITV Hub

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