Tipping Point: Contestant comically calls Ben Shephard ‘Bob’

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Ben Shephard, 46, has hosted Tipping Point since it first started airing almost 10 years ago and he has seen hundreds of contestants play the game in that time. However, one thing he hadn’t seen before was one of the players calling him by a different name and unfortunately, it was when contestant Margaret took to the stage the incident first happened in a classic episode of the quiz show. The presenter of the ITV quiz show had to get an explanation as to why he was referred to as “Bob” instead of “Ben”.

The moment came when Margaret was playing in the final round of the show as she had managed to defeat her other opponents.

After successfully answering a question correctly, she was gifted with more coins to put into the machine to win some more money.

As is routine, the contestant had to tell Ben which drop zone they would like their counter to be put into.

Margaret said without batting an eyelid: “Drop zone two again, please, Bob,” and the host was confused as to what was going on.

Staring down the camera with a smirk on his face, the presenter finally spoke after a 10-second pause and the player was seen shaking her head for forgetting Ben’s name.

“Who is Bob?” Ben asked with laughter in his voice and the contestant explained it was the name for her partner.

“Is your partner really called Bob?” the presenter asked with Margaret replying: “I’m thinking now I’m going to take you home with me.”

“Everyone wins all round then, Margaret. Apart from Bob who might be a bit put out,” the host said as he continued with the light-hearted tone of the conversation.

“If I don’t get the jackpot, you’re coming home with me,” the contestant remarked before the game continued.

Who is Bob?

Ben Shephard

Unfortunately for Margaret, she didn’t manage to secure the £10,000 jackpot she had been playing for in the final.

Instead, she walked away with £2,850 in her back pocket, which she was going to use for a trip to see the Great Barrier Reef.

“I am delighted. Absolutely delighted. I’ve had a great day, I really have,” she said as she thanked Ben for helping her through the game.

Most recently, the broadcaster hasn’t been seen on Good Morning Britain as he has been filming new episodes of the show.

Of course, all-new instalments of the programme are being filmed in line with social distancing guidelines.

The presenter took to Twitter to explain his absence from his role as host of Good Morning Britain and how much work he has been doing recently.

In view of his 774,500 followers, he shared a short clip from filming and wrote: “This is episode 101, series 12 of Tipping Point.

“There’s only 74 left, 101 down, 74 left. Is somebody going to get 10 grand for our 101st show? Let’s hope so, what about 20? Let’s make it 20 grand.”

These episodes are currently being filmed, with production beginning in April and set to come to a close next month.

It will be some time later this year and possibly even next year the instalments will be broadcast as socially distanced episodes have only started airing in the last couple of months.

One of his followers asked about the new set-up to the show, stating: “You’ll have sore shoulders after all them jackpot hugs!”

“No hugs for a while sadly,” Ben replied and with someone asking how he will cope without them, the presenter added: “I’m not.”

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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