BLOOD'S Adrian Dunbar has explained the major similarities between Jim Hogan and his Line of Duty character Ted Hastings.

The 61-year-old actor has won a legion of fans as the Superintendent in the hit BBC crime drama, and will no doubt win a few more as Jim in season two of Channel 5 drama, Blood.

The second series sees Jim return to his family after a year away from home, coming to terms with losing his standing in the community as a doctor and trying to do the right thing by his family, including daughter Fiona who is succumbing to Motor Neurone Disease.

While the two characters might not immediately seem to be connected, Adrian has found a major similarity, telling Digital Spy: "You know, both those characters ask the audience to get involved with their sense of morality, and what's right and what's wrong.
"I like playing that, especially if those characters are flawed themselves.

"They're not holier than thou. They're not selling themselves off as being paragons of integrity."

Adrian added both his characters "try to do the right thing by the job they're in."

He added: "Or they do the right thing by their family and their sense of familial duty. They're both the same in that respect.
"But sometimes they get it wrong, and, you know, sometimes that's what the audiences find intriguing about them, I think. They're very human."

Adrian also thinks the way the two shows are written are similar.

He explained: "I think the scripts for Line of Duty and Blood are both asking the audience to get involved in speculating as to what is going to happen next, or what should be happening next.
"I think that's kind of the appeal of both of those shows, and, indeed, both of the characters, both Ted and Jim."

Blood series two continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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