BLOOD'S Jim Hogan makes an explosive return with a family reunion from hell in the dark season 2 premiere.

The Channel 5 series returns tonight and see's Adrian Dunbar's Jim come home after a year away to find his eldest daughter Fiona slowly succumbing Motor Neurone Disease.

The disease is the same illness which afflicted her mother, and Fiona's husband Paul is struggling to cope.

Jim’s determined efforts to make amends and reconnect with his family only seem to add to their grief, and things become even more difficult when he stumbles upon some suspicious activity at the farm where Paul works.
When Fiona’s car veers off the road and crashes into a canal, her family gather round to support her.

But they are shocked to their core when Detective Dez Breen arrives with news of a disturbing discovery.

Tracking back over preceding events, the past will reveal a tangled web of family life in the wake of Jim’s return from a year abroad.

There have been troubles in Jim’s absence and these troubles will emerge to complicate all of their lives as events unfold.

Speaking about where his character is at in season two, Adrian said: "There was a court case and he avoided going to prison, so he went on some travels like he said he was going to do.

"Upon return Jim struggles to find work as a doctor because once the situation comes up and they find out about his past they overlook him.

"Jim’s daughter, Fiona is ill, suffering from the same disease his wife had. Fiona’s husband, Paul, is working for these rich farmers who have agreed to allow Jim to rent a house on their property.

"Initially everything seems okay. However, what happens next is a series of incidents that draw Jim and Paul into what looks like a drug ring, which includes the son of the people who own the farm.

"It is a very delicate situation; nobody wants to upset the apple cart but it’s going to have to happen for things to be resolved.

"We find out a piece of information and it is a question of whether we are we going to release the information, opening a can of worms, or are we going to keep a lid on it and Paul has reason for Jim to keep a lid on it because he is in trouble himself."

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