Bosch season 6 will be landing on Amazon Prime very soon and the streaming platform confirmed a seventh and final series back in February 2020. The American police series is based on the Michael Connelly novels City of Bones, Echo Park, and The Concrete Blonde. Fans have been waiting for a year for the new series to start as season 5 dropped in April 2019, and here is everything you need to know about when season 6 starts.

When does Bosch season 6 start?

Fans will be pleased to hear the sixth season of Bosch will start airing on Amazon Prime today (April 17), almost a year after the fifth series aired on April 18, 2019.

Connelly acts as executive producer for the series and at the time of the renewal announcement he said it was “great news” and he “could not wait” for a new season.

Albert Cheng, co-head of television for Amazon Studios, told Variety: “Bosch is a customer and critical favorite and Amazon Prime members are fans of this long-running series that delivers strong storytelling, complex characters, and exceptional performances.

“We are happy to continue to work with Fabrik, Michael Connelly, and the rest of the team on this artful procedural drama.”

The new season will follow the novels The Overlook and Dark Sacred Night. Speaking to about the new series Connelly said: “[It is based on The Overlook] with some updates. It was based on terrorism; now it involves domestic terrorism.”


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How many episodes in Bosch season 6?

A total of 50 episodes have aired across the five series so far, with each series being made up of 10 episodes.

With this in mind the new series is likely to be made up of 10 episodes, which are all about 50 minutes long and they should be dropped together like in previous series.

The episodes are usually given titles but fans will not find out what each episode is called until they have dropped on Amazon Prime.

There will be some elements from Dark Sacred Night, the 2018 book that introduced the newest series character, Renée Ballard.

The main cast members are ready to return including Titus Welliver as the titular character, LAPD Detective Harry Bosch.

He is a former Army Special Forces operative in the homicide division who was caught up in the first Gulf War, and the war in Afghanistan.

Jamie Hector plays Bosch’s partner, Detective Jerry Edgar, and Bosch’s friend Lieutenant Grace Billets is played by Amy Aquino.

Lance Reddick is also one of the main characters in the series, playing the role of Chief of Police Irvin Irving.

Welliver has been promoting the new series on Twitter, sharing different video clips from previous series to get fans in the mood.

The Bosch Twitter account hosted a Bosch Stakeout party where fans could binge-watch all the previous episodes.

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A trailer has dropped for the new series and it is available to watch on YouTube. It features Bosch wearing his iconic suit and sunglasses combination.

A medical physicist has been shot in an execution-style killing and a number of items were stolen from the hospital where he worked.

Bosch says “the sky is the limit” for the suspect, who is now in possession of some potentially dangerous equipment, and he is worried for the safety of the wider community.

There is a threat of a ‘dirty bomb’ being let off in the middle of LA and it is the team’s responsibility to track it down before it causes destruction.


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Hector spoke to about the new series and was full of praise for the “well-written show”, saying he was excited for the next step.

He said there was an emotional ending to the show after it was announced the seventh season will be the final one.

Hector said “[having had the] opportunity to build a character through seven seasons, and then knowing in advance when it’s going to end instead of it just not coming back” was “bittersweet”.

He said he hoped the new series will take everyone’s minds off what is happening in the wider world with the coronavirus outbreak still dominating headlines.

Bosch season 6 airs on Amazon Prime on April 17

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