Casualty: Charles Venn discusses coercive control storyline

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Robyn (played by Amanda Henderson) recently terminated her pregnancy on Casualty after discovering she was pregnant with her second child following a one-night stand. This was extremely hard for the nurse to go through on the BBC medical drama and in last weekend’s double-bill, she was trying to do her bit to ensure children were protected from the toxic gases filling their lungs which is caused by pollution. After so much heartache on the television programme, it would be ideal for a new man to walk into her life but she might have known him for quite a few years.

In recent months, Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford) has had his hands full with trying to raise his son following Fenisha Khatri’s (Olivia D’Lima) death.

The doctor thought he had met the love of his life in the mother of his child but her journey came to a tragic end last year when she was involved in a car accident.

Ethan has not had time to think of having another romance as his duties as a father and his responsibilities at the hospital have kept him busy.

As he and Robyn begin to cross paths more often, they could realise they have a mutual duty of care by being single parents.

Back in 2018, she had to bid farewell to the father of her daughter, Glen Thomas (Owain Arthur), as he died after being diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Robyn knows all the emotions her colleague is going through right now and she could be the perfect person to offer him some support and advice.

As they discuss the perils of being a parent and working for the NHS, they could realise they have more in common than they thought.

Spending more time together, the pair could arrange to meet outside of work more often and one night, they could act on their feelings for one another.

It could start off with a kiss but knowing they are both looking for comfort, they could end up sleeping together one evening.

They could agree it would never happen again and at work, they would remain professional by not telling anyone about their romance.

There’s this turmoil

Amanda Henderson

However, as they realise there is a genuine attraction between them, they could decide to embark on a secret affair.

Taking stolen moments to share a kiss, they could thrive off the idea of being caught in the act but what would happen if someone did discover they were an item?

Work romances typically haven’t worked out for many of their colleagues and so thinking people could know about their affair would be worrying for the pair.

But as their secret becomes common knowledge, will they decide to enter into a relationship despite all the odds being against them?

In a preview for the show’s spring storylines, it has been hinted Ethan is finally ready to move on from Fenisha.

Series producer for Casualty, Loretta Preece, hinted at a new chapter in Ethan’s story, explaining: “After all Ethan has been through this series, might he be ready to move on from Fenisha’s memory?”

Romances have never been Ethan’s forte as he has had many failed relationships during his time on the show, with it taking just a few short months before Fenisha’s death for them to get together.

Each one has either resulted in a character leaving the show or some tragedy changing Ethan’s life forever.

But with Robyn having suffered the same amount of heartbreak and trauma, she could be the perfect fit for the dishy doctor.

Taking to Twitter, viewers have been theorising about the new love interests for the respective characters and some think they would make the perfect couple.

How well do you know your British soaps?

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Get out of my pub, you’re no soaps fan

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Casual viewer 

You watch them sometimes so you kinda know what’s been going on 

Die hard fan

You love watching the soaps so much your entire week is planned around when they air

Jon wrote on the social media platform: “Catching up on #Casualty. Are they getting Ethan and Robyn together?”

Miss Kitten Filan posted: “Ethan, please, respect Robyn’s help she knows what you’re going through #Casualty.”

Dan The Chatterbox shared: “Robyn talking to Ethan as she lost her husband too so knows what it’s like he needs professional help #Casualty.”

Discussing another possible love interest for Robyn, I Met Shane Filan added: “Get rid of Paul, he’s creepy as f**k, he’s going to become obsessed with Robyn and stalk her.”

So will Ethan also realise what is going on here and intervene to ensure his possible future love interest is safe?

The actress who played Fenisha, Olivia, has spoken out on her exit from the show, which left Ethan heartbroken and a father of one.

Discussing life after she left, the soap star said: “When people don’t know you’ve left, your personal life feels different, you’re just going on with your business.

“Then when I came off-air, it was straight onto the NTAs, it extended it, so it didn’t feel like a sudden adjustment.

“That kept me going until September, but after that period, it was so quiet. Not working, not auditioning, it was bizarre.

“It forced me to learn how to be fine with preparing,” she explained in an interview with the Making My Way podcast.

Casualty continues tonight at 8:35pm on BBC One.

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