CASUALTY's George Rainsford has hinted that his character Ethan could be the father of Fenisha's baby.

The pair will face a life-changing hurdle as the doctor may be forced to reveal his secret health concerns to his girlfriend.

Things had been going well for new couple Fenisha Khatri (Oliva D'Lima) and Will Noble (Jack Nolan), and the couple plan to visit Ireland to see Will's family.

However, she will drop a bombshell and say that she's pregnant, but Will doesn't know that his best mate Ethan had a one-night stand with newcomer Fenisha when she was still single.

George's character did not tell Will because he did not want to ruin his happiness with Fenisha.

The 37-year-old explained: "Ethan and Fenisha aren’t really matched, it was just a one-night stand.”

“When Fenisha started working in the hospital shortly afterwards, at first Ethan pursued her, but Fenisha quite rightly put him in his place!”

George adds: “Once Ethan saw how happy Will and Fenisha were together he decided not to bother telling Will in case it rocked the boat.”

In this Saturday’s episode, Fenisha's pregnancy will come as a shock for the young couple, who don’t quite know how to take the news!

Their relationship is thrown into jeopardy after the ED's new paramedic tells Will the dates, which reveal he is not the father and Ethan has no idea Fenisha is pregnant.

There is now a chance that Ethan, who has Huntington’s disease, could be the father of Fenisha’s unborn baby and may be left with no choice but to tell her about his condition.

George revealed: "There are lots of people not telling everyone everything, and a lot of half-truths."

“Ethan has no idea that Fenisha’s pregnant. If it works out Ethan’s the father, he will have to tell her he’s got Huntington’s disease… it’s complicated!”

The next episode of Casualty airs on BBC1 at 7.25pm on Saturday April 25th.

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