COREY Brent forces Asha Alahan to give him an alibi for Nina and Seb’s attack next week in Coronation Street. 

Corey and his gang of thugs will launch a hate crime attack against Nina and Seb – and leave them fighting for their lives in hospital.

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Viewers will see Corey jump in his mate Eli’s stolen car and usher Asha, Kelly and Summer in as well. 

Eli pulls over at some wasteland and the gang starts drinking and listening to music, but Asha and Summer grow uneasy when they learn that the car is a stolen vehicle.

But when Asha and Summer voice their concerns, they clash with Corey and Kelly – and Asha decides to head home.

Meanwhile, Nina and Seb walk along the canal and are horrified to bump into the gang.

When Eli and Corey start making jibes at Seb and Nina, Summer is horrified and heads home.

Things quickly escalate as Eli encourages Kelly and she slaps Nina across the face.

As Seb and Nina try to walk away, the gang run after them and end up viciously attacking the pair.

Later, the police interrupt the Stag and Hen parties and break the devastating news that Nina and Seb have been attacked. 

In the hospital, the nurse explains to Roy that Nina sustained several blows and is currently undergoing an operation.

Abi is horrified when she takes in the extent of Seb’s injuries and asks Kevin to cancel their wedding, telling Seb she loves him as he’s wheeled away for his scan.

Later, Nina regains consciousness and tells Roy and Abi that she can remember seeing Corey and his mates, but can’t remember the attack. 

Abi rushes over to find Corey and, spotting him with Asha, confronts him about the attack but Corey insists he knew nothing about it.

Asha is horrified when Corey tries to assure her he’s innocent – but that it would be best if she told the police he was with her all evening.

What will Asha do?

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