CORONATION Street's Alya Nazir will "scream from the rooftops" about Geoff Metcalfe's abuse and will stop at nothing to protect her gran Yasmeen.

Sair Khan who plays Alya on the ITV soap rushes home from Spain after she hears her nan had been arrested for defending herself from Geoff using a wine bottle after he tried to attack her with a knife.

Corrie viewers will see the dramatic fight scene unfold on Friday May 1 and Alya come to her gran's rescue to expose Geoff for the villain he is.

Sair explained the lengths Alya will go to in order to clear Yasmeen's name and tries to get solicitor Imran Habeeb to help.

"She heads straight to the police station and wants answers. Alya's truly shocked, but blames Geoff because she knows how twisted he is and how vulnerable her gran has been," Sair told Digital Spy.

"But when Ryan tells her that Geoff is unconscious and Yasmeen might've killed him, the gravity of the situation really hits home.

"Alya lets rip about her feelings towards Geoff and her concerns that Yasmeen has been brainwashed after months of abuse.

Sair added: "Although Imran is sympathetic, he has to follow the law and right now Yasmeen is admitting her guilt, so it doesn't matter if he believes Alya or not."

Things get even more dramatic when Alya then takes matters into her own hands and goes to hospital to confront Geoff.

Sair said: "She wants Sally and Tim to know about Geoff's various lies and deceits and how he's rinsed her family business.

"She's full of rage, but her outburst doesn’t impress DS Abney, who seems to be treating Geoff as the victim. She's led away by the police, but manages to catch Sally alone and begs her to realise that this is so out of character for Yasmeen. She plants a seed of doubt in Sally's mind about who Geoff really is."

Not willing to rest until Yasmeen is safe, Alya goes to the Rovers Return and let people know what Geoff is really like.

Sair said: "Alya wants to scream from the rooftops about who Geoff really is and what he's done to her gran. Imran makes a stark warning that ruining the credibility of any potential witnesses will do Yasmeen even more harm.

"Although Alya doesn't want to jeopardise her gran's bail hearing, she can't help but scold her gran's 'friends' about how they've failed Yasmeen.

"They've been witness to Geoff's belittling remarks and controlling behaviour but they all chose to ignore it."

Corrie viewers will probably not be surprised at Yasmeen's actions against Geoff after watching his abuse for months.

Alya noticed there was something dodgy about Geoff when he returned from Las Vegas married to her grandmother.

She set about doing some digging after her suspicions were piqued when Geoff spread that Yasmeen was an alcoholic – which Alya knew was a lie – and she discovered that he and a former girlfriend were charged with causing an affray.

Scenes set to air this week will see Geoff drive Yasmeen to breaking point when he gives her an STI from an escort and starves her over a period of a few days.

When Geoff reveals that she’s wearing a dress he originally bought for an escort, a huge row breaks out between the pair.

And when Geoff lashed out at Yasmeen with a huge knife, she protects herself by hitting him with a bottle.

The bottle breaks and she ends up slashing his neck with the shards, watching in horror as he slumps to the floor bleeding.

Yasmeen is denied bail, charged with attempted murder and her fate is left hanging in the balance.

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