Countdown: Anne Robinson discusses becoming new presenter

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Anne Robinson is the new face of Countdown and later this month, she will step into Nick Hewer’s shoes and present her very first show. The former Weakest Link presenter will join Rachel Riley and Susie Dent and together, they will make up the all-new female team. Ahead of Anne making her debut, wordsmith Susie spoke out about the time she was “rescued” by Anne after an embarrassing moment on TV. 

On being part of an all-female team, Anne, who will become Countdown’s sixth host said: “Three Girls Do Countdown – who wouldn’t want to watch?”

Reflecting on filming with the formidable journalist and broadcaster, Rachel added: “It’s been really fun watching Anne very quickly find her feet in the Countdown studio and seeing the contestants in the new groove with her. 

“She’s not shy of asking them funny questions and the responses have ranged from going into their own comedy routines to not looking directly at her and hoping she doesn’t see them – it’s been very lively!” 

Susie also said: “I’m so pleased to be able to work with Anne again. 

“She has been a heroine of mine ever since she gently rescued me from an embarrassing moment on my first bit of live TV. 

“With her flair and wit, she’s going to be a wonderful addition to the Countdown team.”

It comes after Anne spoke out about joining the show and how she has vowed to “tone down the nastiness”. 

“I am beyond thrilled to be joining Countdown,” she said back in February. “The show is almost as old as I am and just as historic.

“I am particularly excited to be working alongside the show’s two other formidable women. 

“Worryingly, Susie [Dent] and Rachel [Riley] are not only very smart but younger, prettier and thinner than me. 

“Sadly, there’s no time for another face lift so I’ll have to make do with this old one.”

As for why Anne thought Countdown would be the perfect challenge for her, she told The Daily Mail: “I was really intrigued. 

“It has been on for 40 years and it is more cerebral than any other game show. 

“Doing Countdown just tickled my fancy. I think it’s a great fit, actually.” 

At the height of her TV career, Anne was earning £4million from the BBC as well as filming shows in the US.

But things will be very different on Countdown apparently. 

“The first thing they do is tell you how little money they’ve got,” she explained. 

Anne, Riley and Susie all have to subsidise their own wardrobes which Anne “thinks extends to two dresses”. 

As for why Nick is stepping away from the show, he called himself an “old person” and felt “weary” after three days away filming at a time. 

Whether or not he will get emotional when he signs off his last-ever episode, Nick admitted: “I might well do. 

“It’ll be 10 years pretty much. Possibly. Who knows. I’ll try and hold it together.

“No one wants to see a 77 year old sobbing on the floor,” he quipped. 

“It’ll be sad to say goodbye but I’ve got to spend some time at home. I used to spend two nights at home a week, I was always travelling,” he told Entertainment Daily. 

Countdown airs every weekday at 2.10pm, and Anne takes over Monday 28 June. 

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