EASTENDERS has suffered a continuity blunder as the soaps kids have "disappeared" and haven't been mentioned in storylines for months.

Fans pointed out the awkward error on Twitter as they spotted that some of Albert Square's youngsters had been missing on screen for quite some time.

Viewers have been wondering why they haven't seen baby Abi and claimed she was yet another "of Walford's kids that had disappeared into the abyss."

Another fan said: "Stuart apparently hangs out with Toddler Abi a lot offscreen. My only question is, who was watching her all day and where has she been this year?"

One more wrote online: "Where is baby Abi"

Responding to the comment on Reddit, a fan mused: "Same place as Baby Cherry. That's the problem with these storylines. A pregnancy is good for nine months of drama and more but then they don't seem to think beyond that (ie: that they have created a new character and don't really have a place for them – at least until they reappear on the Square as angsty teenagers intent on a showdown."






Viewers had threatened to call social services over missing baby Cherry Slater earlier this year.

The little girl is the daughter of Hayley Slater and Alfie Moon – conceived after a one-night stand in Spain.

But the baby hasn't been seen properly in months.

She made a brief appearance in the Christmas Day episode but was quickly whisked away.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer asked: "Um…where’s Cherry? #EastEnders #MissingSlaters."
Another added: "Where is Kat's kids and Cherry?"

Over on an EastEnders forum, fans said they were concerned about Cherry's wellbeing.

"What the f*** happened to Cherry. Has she disappeared off the face of the Earth?" one fan wrote.

"Ha! I have been asking my husband the same question for several weeks now," another added.

A third soap fan added: "Kat seems to go out a lot. No Stacey. And Jean is too sick to look after a baby/spends most of her time with Daniel. Who is supposed to be looking after Cherry?"

Cherry was last given proper screentime in February 2019.

When Kat visited her mum Hayley in early February last year, Hayley told her she was doing well and hadn’t even thought about drinking.

But when Kat suggested coming home because her baby needed her mum, Hayley freaked out.

In fact she freaked out so much that she ended up discharging herself and doing a runner.

She left a note for her baby girl saying she loved her and might come back for her one day.

With both mum Hayley and dad Alfie currently AWOL – separately – it came down to the remaining Slaters to care for Cherry.

But Kat has been struggling raising Cherry as well as her three boys and – with Stacey also having three kids of her own – there haven’t been enough hands on deck.

Kat and Stacey broached the subject of possibly putting Cherry into foster care but Jean put her foot down and said they would cope as a family.

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