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For example, Sonia Fowler discovers a shocking secret about her dad Rocky next week in EastEnders. 

The long-lost father of Sonia – who is played by Brian Conley in the BBC One soap – didn’t exactly get off to the best start when he arrived in Walford last month.

Next week, after a series of rows with Rocky over his selfish behaviour, a furious Sonia storms over to the pub to confront her dad. 

As sparks fly between Shirley and Rocky, Sonia accidentally spots something on her dad’s phone that makes her suspicious.

What has she discovered?

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  • John Hall


    In an upcoming episode of the ITV soap, Liv Flaherty suffers a devastating night as she drinks to forget her harrowing incident.

    The student – played by Isobel Steele in the ITV soap – has turned to booze because she thinks she's murdered her ex boyfriend Vinny Dingle's dad Paul Ashdale.

    Liv travelled to Wales to see her mum Sandra, but didn't get the support she was hoping for.

    The pair started drinking together and she suffered an epileptic fit, however her mum didn't realise what was going on.

    The fit is clearly still on her mind and she turns to the bottle again to forget what happened.

    Will Liv be able to give up the booze?

  • John Hall


    Mackenzie Boyd might get more than he bargained for during tonight's episode.

    The bad boy threatened Eric Pollard to drop charges and he ended up in hospital… but have since made up and are now pals.

    However Ryan knows that it was him that stole the Brenda's brooch. Will he guilt trip Mack into telling the police?

    Meanwhile Kim is still trying to figure out who is poisoning her… but her son Jamie tells her that she needs to relax…

  • John Hall


    It’s fair to say Rainie isn’t enjoying her grandmother-in-law staying.

    Tonight she was having a moan to husband Stuart about his beloved Nan.

    But when she called her a “battle-axe” she didn’t realise she was still in the room.

    Major awks!

  • John Hall


    Peter Barlow’s life hung in the balance last night after he finally underwent a liver transplant.

    The recovering alcoholic was given the lifeline after a last minute donor was found.

    But will he recover from this drastic surgery? His life now hangs in the balance.

  • John Hall


    DANI Dyer is set to make her explosive EastEnders debut alongside dad Danny this week.

    The reality star, 24 – who shot to fame in 2018 on the fourth series of Love Island – has taken on the new role of a cab driver called Jeanette. Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) gets himself into a bit of trouble when he misses his wife Linda‘s baby scan.

    He promises his other half that he’ll be there, but after getting tied up in a chat with their daughter Nancy, he loses track of time.

    Realising the time, he manages to get a taxi to take him to the hospital, and makes friends with the taxi driver Jeanette, who is also pregnant herself.

    As Mick sets off to the hospital Jeanette’s waters break, so Mick has to take the wheel and quickly drive them to the hospital.

    Read more here.

  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    LUKE Posner has been lying to his girlfriend Victoria for months about his sexuality.

    It has been revealed that the chef will open up to his other half this week… but how do you think she'll react?

  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    SUMMER RANGER'S plot against Brody reaches an all time low this week on Hollyoaks.

    As viewers will know she's currently having a secret fling with Sienna Blake behind her fiance Brody Hudson's back.

    But that's not the only thing she's up to.

    Brody, who was involved in the death of Summer's child abuser dad Cormac Ranger, goes to visit a ghost from Brody's past.

    Brody was involved in Summer's dad's death.

    The evil man abuser Felix Westwood and Warren Fox as children and the pair help from Brody to lure Cormac into the garage to confront him.

    He was left in a coma, and died shortly after from a heart attack.

    Summer wants to get her own back… but what can Buster do from prison?

  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    DARREN Osborne will fight for his life in coma this week on Hollyoaks.

    The business man – played by Adam Booth on the Channel 4 soap – gets injured at Grace Black's reopening of The Loft… but will he survive?

    Darren gets caught up between Grace and Fergus Collins' rivalry when the nightclub's sign falls on him.

    Both Nancy and Mandy are worried sick… and want him to wake up to let them know who he wants to be with.


  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    As we all know, Linda is pregnant with Max Branning's baby – and she's been struggling to come to terms with it all.

    After husband Mick misses their baby scan Linda drops some big news to him.

    Will he like it?


  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    Fans of the ITV soap have speculated that the businessman could be making an epic return.

    Robert was sent to prison after killing evil Lee Posner after he raped his sister Victoria.

    Viewers are convinced he's coming back…

    However, an Emmerdale spokesperson confirmed to Digital Spy: "There are no current plans for the character of Robert to return."


  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    Hollyoaks' Daisy Wood Davis revealed her growing baby bump as she posed for a snap in a bikini.

    The actress, who revealed the happy news that she was pregnant last month, looked glowing in the Insta snap.

    She captioned the post: "Pregnant or not pregnant, our bodies are supposed to change!

    "Too often we are made to feel this shouldn’t happen and we should still look the same as we did 10 years ago which is quite frankly a load of bollocks. 🙌🏻

    "Am loving associating this daily changing body with a healthy, growing baby ❤️."

  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    Ruby Allen will suffer from a heartbreaking miscarriage for a second time.

    The nightclub owner – played by Louisa Lytton in the BBC soap – sadly lost her unborn baby earlier this year.

    The businesswoman will find out she's expecting again… but will find out the devastating news that she's most likely going to suffer from another miscarriage.

    Will Ruby tell husband Martin Fowler?

  • Lucy Murgatroyd

    WILL Mellor was down more than £10,000 after a gang stole his identity to launder the cash in fake bank accounts.

    The actor, who is currently starring as bad boy Harvey in Coronation Street, told how the savvy criminals had tracked his postman to get his personal details.

    He recently revealed on the Two Pints podcast: "It was only a year and a half ago. A lovely lady who lives opposite across the road said, 'I just want to let you know there’s been a strange person going into your mailbox'.

    "So I checked my CCTV and there’s this lad, he put his hand in my letterbox and took something out.

    "He’s following the postman. They’ve robbed my identity and they’ve opened bank accounts in my name."

  • Lucy Murgatroyd

    EASTENDERS star Gurlaine Kaur Garcha has been left shaken after suffering horrendous racist abuse this week.

    The actress – who plays Ash Panesar in the BBC soap – opened up about the shocking incident in an emotional post on Instagram.

    She wrote on her social media: “Yesterday I was a victim to verbal racial abuse.

    “It came from nowhere, I wasn’t expecting it, and even though I know racism exists and I could always be victim to it, it was still deeply deeply shocking. 

    “In a completely unprovoked attack, I was told by a woman to go back home, to return to wherever I’ve come from, and to stay there. 

    “The initial shock was that someone was so comfortable to say this to me in public, not once but several times. It made me feel angry, sad, and embarrassed."

  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    HOLLYOAKS star David Tag has urged men to speak more openly about their mental health struggles after losing two friends to suicide during lockdown.

    The Sylver McQueen actor, 36, is urging males to collaborate with MenWalkTalk, a charity for which he became an ambassador after going through a break-up.

    The Manchester born performer dished out some candid advice in the wake of his personal tragedies and said: "Even the happiest of faces can suffer from mental health problems.

    "The charity organises get-togethers where you can open up to each other.

    "I am a strong-willed person and I found during lockdown a lot of people suffered in a lot of different ways.

    "During lockdown two people I know died by suicide."

  • Lucy Murgatroyd

    CASUALTY scooped this year’s Bafta TV Award for best soap beating Coronation Street.

    The medical drama romped to victory at the ceremony which was hosted in London with most of the nominees attending virtually from home.

    Casualty also beat rivals EastEnders and Hollyoaks.

    The hospital soap last won the award in 2018 and has won a total of two times before.

    Last year Emmerdale took home the prize.

  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    CASUALTY’S Rosa will be left shaken by a poisoning bombshell and baby Bodhi is left fighting for his life this Saturday.

    Expect plenty of twists and turns in the BBC’s hospital drama, as a terrifying accusation is set to throw Rosa and David into disarray.

    Meanwhile, Fenisha finally discovers the truth about Ethan’s feelings for her.

    BBC One viewers will see Ollie return to ED with more mysterious symptoms.

  • Lucy Murgatroyd

    HOLBY City fans were left shocked after Ange Godard and Josh Hudson admitted to having sex at work tonight – and gave their boss Henrik Hanssen all the kinky details.

    The pair have been sleeping together over the past few months in secret.

    Henrik, who is the hospital's chief executive officer, quizzed the pair on what they've been up to.

    Henrik asked Josh: "Is the relationship of a sexual nature?"

    The junior doctor said that it was and began to list where they had been getting down and dirty.

    He confessed: "Consultants office, various store rooms, theatre once, ladies toilets, locker room…"


  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    BEN Mitchell grows worried when he spots his husband Callum sneaking around with his ex Whitney Dean next week in EastEnders. 

    Callum – who is played by Tony Clay in the BBC One soap – is struggling to cope after his mate Fitzy was stabbed by Kat Slater’s mugger. 

    Ben spots Callum getting into a cab with Whitney to visit Fitzy.

    Oblivious to what’s happened to Fitzy, Ben wonders what on earth is going on between the exes…


  • Lucy Murgatroyd

    CORONATION Street's Leanne Battersby and Nick Tilsley are due to return home in an upcoming episode of the soap.

    The pair fled Weatherfield to go into protection after the PA (Jane Danson) grassed up Harvey to the police.

    Leanne, Nick (Ben Price) and her son Simon (Alex Bain) have been in a secret location to keep themselves safe from the evil gang.

    The trio return to Weatherfield to see if they can return to normal life again.

    They recieve a visit from DS Glynn, who tells Leanne that her evidence is extremely important and it will stop him from from ruining other lives.

    The copper pays a visit to Harvey and tells him that what he's doing with the family won't stop them from giving evidence.

    Will Harvey stop trying to intimidate Leanne, Nick and Simon?

  • Lucy Murgatroyd

    EASTENDERS has revealed a kidnapping horror after Max Branning snatched his granddaughter Abi during a visit.

    The schemer – who is played by actor Jake Wood in the BBC soap – hasn’t been seen since earlier this year when he left the Square for good.

    He left Abi behind with her great aunt Rainie and husband Stuart to care but last week his brother Jack Branning took baby Abi to visit him in France.

    In tonight’s episode Jack returned from his trip to Paris taking baby Abi to see her grandfather.

    But the trip didn’t go smoothly and Jack had a horrifying time.

    During their time in the French capital, Max took his granddaughter and fled, leaving Jack to return to Walford alone.

  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    The officer told his former flame Whitney that he can't tell Ben about work – and that's why he's not spoken about the attack.

    Whitney told him that he needs to tell the truth, otherwise their relationship won't be able to last..

  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    The club owner told Isaac about her dad during a chat over dinner.

    The businessman died in 2006 from a heart attack.

    But Lola Pearce told Isaac that he wasn't a very nice man…

  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    Callum is clearly struggling with Fitzy's attack…

    After Phil Mitchell had a go at him in the Queen Vic in front of Whitney, the market trader told him to "give it a rest".

    Will the copper be able to confide in his former flame?

  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    The teacher, who has stopped taking his schizophrenia medication, told his nurse that he's on top of his meds.

    Girlfriend Lola Pearce isn't happy that he's told a lie…

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