EastEnders is set to reveal what Nancy Carter has been hiding from her family since she unexpectedly returned to the Square last week.

Nancy has been refusing to reveal the full story about why she’s back in Walford. But what is she hiding? Here’s the lowdown…

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What is Nancy Carter hiding in EastEnders?

It’s not yet clear what Nancy is hiding in EastEnders, but that hasn’t stopped fans speculating. 

Viewers were left baffled when Nancy was secretive about a package she received, which later turned out to contain CBD oil, and flocked to Twitter to guess what was going on.

One fan tweeted: "#Eastenders. Nancy seemed very cagy over receiving a package and all it was was a box of CPD oil which apparently is used for Epilepsy so I'm told. So I wander has her epilepsy got worse? How does Tamwar fall into any of this as well?"

Another replied: "Usually CBD oil is common for epilepsy it’s also a pain relief for cancer. But I think she’s got some kind of addiction. #Eastenders."

A third asked: "Why is Nancy being so secretive about CBD Oil? Please don’t tell me that #Eastenders is going to go down the shame/should never use it route in relation to this!"

This week, Nancy’s family will grow increasingly suspicious of her shifty behaviour. 

Linda and Nancy plan a picnic for Shirley and when she overhears her daughter calling Tamway, she presumes he’s going to make a surprise entrance. 

When Zack tells Mick and Linda that Nancy has a job at the gym, they’re confused.

Things only worsen for Nancy when Linda is shocked by what she finds in her daughter’s coat.

Frankie tries to get Nancy to open up, but when she refuses, she ends up following her to try and get to the bottom of what’s going on.

Later, it all kicks off when Linda confronts Nancy about what she’s found.

What have EastEnders bosses said about the mystery surrounding Nancy?

The soap's Executive Producer Jon Sen said on Nancy’s return: “We’re delighted to have Maddy back and I can’t wait for audiences to see what’s in store for Nancy.

Speaking about the secrecy surrounding Nancy’s comeback, he added: "There’s a lot of mystery surrounding her return and she’s coming back to a family that have been through a very difficult year – things are definitely not as Nancy left them."

He added: "Maddy is a fantastic actor and we feel very lucky to have her back in Walford.”

Who plays Nancy Carter in EastEnders?

Actress Maddy Hill has reprised her role as Nancy in EastEnders. 

Since leaving EastEnders in 2016, Maddy starred in Casualty as paramedic Ruby Spark from 2018-2020.

The star's stage credits include ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ at the Southwark Playhouse and the title role in Matthew Dunster’s ‘Imogen’ at Shakespeare’s Globe.

speaking about her return, Maddy Hill said: "I’m so excited to be coming back and reconnecting with all the hilarious, warm, talented cast and crew and meeting some lovely new faces.

"I absolutely loved playing Nancy and have often wondered what she’s up to, so feel very grateful to be able to rediscover her five years on!”

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