ELLEN DeGeneres show executives knew all about the "toxic" workplace allegations "two years before" three top producers were fired.

According to BuzzFeed News, a former and a current employee said a complaint was filed with an industry union in 2018 that alleged gender discrimination, including sexist remarks by some of the top producers in charge.

A spokesperson for the show’s distributor, Warner Bros., confirmed the complaint to the outlet in a statement, and said that “there is nothing new or noteworthy about this issue.”

They added: “It was investigated by an outside investigator and resolved with no merit to claims of gender discrimination.

“As previously stated, we are committed to changing the things that need to change and moving forward in a constructive and positive way."

Last week executive producers Ed Glavin and Kevin Leman and co-executive producer Jonathan Norman were fired as host Ellen DeGeneres continues to be under scrutiny after numerous former employees accused her show of tolerating everything from bullying to racism to sexual harassment. Warner Bros. is currently investigating the allegations.

Following the ousting, the comedian, 62, spoke to about 200 of her employees in a virtual meeting and offered a "teary-eyed" apology.

A source exclusively told The Sun that Ellen had been "waiting to speak to her team this whole time" but was "not allowed because of the investigation."

The "toxic" work allegations have also led to other people coming forward with their own stories.

TikTok star Julia Marie recently claimed that the entertainer snubbed her of a 2015 appearance on the popular talk show and even almost collided with her mother while driving away from the set.

Julia Marie, 23, told The Sun in an exclusive interview that she wrote into the program five years ago when she discovered singer Justin Bieber would be appearing throughout the week.

She explained: “I was a very big Justin Bieber fan. I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet Ellen and be there when Justin was there. Obviously, my email was a success.”

After numerous interviews, show producers offered to fly Julia Marie and her mother from their Wisconsin home to Los Angeles for the show, but according to her things took a dive upon entering the dressing room.

She alleged: "Once we got to our dressing room, Ellen could care less that we were there. They actually locked us in my dressing room and told us we could not leave.

“He told me what I should wear and brought us down to her show. I got thrown into the audience like nothing was ever going to happen when, keep in mind, they told me I was going to be recorded and be in front of hundreds of people.”

After the show, Julia Marie claimed Ellen “went into her Porsche and just sped through. She almost ran my mom and I over because she was so trying to get out of her studio that day to go home."

A rep denied all of Julia Marie's claims.

While Ellen has felt the heat from these accusations she has not dealt with this on her own as she has had various defenders and has even had some offer her advice.

Ellen's ex Anne Heche told Mr. Warburton magazine that while she hasn't “spoken to Ellen in years,” she should still “listen to those who have” been around the performer recently.

Anne also suggested that there may be some truth to the claims.

She said: "If I’m standing someplace and I don’t like what’s going on there and I stay there, it’s my fault.

“So what are the actions that got me there and why can’t I get out of it easily if that’s not something that I want to be engaged in?

“Ellen is standing where she walks, and that is hers to continue that journey.”

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