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Emmerdale fans couldn't believe what they witnessed after evil Meena Jutla was caught red-handed trying to drown Victoria Sugden on video during Friday night's episode.

The twisted murderer tried her best to kill Victoria during survival week but was stopped in her tracks when Andrea Tate spotted her from a distance.

But on Friday night, footage of Meena trying to kill the farmer's wife on Ben Tucker's camera emerged, leaving Emmerdale viewers stunned.

Taking to Twitter, fans aired their thoughts.

One person commented: "I hope the police see that footage!!!"

Another said: "Ben's camera has a video of Meena trying to drown Victoria," followed by a shocked emoji.

A third wrote: "OMG, they have now missed the evidence showing Meena trying to drown Victoria, when is she going to get her comeuppance."

Murderer Meena is also responsible for the death of Andrea who died in a burning cornfield after Meena struck her on the head.

Andrea's death left viewers shocked as some hoped that she would still be alive.

Taking to Twitter one fan penned: "Andrea might of actually stood a chance if not for the nasty head wound. Given smoke rises & she stayed low the majority of the time. Meena totally missed a trick there, she could of played 'Hero', by 'Saving her'."

Another said: "@Annanightingale You was amazing in #emmerdale so sad that they killed Andrea off you will be missed, good luck with what ever you do next xxx."

A third chimed: "Can’t believe they’ve killed off Andrea even though her body wasn’t seen."

Although fans were evidently upset that Andrea was killed off in such a tragic way actress Anna Nightingale who plays the soap star was happy it took place in that way.

Speaking about her exit, the star said: "The storyline they created for my exit was beyond what I expected."

She added: "I’ll miss everyone but next for me is some time at home with the family, some home-cooked meals, my own bed, and hopefully some sleep before the newest sleep thief arrives!"

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