ROCHELLE Humes has joked about selling her kids as she struggles with morning sickness and home schooling them during coronavirus lockdown.

The This Morning host is mum to Valentina, six, and Alaia-May, three, and shared a hilarious video of the girls playing their toy instruments loudly in the kitchen.

She captioned the Instagram story: "2 kids for sale… Immediate delivery."

Rochelle has suffered from severe morning sickness after she announced her third pregnancy earlier this month.

She had previously shared her struggles with morning sickness with fans, but said on Saturday that her symptoms had only gotten worse.

She wrote on Instagram: "Today has by far been one of the hardest days to get through…

"This ‘morning’ (or all day) sickness really isn’t budging. I shut myself in the front room today and cried."

Rochelle cuddled the adorable Valentina and Alaia-May with husband Marvin Humes in the photo, and added: "These little ladies must have sensed it as they have been as good as gold for me all day. Early night tonight I think…"

The Saturdays singer, 31, and husband Marvin, 35, revealed they were expecting their third child on Easter Sunday.

The singer said she feels lucky to be pregnant and said she wasn't fussed about the sex of the child before she found out that she was having a boy.

Rochelle wrote: "Sounds cliche but right now with everything going on I just feel lucky to be pregnant and want to be blessed with a healthy baby… Marv could probably do with some back up though haha…"

On whether she wanted any more children, she added: "If my father-in-law has anything to do with it, [I'd have] a whole football team. 3 seems like the magic number to me…"

Rochelle revealed to fans she's expecting by posting a shot of their ultrasound scan alongside a pair of knitted boots and a board that read: "We're eggspecting. Baby Humes. October 2020."

It's not all tough in the Humes household with the young children as the girls treated their sick mum to a 'spa day' recently.


The two mini beauticians ushered their mum through the door and revealed a board with a list of treatments, a comfy treatment bed, a table brimming with products and snacks, and a cart that said 'Humes Ice Cream Parlour'.

Rochelle could be heard gasping in the video as she read the list from the board, and said: "Oh my goodness, fresh food and snacks provided, 40 minutes massage, 30 minute feel good facial, juice."

Adorable Alaia-May highlighted the products on offer and said: "You've got that drink with lemon water with cucumber and apple.

"Then you've got cucumber for your eyes with fresh fruit."

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