There are 236episodes of the cult classic comedy Friends. Fans are hesitant topick a favorite with so many stellar options — there’s the holiday armadillo,the one where no one’s ready, the one with Ross’s sandwich… the best episode couldjust depend on your mood.  

Even the six stars of Friends have a hard timenarrowing down their favorites. But when it comes to picking the best of theseries, Jennifer Aniston, who playsRachel Green, had a very surprising selection.

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Jennifer Aniston loves one of the flashback episodes

Rachel was well-known for being the most fashionable of the group, which makes it a little shocking that she chose a flashback episode as her favorite. In “The One with the Prom Video,” Rachel was looking a little bit retro with her electric blue taffeta prom dress style. But watching the heartwarming moment between Ross and Rachel makes it obvious why Aniston adores it so much.

“I always loved the flashbacks. I always loved when wewould have things like flashback to fat Monica and Rachel pre-nose job and Rosswith his afro,” Aniston said in 2016, TV Insiderreported.

Ross and Rachel share a tender moment in ‘The One with the PromVideo’

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In the episode, the gang gets together to watch an old promvideo from when Monica and Rachel were in high school. Ross is a collegestudent at that point and looking quite dapper with his mustache while playingthe keyboard.

He has a huge crush on Rachel but no one knows it. When Rachel’s date Chip appears to stand her up, Ross and Monica’s parents convince him to put on his dad’s tux and escort Rachel to prom. But after Ross gets dressed and improvises a bouquet of flowers, the camera catches Rachel and Chip, plus Monica and her date, heading out the door.

Monica and Rachel had no idea Ross had planned to stand in for her missing date. Back in the present setting, Rachel responds to the enlightening video footage by crossing the room and planting a huge kiss on Ross.

“See? He’s her lobster,” Phoebe declares triumphantly.

Courteney Cox also likes the flashback episodes

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Aniston isn’t the only one who enjoyed the flashback episodes.During a recent Friends binge session, Cox revealed that she mostenjoyed dressing up as “Fat Monica,” despite how controversial those episodeshave become now.

In a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the 55-year-old actress explained how freeing it was donning the fat suit she wore to film those retro scenes.

“That’s the Thanksgiving one where we all had the flashbackand I was overweight Monica,” she told DeGeneres. “I loved playing overweightMonica because I felt so free. I could dance, just sit up and dance and have noproblem at all. I did love it. Those are really good episodes.”

The ‘Friends’ reunion special will include more details likethis

Though the highly anticipated Friends reunion special is on hold for now, it’s all but guaranteed to include more insider details such as favorite episodes and more reminiscing. The unscripted chat between all six main cast members will revisit all the best moments from the series including the incredibly fun and poignant flashback scenes.

The reunion special is tentatively scheduled to air around Thanksgiving. 

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