I'M A Celebrity campmates have dreaded and delighted in its infamous icy shower – and one's even got around it by stripping completely naked.

Ex-EastEnders star Jessica Plummer, 28, says she knew getting all her kit off would leave producers unable to show the clip to a family audience.

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“Every time I went in the shower I just took off all my clothes," Plummer said following her departure from the Welsh castle on Tuesday.

"When you’re cold and you’ve got a swimming costume clinging on to you, it makes you feel colder.

“So I was like, ‘Sod this, they’re not going to put my naked bottom on the show, I’m just going to take it all off’.

“And then the cameras just went ‘zoom’ and they then turned away and I was like, ‘Perfect. Every time!’"

Her cheeky plan meant Jessica avoided having her own "Myleene moment", named after Myleene Klass' shower scene which sent fans wild back in 2006.

But was that the sexiest I'm A Celeb shower of all time? And which male contestant should be crowned winner of the waterfall scenes?

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Myleene Klass – 2006

When musician Myleene Klass went into the camp in 2006, she probably didn't realise she was about to make reality TV history.

The now 42-year-old's shower in a white bikini became an instant hit with fans, and viewers started to look forward to "Myleene moments" in every following series.

And it was a transformative moment for Myleene, too, who credits her steamy shower with revitalising her career.

"I owe those three triangles of fabric everything," she previously told The Mirror.

"If it wasn't for that bikini, I'd have probably retrained as a midwife.

"Maybe it's my next challenge."

Jorgie Porter – 2015

Jorgie Porter also gained a lot of fans when she too donned a white bikini for the jungle shower in 2015.

The Hollyoaks star, 32, even expressed her frustration at not being able to go further.

"I love being naked," she said after leaving the jungle. "Obviously as well as the other campmates there are cameras around and you do forget that.

“But having to get changed under a towel, and really trying to dry yourself,
it’s so difficult.

“I just wanted to strip off and be like: ‘It’s too hot, let me lie down, walk
around naked, get changed in my own time.’"

Fleur East – 2018

Fleur East braved the shower when she went into the Aussie jungle back in 2018 – and even invited series winner Harry Redknapp to go with her.

The two-time X-Factor contestant, 33, looked incredible in a blue bikini before wrapping herself up in a towel.

She even teased former Birmingham City boss Harry when he looked puzzled by her invitation, laughing: "Look at his face!"

But he didn't look at Fleur as she showered, later telling the Bush Telegraph: "It don’t interest me that’s for sure.  

"There’s only one person I want to see in a bikini having a shower and that’s my wife."

Katie Price – 2009

Model Katie Price packed a frilly red bikini for her trips to the jungle shower back in 2009.

The 42-year-old famously caught the eye of fellow campmate Peter Andre during her first stint on the show in 2004, with the couple cosying up together in a hammock on the programme.

They went on to wed in a marriage which lasted three-and-a-half years.

And when she returned to the jungle five years after her first outing, she called it quits after just nine days.

Vicky Pattison – 2015

Vicky Pattison certainly made her mark on the show, regularly stripping down to her swimwear in 2015.

The Geordie Shore star, 33, went on to win that series thanks to her overwhelming popularity.

And, ahead of her special guest appearance in this year's I'm A Celeb camp, she said she could be tempted to don her bikini again if she was paid enough.

“You can always pay me enough money to do anything. Just want to put that out there," she said.

“I’m really glad I was able to do the full going out to Australia, popping your bikini on, jungle showers. You get really sticky and dirty because it’s really humid and you dry really fast.

“I dread to think how long it’s going to take everyone to dry in the freezing Welsh weather."

Georgia Toffolo – 2017

Georgia Toffolo also blew fans away on her way to being crowned Queen of the Jungle in 2017.

The Made In Chelsea star, 26, wore a series of bikinis as she endured the chilly Aussie shower.

But Toff says she made sure she was well-prepared for the occasion.

"I’ve packed an obscene amount of bikinis," she said while in Australia.

"I feel confident wearing them.”

Ola Jordan: The I’m A Celeb shower is a great leveller

Ola Jordan: IT’s something many female contestants fear more than the creepy crawlies of the jungle – the outdoor shower.

Everyone remembers Myleene Klass’s shower scene – it’s such an iconic British TV moment.

And others have tried to follow in her soapy footsteps – including me. 

When I went into the jungle in 2016, I was already a huge fan of the show so I knew what I was getting myself in for. 

My campmate Lisa Snowdon recently mentioned she felt pressured to get in the shower. 

But I had a different experience. 

As a dancer I’m used to skimpy outfits so it really wasn’t a big deal for me. 

But if a contestant wanted to cover up they could always wear a swimsuit or hide behind a towel – like the stunning Jaqueline Jossa did last year. 

For me it was no different than putting a bikini pic on Instagram. 

Lots of ladies have taken to the showers like ducks to water – Helen Flanagan, Amy Willterton and Jorgie Porter to name just a few. 

But a few contestants really prove why I’m A Celeb is such a great British TV show. 

Emily Atack looked amazing in her beaded tankini in 2018 – and afterwards said the moment had helped her learn to love her body. Rightly so in my opinion.  

On last year’s series, Kate Garraway looked utterly gorgeous in her red bikini – but very later admitted that next to Nadine Coyle she felt self-conscious. 

And Kim Woodburn looked fantastic when aged 67 she stripped off in the shower and plunged topless into the pool in 2009. 

That waterfall shower is a great way of showing women of all shapes and sizes have those little insecurities.

Confidence is contagious and it doesn’t matter what shape or size you are.

The shower scene – although scary – is a great leveller.

All women should be proud of their bodies and what they are capable of doing. 

In the jungle you put yourself through a lot of physical endurance so once you’re there any vanity goes out the window. 

My first challenge was walking above a skyscraper – and that was before we even got to the camp. 

My legs were shaking and I was terrified but I did it and I am still here to tell the tale. 

So by the time I arrived in the jungle, washing in a bikini was the least of my worries. 

In the beginning, everyone is a bit shy and nobody wants to be first to strip off.  

For our first bushtucker trial we had to roll around with cockroaches, rats and worms in the tomb of terror. 

You could smell the trial before you saw it so a wash was definitely needed afterwards – we stank. 

A group of the girls – me, former Goggleboxer Scarlett Moffatt and hockey player Sam Quek – decided to brave it together. 

In our year producers had put a pond next to the shower which, in theory, sounds lovely. 

But what you couldn’t see was that the pool was freezing, deep and there were huge spiders climbing all around it. 

In comparison, the shower was far the better option – it was still freezing but at least you could dip in and out. 

At home, my husband James was getting texts telling him he was punching above his weight. 

Everyone loves a compliment and I really wasn’t expecting much of a reaction. 

But at the time you don’t feel particularly sexy. You are too busy trying to wash the fish guts out of your hair. 

The bushtucker trials are revolting – you get covered in bugs, beasts and fish guts. 

But everyone is so hungry that you dive right into the dirt so you can feed your campmates.

Anyone who was once worried about the showers, doesn’t give a damn when they are a few trials in. 

You can never quite get clean. We all smelled awful, all the time. 

As soon as I left the jungle, I asked my husband to draw me the biggest, bubbliest bath ever – it was heavenly. 

I’m really proud of my time on the show and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.  

I’d even get in the shower again.

Joey Essex – 2013

Joey Essex made such a splash during his time in the jungle that producers invited him back for a special appearance in the current series.

The 30-year-old Towie star came fourth when he was on I'm A Celeb, attracting many admirers with his shredded physique along the way.

Rita Ora is the latest to admit to being "obsessed" with Joey.

But she denied that there was any romance between the two of them.

Mark Wright – 2011

Before Joey Essex even set foot in the jungle, fellow Towie star Mark Wright left some big flip-fops to fill.

Mark, 33, saw his career catapult to new heights after fans swooned over his hunky good looks in the jungle.

But despite finishing as a runner-up on the show, he now has mixed feelings about his time in Aus.

"I think the most adventurous thing I’ve ever done is taking part in the jungle, I’m A Celebrity, jumping out of a plane, eating stupid insects," he said on Shopping with Keith Lemon.

"Once you leave you say, 'wow', on the other hand, it’s the most boring four weeks of your life. One day feels like a month."

Dougie Poynter – 2011

McFly star Dougie Poynter certainly gave Mark a run for his money when they were in the camp together.

Dishy Dougie, 33, even got on like a house on fire with fellow hunk Mark – but their bromance wasn't to last.

"I genuinely thought I’d see Dougie Poynter, my best mate," Mark said earlier this year.

"If you watch back all the bromance videos, it’s all crying, 'Oh you’re my best mate, I can’t wait to see you.'

"We’ve not met up once in nine years, not once."

Simon Webbe – 2008

Simon Webbe was clearly comfortable being in the spotlight.

The 42-year-old Blue singer made a show of pouring a bucket of water over his six-pack during his jungle shower in 2008 – not that his fans were complaining.

He was the eighth star to be voted off that series, which came as something of a relief to Simon.

"I didn't think I'd snap as much as I did," he told Ant and Dec at the time.

"I'm normally a cool character, I know how to keep my temper in check, but I felt my buttons were being pushed."

David Haye – 2012

Heavyweight hero David Haye definitely packed a punch in his muscular shower displays in the jungle.

The boxer, 40, even took a leaf from Jessica Plummer's book by showering in the buff.

But unlike Jessica, showrunners decided to broadcast shots of David's bare bum all the same.

"Sorry if I offended anyone at home with my buttocks," David said, ITV reports.

Jake Quickenden – 2014

As a one-time lifeguard, it's no surprise that Jake Quickenden won fans with his ripped body in the I'm A Celeb shower.

The X-Factor star, 32, went on to finish runner-up to Carl Fogarty in his series.

But away from the shower, Jake actually complained about issues with water in the camp.

"My mouth was dry for the whole time," he said of his time in the jungle.

"You're not drinking cold water, it's always hot because you're boiling it.

"My wee was like golden syrup by the end of it."








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