Soap operas are no strangers to borderline-incestuous relationships. In the case of General Hospital, two characters, Alexis Davis (aka Natasha Cassadine) and Valentin Cassadine have been proven to not be siblings. James Patrick Stuart, who plays Valentin, recently gave his thoughts on if the two should be a real item now that they aren’t related.

Earlier this year it was revealed Valentin isn’t actually a Cassadine

Back a few months ago, one of the biggest storylines on General Hospital has been was the reveal that Valentin Cassadine is not actually a member of the family. Before this, Nikolas Cassadine had been working to prove that Valentin wasn’t actually a Cassadine heir.

Instead of being the son of Mikkos Cassadine, Valentin is actually the son of Helena Cassadine and an unknown man. This was all part of a scheme that Helena had been concocting for years.

As for Davis (portrayed by Nancy Lee Grahn), she is one of Mikkos’ daughters through his affair with a Swedish opera singer, Kristina Davis. So technically, the relationship between the two characters would not really be incest.

James Patrick Stuart gives his thoughts on a potential pairing

In an interview with Soaps in Depth, Stuart spilled all of the tea about what he thinks should happen as far as a relationship between Valentin and Alexis.

Stuart said, “The soap audiences see things through those sex-colored glasses. That’s one of the reasons we tune into our soaps: We want to get sexed up! And I get that. So I got it when some people said, ‘They’re not attached anymore… so maybe they’ll have sex!’”

He continued, “The truth is, even if they’re not genetically related, there’s a sibling thing happening. Alexis talked him down from the ledge, literally. And when they revisited the balcony later, he thanked her and said something like, ‘Funny how it took learning you’re not my sister to realize just how very alike we are. Through some strange compassion, she went there with him. I think it might stem from the moment that she felt she saved his life. Alexis feels a certain connection to him now and a responsibility to continue to act like a big sister.’”

At the end of the day, it doesn’t seem like Stuart thinks that things between Valentin and Alexis are going to be any more than just simply a platonic, familial relationship.  “I doubt they’ll go that other way,” he said.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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