HOLLY Willoughby has revealed the hilarious prank her husband Dan Baldwin pulled on her – so her pals thought she was boozing at all times of the day.

The 40-year-old was left red faced on numerous occasions during lockdown when Dan would knock on the door where she was on a call and pass her a glass of wine – whether it was morning, noon or night.

Speaking on This Morning today, she explained: “You know what Dan kept doing to me when we were doing Zoom calls. 

“Obviously I would come back from work and he’d knock on the door and i’d go ‘oh sorry’ and open the door and he’d pass in a glass of wine no matter what time of day it was. 

“So I would then have it and look back at the screen and be like ‘sorry he does this all the time’ and he’d go ‘no, I don’t, you asked for it’. 

“It was so annoying, he did it every time, no matter who I was talking to.”

Like the rest of us Holly was forced to keep in touch with her friends over video this year – but her pals are slightly more famous.

Last year Holly gave us an insight into one of those calls when she posted a screenshot while chatting to Emma Bunton and Nicole Appleton.

She told her followers: “Oh I miss these faces so much… 

“Apart and yet totally connected… miss my girls… @ruby1kid @shishib @emmaleebunton #nikidemetz.”

Holly was also forced to celebrate her 40th online last year as celebrations got cancelled. 

She said at the time: "It's bittersweet as next week I'm celebrating my big 4-0 and tomorrow night would have been my big birthday party that I had to cancel!

"So it will look very different. But as long as I've got a cake and a glass in my hand I'll be fine."

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