How I Met Your Mother fans are split down the middle as Hilary Duff is cast as 'the new Ted' in sequel series.

Six years after the sitcom's controversial ending, it is finally getting a spin-off show with the 33-year-old playing the lead.

The highly-anticipated sequel is now in the early stages of production after several unsuccessful attempts to get it off the ground.

The series is titled How I Met Your Father and while some fans are exciting by the news, even some of the most avid fans of the original series are no overly keen with the new addition.

One fan added: "Ugh… How I met your father? REALLY? … REALLY?! Ugh…”

While another wrote: "How I Met Your Father is a thing now? Maaaaan some series just don't know to stop. Halfway through How I Met Your Mother, it already got boring and repetitive. Hahaha."

On the flip side, an enthusiastic fan tweeted: "I have a lady power suit I am fully prepared for #HIMYF and so excited I love @HilaryDuff cannot wait to see this great story come to life excited to meet Sophie and her gang! @hulu #HowIMetYourFather #SuitUp."

Another wrote: "I used to love that Lizzie Mcguire show when I was little.. so glad @HilaryDuff is getting her own HIMYM spinoff #HowIMetYourFather."

Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger have been confirmed to lead the new series, following their stints as showrunners for This Is Us and Love, Victor.

Original series creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas will also be on the team, but only as as executive producers.

In a joint statement, Bays and Thomas said: “We are honored by their passion and vision, and look forward to helping them tell a legendary new story. (Thanks to all the HIMYM fans out there who waited for it.)”

Aptaker and Berger added: “We are beyond excited to be bringing How I Met Your Father to Hulu."

“Carter and Craig’s iconic original series revolutionized the half-hour comedy, and we are so honored to be carrying the torch forward for the next generation — and with Hilary Duff no less!”

Former Lizzie McGuire star Hilary will be portraying a character named Sophie, the new 'Ted' from the original series of How I met Your Mother, but so far no other names have been announced.

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