KATIE Piper has the most gorgeous home to relax and put her feet up in during lockdown.

Over the last five weeks the TV personality, 36, has been isolating with hubby Richard James Sutton and their two daughters Belle Elizabeth, six, and two-year-old Penelope Diane in their lavish London pad.

In one of her rooms Katie kept the original brick walls but added a slab of white paint to them to match her fireplace.

Her other living space has a pink table that is covered with flowers, special pictures and magazines – making it the perfect backdrop for one of her Instagram posts.

Moving upstairs, Katie’s bedroom has a huge king sized bed with a cream textured headboard that is big enough to fit all four of them to snooze in together.

Since a horrific acid attack on her in 2008, the charity campaigner has needed so many operations and relied on their services.

Katie said: “I have been supported by so many people in the NHS and in lots of different ways.

“I also gave birth on the NHS and had amazing midwifery teams. My mum has been going through cancer and is having treatment.

“You get to meet all these NHS workers at different stages, some at really joyful moments, some at really difficult moments, but there’s always that consistency.

“They always stay supportive, professional and strong. It’s kind of superhuman to be strong for someone like that at all different times.

“The NHS is what makes our country special and is a reason for us to be really proud, because no matter how big or small the problem, they are always there.”

Considering the outbreak of Covid-19, Katie believes that it is now our time to be there for them and has set up a burns survivors’ support line.

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It is being run through her charity, The Katie Piper Foundation, which operates a rehabilitation centre in St Helens, Merseyside, that has had to close temporarily because of the lockdown.

“Anyone who has had treatment will know that it is such a big team of people involved.

“It’s down to the people washing your bed sheets, the porters, right up to the consultants.

“The porter is as important as the consultant, because if one wasn’t there then the chain would break. It just wouldn’t work.”


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