MARTIN Lewis has showed off his incredible house for the first time as he films the Money Saving Expert show from home.

The TV money expert has given his home office a makeover as he records his show from home during coronavirus lockdown.

Upstairs in the house now features a black velvet chair with a sliver sequin cushion where his wife Lara Lewington can present her BBC technology show Click with a full camera set up.

There is a neon sign in the background that says Click – and a swanky side table and lamp for a cosy feel.

Meanwhile, downstairs in Martin's office he has a neon sign behind his desk that reads "MLMS".

He sits on a leather office chair in front of a bookcase stuffed full of awards for TV appearances on shows including This Morning.

He's also got a red leather chair and a glass podium to give him some variety for filming backgrounds.

Martin previously revealed that he was feeling "anxious" about going into work even though he is considered a key worker and is able to do so.

"About to leave home for the first time in a week, to walk to the studio for my show," he tweeted earlier this month.

"Genuinely feel anxious, been lucky to be able to stay home, in our safe bubble. Puts me in awe of NHS and other key workers out daily for the greater good."

He also revealed that his wife Lara Lewington  made him have a shower every time he came home to stay safe.

"As soon as I got in Mrs MSE asked me to take all my clothes off. Thought it must've been a really good show," he joked joked.

"Then she explained she wanted to me put everything in the wash as I'd been outside the house, and I should go shower."

So he decided to set up a home office – giving up the privacy he has always tried to maintain at home.

"For years we've deliberately NEVER – done at home shoots – filmed at home – put our daughters pic online," he tweeted.

He added: "Ie we keep our private space private. Covid's forced change."

His wife Lara is a technology journalist who has been filming shows for the BBC from home.

So she helped him get set up to film last night's show from his new home office studio and office.At the end of the show he brought Lara on screen and gave her a hug to thank her for setting him up.


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