JAKE Quickenden has complained he's watched so much top-shelf content during the lockdown that he injured his hand.

Asked how he'd been filling the hours while having to stay at home, the X Factor star and Dancing On Ice winner, 31, replied: "A lot of porn – loads of Pornhub."

He told Fubar Radio: "As soon as my missus goes down to work on her laptop, I’m like: ‘I’m just gonna stay in bed for an extra hour babe.’ I come downstairs with like a claw-like hand!"

Jake is isolating with girlfriend Sophie Church and admitted they had such a big fallout after having to spend all their time together that he found himself relegated to the spare room.

He explained: "Don't get me wrong, the first week was tough – we argued a lot. I think that was just a bit of teething. Suddenly we were together all the time.

"I was in the doghouse, I slept in the spare room for three days. We had a big argument, we sorted it out and for the past two weeks we've had a right laugh."

Jake has also been posting funny videos, explaining to hosts Stephen Leng and Joanna Chimonides that his outlook on social media has changed lately.

The former X Factor star explained: "I kind of used to look at my Instagram as something that I wanted to be perfect and I wanted people to look at and think: ‘Oh he’s got a good body or he’s really good looking.'

“Then I was like: ‘You know what? What a d**k’ because I’m actually not like that at all. I need to use my Instagram as a place where I can just be myself and be real with people. I’ll never lie on there, I don’t sell s**t I don’t believe in."

Jake has written a track, Quarantine Song, in aid of the NHS, which cared for his late dad and brother, and fought back tears while talking to Lorraine Kelly about it earlier this month.

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