JENNIFER Aniston is supporting "heroic" frontline workers by donating to a coronavirus relief charity.

The Friends actress, 51, announced that she's making a contribution to the American Nurses Foundation Coronavirus Response Fund amid the pandemic.

Jennifer wrote on her Instagram Story: “I’m so proud of my partners at @aveenoua, who along with @jnj, are supporting frontline workers with a generous donation to the American Nurses Foundation Coronavirus Response Fund.”

“I’m joining them in making a donation, because their courage and dedication is beyond admirable – and they need our support,” she added.

The Murder Mystery actress also lauded the workers "putting their lives at stake".

She penned: “To all those #healinghands that are caring for patients everywhere… you’re our heroes. Thank you for all that you do. We love you.”

The Marley And Me star, who hasn't revealed exactly how she's donating, shared a link to a donation page.

Her kind gesture comes after she gave her thanks to a nurse named Kimball Fairbanks, who had contracted coronavirus and isolating away from her two children.

Jennifer gatecrashed Kimball's video chat with Jimmy Fallon to say: "I just have to say, God bless you and all of you that are out there doing what you're doing.

"I don't even know how to express my gratitude to everything that you guys are doing and putting your health at risk and all of that. You're just phenomenal."

She then gave Kimball a $10,000 gift certificate from Postmates, as well as to all the nurses on the floor of her hospital.

Before surprising the nurse, Jennifer chatted about being in lockdown – admitting to Jimmy that she was a "crazy person" in the first week.

The Horrible Bosses star said: "I'm so happy to be with you… This is actually the only communication I've been having with human beings."

In the chat last month, she said: "Today is three weeks. I'm a born agoraphobe, so for me personally it's not been that much of a challenge."

Jennifer added: "The most challenging thing is watching news and trying to digest what's going on out there. I allow a check-in in the morning and then I'll do a check-in in the evening and then that is it, because basically it's just regurgitating the same thing.

"Can we just say that I may have acquired an OCD kind of situation, because only do I clean constantly, dishes is now my favourite, favourite thing in the world.

"Not only are you doing your dishes, you're washing your hands a lot. Organising, I kind of was like a crazy person the first week and then I realised I had to sort of pull back because I was gonna run out of closets. I've got to pace myself."

She's been keeping busy re-posting quarantine versions of Friends and cuddling up to her cute pooches while in self-isolating at her Bel-Air home.

The Morning Show star is also checking in on her father John, who she was estranged from for several years.

A source close to John, who is a veteran soap star, told The Mail On Sunday: "Jen forgave her father for walking out a long time ago. But their relationship has had its ups and downs.

"Jennifer didn't speak to him for ages. But since the coronavirus crisis she has been on the phone almost every day. And not just brief conversations."

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