JESY Nelson sang about new love and "all the f**kers before" in an incredible demonstration of her vocal talent, weeks after splitting from Chris Hughes.

The two parted ways during the coronavirus lockdown but Jesy has stayed active on Instagram, updating fans on how she is coping in self isolation.

Today, the Little Mix singer sat perched on her dining room table as she delivered a stella performance of Sinead Harnett's track Be The One.

The lyrics include the passionate lines "the f**kers before, but you're different, you're good to the bone … I wanna be the one" which Jesy crooned to perfection in the breathtaking clip.

Her followers said they were left stunned with goosebumps after watching her sing along to the piano and Jesy, 27, captioned the video: "Be the one …

"Absolutely obsessed with this song and this woman @sineadharnett so I thought I’d give it a go ??‍♀️ thank you @sineadharnett for playing the piano"

When Jesy dumped Chris by phone after 16 months together it was a huge surprise, given they had been talking marriage just weeks earlier.

But it seems former Love Island contestant Chris is not ruling out buying a wedding suit any time soon.

After the Little Mix singer gave him the boot over the phone he told pals he is certain they will get back together once lockdown ends.

An insider said: “Chris is absolutely convinced that he is going to be getting back with Jesy just as soon as isolation ends and they can be together again.

“As far as he is concerned, this split is just temporary and actually it’s more of a break than a break-up. Chris is still madly in love with Jesy and is convinced she’s just struggling with being apart from him.

“This situation is stressful for everyone and nothing is normal. There is nothing more Chris wants than to see Jesy face-to-face, but he knows he has to wait until this is over.

“Chris is confident they’ll be a couple again in no time and is planning on doing everything in his power to win Jesy back over.

“Jesy's pals say she's as keen to reunite when this is over to talk things over too. They make a lovely couple and seemed so happy.”

The pair were inseparable and had even discussed settling down and moving in together.

But their romance hit the rocks just before Easter, with pals insisting the couple had split amicably and were planning on remaining good friends.

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