The Netflix series Lucifer is a rarity that has dodged cancellation not once but twice. But the upcoming season is definitely the last this time. And for eager fans, the wait to see how it ends is almost over. Tom Ellis, who plays Lucifer, recently shared the phallic set-piece he swiped as a keepsake. It wasn’t his first choice, but it still holds fond — and funny — memories. 

[Spoiler alert: The last section of this article contains spoilers from Seasons 5 and 6 of Lucifer.]

The Devil went down to LA

Lucifer takes the ultimate bad guy and makes him the star of the show. According to Mental Floss, the series is about the Devil himself, who decides to take a break from Hell and spend some time relaxing in LA. 

He opens a nightclub called Lux. There, he charms people, sings and plays the piano, and exudes sex appeal. He persuades people to do what he wants them to and inspires them to share their deepest secrets. 

Then he meets Detective Chloe Decker, who appears to be unusually resistant to his charms. He becomes a consultant with the LA Police Department to spend more time with her, and the two become entangled in a complicated relationship, to say the least. 

Tom Ellis reveals the phallic keepsake he took from the ‘Lucifer’ set

Ellis recently answered fan questions in an IMDb YouTube video. One fan wanted to know, “If you could keep one thing from [the] set, what would it be and why?”

His first choice was Lucifer’s car, a sleek 1962 Chevrolet Corvette C1, but he wasn’t allowed to take it. Instead, he confessed that he took an item he described as a “trinket” — a carved tusk that sits in the background of some scenes. 

“It’s got lots of intricate carving on it. And then, at the very end, it doesn’t look like the end of a tusk. It looks like something else, and we used it a lot when we were playing practical jokes on each other.”

He was also asked to describe the upcoming final season in three words. His choices were “cathartic, sad, and happy.” Fans can’t wait to see what his cryptic description means.

What’s ahead in Season 6 of ‘Lucifer’?

Lucifer seems to have a knack for escaping death. The show originally aired on FOX, but that network canceled the series after three seasons. Then Netflix took it on, but it planned to end production after the fifth season. But the streaming giant heard fans’ outcries, and on September 10, the 10-episode final season will debut. 

If you haven’t seen Season 5 or don’t want any spoilers for the final season, skip ahead to the last paragraph.

Lucifer had made some significant life changes at the end of Season 5. He told Chloe he loved her, rescued her from death, and became God. Because the season was originally intended to end the series, many characters seemed to have resolutions. So, where can they go from there?

Writer Mike Costa explained that the challenge made the final season special. “[E]xploring that question makes for what’s probably the most intensely character-focused season of Lucifer we’ve ever done,” he told TV Guide. “Which, honestly, is only appropriate for the final one.”

Season 6 will begin in the future after an unspecified span of time has passed. It will explore Lucifer and Chloe’s relationship, but it will also tackle important societal issues. Because the LAPD plays a significant part in the series, this season will include the Black Lives Matter movement, with the sixth episode addressing BLM directly. 

The final season promises to be dramatic, even by Lucifer standards. All 10 episodes will drop on September 10, revealing the answers to all of your burning questions.

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