LUCY Mecklenburgh has lashed out at other women who pass judgment on her parenting skills.

Lucy labelled her critics the "mum police" but admitted she does her best to to ignore the haters as she raises her son Roman, one.

The 29-year-old, who is engaged to actor Ryan Thomas told New that people on social media are all too quick to pass judgement.

When asked if she get 'any negative online comments as a mum', she quickly she shot back, "you mean the mum police?"

"Yes! When you put any aspect of your life on social media people have their opinions," she explained.

"But unless I ask for advice in a question box on my Instagram stories, I just ignore the comments.

"At the end of the day, mum knows best. Every baby is different and no one knows your baby like you do."

Ryan also spoke out publicly about the pressures of being a parent in the public eye.

When asked on his Instagram stories what advice he had for a new parent, he said, "there's no rule book with parenting."

"As long as you show them love and affection, the rest will fit into place."

Ryan and Lucy's relationship blossom on Celebrity Island With Bear Grylls back in 2017.

Before getting together with Lucy, Ryan dated fellow Coronation Street star Tina O’Brian, 37, for six years. Things ended bitterly just weeks before their daughter Scarlett’s first birthday. 

Lucy's outburst comes just a day after she came under fire from fans for promoting a controversial form of contraception called Natural Cycles.

Ryan previously revealed their son Roman was unplanned, encouraged her followers to try out the method, which simply uses your temperature to see if you are fertile that day or not.

The technique will not protect you against sexually transmitted diseases and if inaccurate, could result in pregnancy.

The former Towie star shared her experience of using the Natural Cycles app, but was inundated with people telling her she was irresponsible and for questioning its accuracy, considering Roman was unplanned.

Admitting she wasn’t sure about discussing birth control, Lucy told her followers: “I use my platform to share open & honest elements of my life all the time in the hope I can help others. 

“One area that I haven't talked about was my birth control and when @naturalcycles asked about working together I was a little reluctant… not because I don’t use & love the product, but because I felt a little embarrassed So I asked myself…why should the highs & lows of my experience with contraception be avoided when I share so much else?!

“I have struggled with contraception for years trying every pill there is as well as the coil none of them worked for me. I experienced really bad side effects but didn’t really know of any non-hormonal options.”

She then went on to offer her followers a code to get the app at a discounted price – but the deal didn’t go down well and many rushed to question her.

While a health care professional remarked: “As a nurse this is very concerning that you are promoting this on your platform. This is not advocated at all by doctors or nurses.”

Natural Cycles claims to be 93% effective with typical use and 98% effective with perfect use.

Elina Berglund, co-founder and co-CEO of Natural Cycles said: “There are often a lot of misconceptions around Natural Cycles and digital birth control in general, which we have aimed to clear up over the past four years.

"Natural Cycles is proud to offer women a non-hormonal option that is backed by not only four published clinical studies that outline our 93% typical use effectiveness, but more than four years of real-world evidence that includes follow ups with 98% of users.”

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