KatieConrad and Derek Sherman ended their marriage on bad terms, to say theleast, on Lifetime’s Marriedat First Sight Season 10. Theyoung couple frequently fought over everything from Derek’s dreams for thefuture to their past relationships and their dwindling sex life. After weeks ofnear-constant arguments, Katie and Derek finally decided to call it quits shortlyafter Decision Day.

At the Marriedat First Sight reunion, however,things got even more uncomfortable between Derekand Katie. Derek accused his wife of having had an affair with an ex whoghosted her shortly before she signed up for the show. While Katie admitted to sleepingwith her ex not long after she and Derek decided to separate, she insisted shehadn’t cheated on Derek just after the honeymoon, as one of her castmatesallegedly suggested.

Since the season wrapped, Katie has drawn plenty of criticism on social media. Recently, the Married at First Sight star made her Instagram account public again and defended herself against trolls and negative comments.

Katie admitted that she ‘said hurtful things’ during her marriage to Derek in a recent Instagram post

After Season 10 ended, Katie got so much hate on socialmedia that she turned off the comments on most of her Instagram posts. The oneexception? Her most recent post, in which she shared “the truth” about her tumultuousand ill-fated marriage toDerek.

The mental health professional opened up about her experienceon Married at First Sight in a caption underneath a photo of herselfwith her now ex-husband. “So here’s thetruth- We didn’t fall in love, we weren’t as compatible as we hoped to be,”Katie wrote. “We agreed to move on and see other people.”

The Married at FirstSight star admitted that she had not treated Derek as well as she shouldhave. “I was at times not my best self. I said hurtful things, did hurtfulthings, and for that I’ve said my apologies and paid the consequences,” Katieconfessed.

Still, Katiedefended herself and expressed hope that she would eventually find hersoulmate. “But I was also this- true to myself, and for that I won’t apologize.I signed up for this to give it a chance, and regardless of the opinions ofothers who watched from the outside, that’s exactly what I did- I gave it achance,” Katie insisted.

She concluded by offering Derek well wishes in his future, writing poignantly: “Everyone deserves to find happiness and love, and I choose to believe it comes when it’s meant to. ‘Settling’ doesn’t mean that someone else isn’t worthy- it just means they aren’t what’s meant for you. As for Derek, I hope he finds this too.”


Fans had mixed reactions to Katie’s perspective on her marriage

Not everyone took Katie’spost well. Some commenters took the opportunity to criticize Katie for heraffair with her ex during the last moments of her marriage to Derek. Otherspointed out that Katie was hypocritical for advocating for kindness when shehadn’t always been kind to her husband.

“Be kind…you mean theway you were ‘kind’ to Derek?” one critic wondered under Katie’s post.

Other Instagram users weremore welcoming towards the Marriedat First Sight star, admittingthat they weren’t sure they knew the whole truth about what had happened behindthe scenes. Others admired Katie for her willingness to open up about her flawson social media.

“I will also admit therewere times I was like she’s really mean,” one fan wrote to Katie. “HOWEVERthinking about putting myself in your shoes I’m sure I would have many momentsas well. I think I am a lot like you after thinking about it and we aren’t meanwe are real! Wish you the best!”

One Marriedat First Sight viewer gave theirbest wishes to Katie, suggesting that she use the show as a learning experiencefor future relationships. “I know the internet can be really cruel and I hatethat! But I also hope you can watch yourself and reflect on how this processcan make you a better person. Wishing you both all the luck!” they wrotediplomatically.

Another commenter praised her willingness to be raw and vulnerable on the show, writing generously: “My favorite on the whole show. You are so strong and vulnerable at the same time. You are an inspiration. Wishing you the best.”

The ‘Married at First Sight’ star still seems close with the other brides from the show

While Katie’s marriageto Derek certainly didn’t end well, it looks like she remained close friendswith the other Married at First Sight Season 10 brides. Katie and theother brides forged a close bond during their season, even getting matchingtattoos of the word “ten” on their ring fingers as an emotional tribute totheir shared experience.

Judging by her Instagramphotos, it looks like Katie even took a trip to Hawaii with two herfellow Married at First Sight brides, Meka Jones and TaylorDunklin, earlier in 2020. Both Taylor and Meka also divorced their husbands(BrandonReid and Michael Watson, respectively) at the end of the show.

“So grateful for them. Happy Wednesday,” Katie wrote inanother post with her four fellow Season 10 brides.

Finally, it looks likeKatie has a sense of humor about all the criticism from viewers, even though itprobably hurts her. Katie clapped back at trolls who made negative commentsabout the shape of her chin. Posing in her reunion episode dress, shejokingly pointed out her chin in one of a series of photos. “Swipe to see I doin fact have a chinny chin chin,” the Married at First Sight star jokedgood-naturedly.

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