MARRIED At First Sight UK's Paul C. Brunson has said how important it is that the couples have sex.

The dating guru discussed how all the couples meet a "specific criteria" for one another, including shared values and complimenting personalities.

Yet, the relationship expert admitted that physical attraction is top on the gurus list when matching the singles with their potential life partners – and explained that they picked them in the hope they'll have sex.

Speaking to Closer, Paul said: "We all look for shared values, complimentary personality and presumed attraction.

"We want our couples to have a physical attraction [and] intimacy. We want the couples to have sex – it's very important.

"Sometimes, we come across couples who are fiery.That's great, because you should be passionate about love and your life and what your marriage stands for. But when it's inappropriate, we don't like it."

Paul's sizzling comments come a day after MAFS viewers were left raging last night as streaming service All 4 crashed before the first weddings of the series.

Those using the service were greeted with an error message ahead of Nikita's marriage to Ant and Robert's marriage to Megan.

One complained: "Whhhhhyyyyyy has all4 crashed during #MAFSUK."

Another said: "All4 does not want me watching #MAFSUK keeps kicking me off!"

There had been plenty of joy before the technical difficulties though, as the show introduced its first ever gay couple.

Irishman Daniel, 27, and charity worker Matt, 39, both share a lust for life and are desperate to find love through the show.

Daniel joined the girls on their hen do, arriving in a buttoned down silk shirt and with his hair bouncing around his shoulders.

In a video from his home life, he surfed and enjoyed the great outdoors. He said: "I’m very much a free spirit. I'm all about good vibes and experiencing life."

Dapper Matt joined the boys on the stag do and told his co-stars how coming out as a 15-year-old emboldened him.

Viewers were pleased to see the gay community representated and took to Twitter to share their joy.

One wrote: "Great to see a gay couple on #MAFSUK."

A second posted: "Already love #MarriedAtFirstSightuk#MAFSUK & so happy they are having a gay marriage!"

A third said: "Great to see a gay couples journey too!"

One even took aim at Love Island, with the rival show's bosses previously saying it was "too logistically difficult" to have same sex contestants in the villa.

They wrote: "So glad being gay isn’t a logistical difficulty for #MAFSUK…"

The revamped UK series of MAFS sees the number of couples involved jumping from two to eight.

Filmed during the pandemic, the newlyweds formed a Covid-19 bubble, with regular testing, temperature checks and face masks behind the scenes.

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