Michael Reed, Augie Duke, and rapper Remy Ma are set to star in 6:45, a time-looping horror film directed by former Disney creative exec, Craig Singer.

Robert Dean Klein penned the screenplay, which is inspired by the film, Groundhog Day. Slated to debut in the fall, the drama centers around a young couple in love who take a romantic weekend getaway to an island where things go terribly wrong. The lead played by Michael Reed, wakes up each morning at 6:45 and relives the whole experience again.

Additional cast includes Armen Garo (The Departed), Thomas G. Waites (The Warriors), boxing Hall of Fame’s Ray Mancini (a.k.a Boom Boom), and The 45 King.

Singer also produced the project. His more recent credits include Dark Ride and Perkins 14.

Singer founded Fanlib and My2Centences, companies that predicted the integration of film with the internet and social media. He eventually sold the entertainment company to Walt Disney and stayed on as a Creative VP before returning to filmmaking. He received an Emmy nom in the interactive fiction category for The L Word Interactive.



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