Midsomer Murders has been a fan favourite for ITV ever since it began airing over two decades ago in 1997. Since then, the detective drama has notched up an impressive 21 seasons, with multiple deaths having occurred in the idyllic village. However, with reruns airing on the broadcaster, this has given viewers an opportunity to spot plot holes and ask why certain things may have happened which don’t match the script. The latest comes from season five and the decoration inserted into a certain secret room to do with the mysterious Pudding Club.


The episode, entitled Murder on St Malley’s Day from 2002, saw DCI Tom Barnaby (played by John Nettles) and his trusty sidekick DS Gavin Troy (Daniel Casey) investigate yet another murder.

Beginning the dramatic sequence of events was the death of Daniel Talbot (Sam Crane), a student at Devington School who was attacked in the woods during the annual St Malley’s Day race.

He didn’t die instantly from his injuries as the youngster was on his way to get help before he finally succumbed to be stabbed with one of the knives from the kitchen.

As the twists and turns unravelled in the episode, the detectives were led to a secret association called the Pudding Club, but one of the scenes from their base left one-eagled eyed viewer very confused.


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Following young Daniel’s untimely demise, his father Anthony Talbot (Jeremy Child) was quick to point the finger at someone he believed to be the culprit in a neighbouring village, Midsomer Parva.

However, what Barnaby and Troy soon discovered was the youngster was hoping to use the race as a front for him running away from Devington School.

With the pair digging deeper into what was driving the deceased away, they uncover an elite group known as the Pudding Club operating within the shadows of the prestigious establishment.

Members of the society are those who are regarded as the Creme de la Creme of the establishment, believing they are above everyone else.


No-one is in there

Midsomer Murders viewer

As the death toll begins to rise following Daniel’s death, the detectives begin associating the murders with the secretive cult-like group.

During one scene, they seem to stumble across the headquarters of the Pudding Club, but there is no one in sight.

Posting on moviemistakes.com forum one viewer questioned why the secret room the detectives entered was fully lit with candles, as they wrote: “no-one is in there.”

Although this seems like a plot hole, lighting is often used to create an eerie environment which is a feeling which transpires to those watching at home.

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Many Hollywood blockbusters use the same theatrical effect although no one is anywhere to be seen when a character enters the room.

The secret room was imperative to tracking down Daniel’s killer, however, as Barnaby discovered the glove of the school porter.

This accessory is worn when cleaning the silver of the establishment and with a knife from the school being used to kill the youngster, the detective begins to piece together the missing parts of the case.

On further inspection of the room, the sleuth discovers the second glove trapped under a secret door and once it’s lifted, the DCI claps eyes on a treasure trove of valuable relics.


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Barnaby realises these were brought to Devington by diplomats of the Foreign Office, with one of them being found dead in the lake of the school.

With the artefacts clearly funding the establishment, the horde hidden in the secret room would be worth a fortune.

As the detective realises this is why one of the diplomats ended up being murdered, the discovery of the porter’s gloves finally reveals the killer.

By the end of the episode, the sleuth and his sidekick Tory have the true culprit in custody and paying for their crimes.

Midsomer Murders airs Saturday at 1:05pm on ITV.

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