NEIGHBOURS favourite Chloe Brennan suffers heartbreak on the soap as she finds out her mum has Huntington's disease.

April Rose Pengilly's character will find out that Fay has the degenerative condition and faces death.

Huntingdon's is a genetic brain disorder that causes memory loss, makes it hard to walk and can shorten sufferers' life spans.

Chloe was already diagnosed with the disease herself, back in 2018, being given the bad news about her condition by Dr Karl Kennedy.

However, now shewill discover that her mum Fay, played by Zoe Bertram, had passed it on to her.

April told the Star: "Chloe knows this disease is a ticking clock.

"She is brought back down to earth and comes face to face with this disease, she is really confronted with it."

The character now faces the horrifying prospect of watching her mum die from the same disease as her.

In recent weeks, Fay's condition has taken a turn for the worse prompting her to moved in with Chloe and Pierce.

He even invited Nicolette to be her live-in nurse – little knowing that she secretly has feelings for Chloe.

Nicolette, after all, even asked her out when she first moved to the home of Ramsay Street, Erinsborough.

But, making a bad situation even worse, he doesn't stay in the dark for long, soon grasping what's really going on.

Chloe is just one of Fay's four children, alongside Mark, Aaron and Tyler, who was the result of an affair with Hamish Roche.

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