FORMER undercover cop Harriet Finch is unsettled when she feels "old desires" while talking to dangerous detective DI Malone next week in Emmerdale.
Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening on the ITV soap next week…

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1. Dawn discovers the gun incident

Harriet tries to diffuse the situation when Lucas’s foster parents rock up and accuse Will of threatening them. 

Later, Billy lets slip the gun incident with Lucas, and Dawn is lost for words – and furious she wasn’t told. 

2. Harriet gets hot under the collar

The next day, Harriet feels "old desires" while questioning DI Malone about the gun Will was keeping.

So far, we know little about Will and Harriet’s connection, but it’s looking there might be a romance on the cards.

3. DI Malone sets up Cain and Billy

Cain asks Will to do a huge drug deal for him. 

But Will is terrified when he sees that Billy and Cain are being used as a distraction to draw the police away from him. 

Will tries to warn Billy and Cain what Malone is planning – but will he get through to them in time?

4. Moira grows suspicious

Moira grows suspicious and worries that Cain is getting involved in something dodgy.

Moira then asks Chas to check on him. 

But what will she uncover?

5. Andrea discovers Jamie’s affair

When Andrea asks Belle to babysit, Belle decides she can’t wreck Millie’s family after spending some time with her. 

She tells Jamie he needs to give things another go with Andrea for the sake of his child. 

But during the Easter Egg hunt, he tells Belle he can’t deny his feelings any longer and confesses his undying love. 

But little do they know that Andrea is watching them from behind a tree and has heard every word

6. Andrea plots her revenge

Andrea keeps up a calm facade in front of Jamie while she secretly plots her revenge. 

Later, Andrea bursts into tears while talking to Leyla and tells her everything. 

7. Andrea confides in Leyla

Leyla tells her it's time to decide whether she wants to fight for her marriage or give everything up.

But will Andrea decide to fight for Jamie or plot her revenge?

8. Vanessa hurts Charity

Charity is lost for words when she discovers that Vanessa has asked Rhona to look after her son Johnny if she doesn’t survive

Vanity are already at breaking point – could this be the final straw?

9. Chas discovers the extent of Paddy’s anxiety

Paddy continues to struggle to hide his anxiety from his family. 

Chas is stunned when Aaron, Bear and Pollard reveal how much he’s been struggling to cope. 

Will she offer him the helping hand that he needs?

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