OZARK fans are convinced Darlene Snell shouldn’t have seen out season three of the Netflix series in a “ridiculous” plotline which saw her team up with the father of the man she shot in a revenge attack.

Incensed fans of the gritty crime thriller, set in Ozark, Missouri, have taken to Reddit to flag what they deem a huge plothole in the hit series.

It centres on the drug lord baddie, played by Lisa Emery, and her subsequent survival after she shot Frank Cosgrove Jnr in his private parts.

Shortly after Darlene drove to Frank Snr’s business with an enticing offer which he accepted – despite her brutal actions towards his offspring.

His lack of fury surprised fans, who flooded the online forum with suggestions he should have killed Darlene.

One quizzed: “Would the KC mob boss in a trillion years work work with the lady who shot off his son’s d**k?

“Like, no, Ozark, you don’t get to do that. You don’t get to pull out all the stops to make your stupid crazy old redneck lady character continually survive in the face of all logic.”

Another agreed, and posted: “At first Frank cares about the death of those 3 boys, now all of a sudden he doesn’t care about his son losing his nuts?

“That’s ridiculous. You just ended his bloodline.

“He should have killed Darlene.”

While some viewers suggested Frank Snr had put finances above family, another online user wrote in contradiction: “Yeah I agree with that part but Frank/the Mob surely wouldn’t let that slide for some business.”

Another commented: “For a mob boss, Frank Cosgrove sure did let a lot of disrespect slide.

“IDK how the midwestern mob do business, but in the Italian mob, just putting your hand on a made man would get you whacked.”

Darlene targeted the son of the Kansas City Mob leader after hearing he attacked her new employee Ruth.

She proceeded to shoot him in the groin while he was sitting in his car.

After visiting his father to strike the financial deal for his silence, she said: “I know none of that’s going to bring your boy’s pecker back, but it’s millions of dollars every year in your pocket.

“There’s justice in that.”

Fans were kept on tenterhooks as to whether Frank Jnr survived.




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Meanwhile, Darlene was again at the centre of fan scrutiny this month after fans were left “disgusted” at her age gap relationship with Wyatt.

Viewers were quick to point out that Darlene was “old enough to be his nan” as they romped in bed.

Ozark season three returned to Netflix on Friday, March 27, 2020.

Although the wait for the third season was lengthy, fans were rewarded with 10 episodes.

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