Jessica Frances Dukes shares behind-the-scenes look at Ozark

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Viewers of the hit Netflix show were left hanging on the edge of their seats after season three’s cliffhanger ending. With season four of Ozark expected to be released this year, fans have come up with a reason why Ben should still be alive.

Ben Davis (Tom Pelphrey) made his appearance at the Missouri Ozarks as a crazed teacher on the run.

He decided to go there because his older sister Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) and her family had recently relocated from Chicago.

As Wendy welcomed her brother with open arms, husband Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) wasn’t convinced and even asked him to leave.

Marty wasn’t keen on Ben staying because he was running a money-laundering scheme. He attempted to launder $500 million in under eight years for a Mexican drug cartel.

Marty knew that having Ben at the house could throw off his entire plan but took the risk because his wife Wendy convinced him.

While at the Ozarks, Ben meets Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner), Marty’s former employee, and falls in love with her.

Soon enough the pair start a serious relationship, and this completely went against Wendy’s wishes as she had begged Ruth to dump him.

In order to be with Ruth, Ben stopped taking his Bipolar medication and became uncontrollable.

Wendy made attempts to help her brother, but the severity of his condition became apparent when he found Helen Pierce’s (Janet McTeer) daughter Erin Pierce (Madison Thompson) and told her that she was the attorney for the Navarro drug cartel.

After witnessing this and seeing how carelessly Ben had shared that invitation, she hired a hitman to permanently silence.

With news that Helen put a price on her brother’s head, Wendy decided to run away with Ben. However they hadn’t driven for too long when she also realised the severity of Ben’s Bipolar Syndrome.

Wendy pulled into a fast-food restaurant and Ben unknowingly ate his last meal. With no other apparent option, Wendy phoned Helen and told her Ben’s location.

Later in that episode, Ben goes out of the restaurant to look for Wendy but is instead approached by Helen’s hitman.

Fans of the show, however, believe Navarro shouldn’t have let Wendy and Helen kill Ben.

One fan took to Reddit to share their thoughts: “Ben saved the Byrde family, Marty and Wendy would not have made it to being fully accepted by Navarro without him, not because Wendy sacrificed him, so to speak, but because he was the reason the cartel war was really ended.”

They added: ”When Ben first went off his meds, is when he tailed Ruth with Jonah and the drone.

“The show doesn’t really mention why Jonah was out there, but if it wasn’t for Ben they obviously wouldn’t have been able to capture the footage.”

Ben was playing around with Jonah Byrde’s (Skylar Gaertner) drone before using it to film Ruth as she met up with Frank Cosgrove (John Bedford Lloyd) for a cash drop.

Ben managed to capture footage of the Laguana cartel arriving and killing mobsters that were hired to drive the cash.

With the Laguana cartel being Navarro’s biggest enemy, Marty hands the footage over to the police, leading to the arrest of the entire Lauguana Cartel.

Another fan agreed: “Right right, we know why he’s there just saying if Ben hadn’t asked Jonah to go with him there would have been no footage.”

All seasons of Ozark is available to watch on Netflix

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