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Since Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in Coronation Street, he’s been on a difficult journey of trying to come to terms with the fact that he has a terminal illness.

He’s also had to face worsening symptoms where almost every day he experiences fresh challenges.

And, in a new Corrie video clip, we see him take a traumatic collapse, leaving him trapped and alone, crying for help.

While the people who love him have done their best to support him, someone who really understands his situation is Shelly (Natalie Amber), a woman he met at a MND support group. Shelly has had MND for longer than Paul and has been able to give him advice and empathy in a way that his well-meaning family can’t.

Another thing Shelly has provided is an income stream for Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove). Shelly has been using an old credit card to buy and sell laptops to fund her carers, and Bernie spied an opportunity. She told Shelly that she had a mate on the market who could sell the laptops, and Bernie would take a cut of the profits.

In upcoming episodes Paul gets a letter offering him an appointment with a palliative care nurse. He tries to make light of it for Billy (Daniel Brocklebank)’s sake and decides to talk to Shelly. When he meets up with her he’s shocked to realise how ill she’s become.

The next day Paul is struggling to walk and Billy suggests now might be the time to try using a wheelchair. Paul refuses.

Later he catches Bernie red-handed sorting out a consignment of electronic goods with Shelly’s address on them and realises what she’s been up to. Bernie is defensive and says she was only trying to raise the money that he’ll soon be needing for special equipment to help him with his disability.

Paul accepts that his mum means well, but he’s worried that she could be heading for jail if she’s caught and decides he needs to talk to Shelly to get her to stop supplying Bernie with the laptops.

He heads out to go to her flat, but in a deserted street his legs fail him. He trips and falls and realises he’s completely unable to get back up on his feet again. All he can do is call for help – but there’s nobody around to hear him.

Will he be found in time?

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