Piers Morgan refused to stand up from behind his desk on Good Morning Britain today as he revealed he’d gone commando.

The 55-year-old presenter made the surprising confession as he addressed Good Morning America broadcaster Will Reeve’s awkward blunder as his webcam showed he’d not bothered to put on trousers for a live interview.

After Piers and his co-host Susanna Reid played back a snippet of the unfortunate clip, Susanna stood up from her seat so audiences could see she was fully dressed.

Piers, however, declined to follow suit and joked that he had opted against covering his lower half.

‘I won’t get up. I’m going commando today,’ he said.

Susanna replied: ‘There’s an image no one wanted.’

Elsewhere on today’s programme, Piers branded Frankie Boyle a ‘disgusting human being’ for ‘wanting to see journalists lose their jobs’ amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The presenter didn’t hold back when discussing the comedian’s ‘hypocritical’ tweet in which he called for the public to stop buying newspapers.

On top of that, Dr Hilary Jones cleared up the confusion surrounding the public wearing face masks to protect themselves from Covid-19.

‘I think if it’s not possible to physically distance by two meters in enclosed spaces with other people who are strangers to you, it makes sense to cover your nose and mouth with some sort of covering,’ he said.

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