RICHARD Madeley clashed with Dr Hilary Jones this morning as he angrily argued against a delay to lockdown easing.

The 65-year-old – who is a guest host on Good Morning Britain – didn't hold back as he delivered his own views to the TV doctor.

The debate came following The Sun's story about a secret plan to delay lockdown lift by two weeks.

 "You're going to agree, aren't you?", Richard asked Dr Hilary.

"I am," he replied firmly.

"I mean, we're looking at rising cases, we're looking at a population where – still – only 75 per cent have had the first jab and just over half have had the second jabs.

"So a lot of people unprotected with a variant which is pretty nasty.

"So the idea of mass gatherings, the idea of people abandoning masks, hand sanitising and social distancing is crazy at a time when things are getting worse."

Richard insisted the vaccine should allow the lockdown restrictions to lift.

He argued: "But we have government ministers who have said – repeatedly now after two weeks ago – that the vaccines have broken the link between Covid and hospitalisations and deaths. They've broken the link."

Refusing to back down, Dr Hilary said: "And that is why we need to be a little more patient, get everybody vaccinated and then we can start thinking about lifting restrictions.

"If we do it too early, there's a risk of going where we were back before."

Richard added: "Because what people in your camp say Hilary, that that delay shouldn't necessarily be a couple of weeks or even a couple of months, it might have to run up to Christmas.

"And I don't think the public are going to wear that."

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