Fans were growing impatient as the hiatus between the first and second halves of Rick and Morty season four continued. Thankfully, Adult Swim recently confirmed the season’s return date, and fans have some good ideas for how the rest of the season will continue.

Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon’s animated comedy series has been riveting fans with yet another season of irreverent cartoon chaos.

Adult Swim confirmed last year the show had been renewed for a staggering 70 additional episodes so, once the fourth season has concluded, fans can still expect Rick and Morty to continue well into the future.

With the broadcast of the series safe for the next few years, fans have been speculating when the next horrific twist will inevitably be revealed.

Thankfully, viewers won’t have to wait too long, as Adult Swim confirmed the fourth season will make its highly anticipated return on May 3.


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Additionally, a recent Instagram post confirmed the titles of all five episodes yet to air in season four, and some of the titles contain intriguing clues for Rick and his hapless grandson Morty’s (both played by Justin Roiland) upcoming adventures.

They include Never Ricking Morty, Childrick of Mort, and the cryptically named The Vat of Acid Episode.

While most of the titles continue the tradition of riffing on famous movie titles with a nonsensical pun, The Vat of Acid Episode marks a rare break from the trend. 

Fans have taken online to discuss what the mysterious episode could entail, with some speculating it could feature the return of a major element from the previous seasons.

Redditor DoctorDisco2564 said: “The Vat of Acid episode is going to be another Citadel episode.”

The Citadel of Ricks and Mortys was last seen in season three episode The Ricklantis Mixup, also known as Tales From the Citadel.

As well as following the adventures of the Citadel’s interdimensional population, the episode traces the rise of Evil Morty as he sabotages his way into becoming the President of the Citadel.

Evil Morty has been built up as a major antagonist for the rest of the series, but has not been confirmed to make an appearance in season four.

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Some fans have considered The Vat of Acid Episode as a prime contender for bringing back the Citadel and revealing how Evil Morty continues to exercise his iron grip over the massive space station.

When questioned on this theory, another fan responded: “Because the Joker’s origin story involved a vat of acid. It could be the Evil Morty’s origin story episode. I guess we shouldn’t get our hopes up.”

In the comics and other media, Batman’s nemesis gains his iconic white skin and green hair when he falls into acid during a fight in Ace Chemicals.

With Evil Morty being developed as a similarly evil foil to mad scientist Rick, viewers are eager to discover more about the sinister villain’s secretive background.


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Word from Justin and Dan has been unclear, however, as one fan pointed out: “I’m fairly sure they said we wouldn’t get anymore Evil Morty until season five.”

Following Rick and Morty’s previous track record of lengthy breaks between new episodes, it would definitely be a shame if Evil Morty was completely absent from the current season.

Although, another fan argued: “I heavily doubt that due to the large amount of citadel ricks we saw in the trailer.”

The kinetic and crazy trailer contains snapshots of the upcoming episodes, and the hype for season four to continue has never been greater.

Rick and Morty season four will continue on Adult Swim from May 3.

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