The fourth season of Adult Swim’s irreverent cartoon series has been well-received by fans so far. As fans wait for Rick and Morty’s return on May 3, some viewers are convinced they’ve spotted a huge connection to a popular Disney series.

Season four’s first five episodes concluded on December 15, leaving a long gap between the ongoing instalments two parts that tested the patience of devoted fans.

Thankfully, Adult Swim confirmed a new slate of adventures will continue on May 3, with confirmation of the upcoming episodes’ titles following soon after.

With an additional 60 episodes on the way after season four airs what will undoubtedly be a shocking finale, Rick and Morty fans are expecting more dark secrets about Rick and his grandson Morty (both played by Justin Roiland) to be revealed along the way.

One of the biggest questions on fans’ minds is the mysterious fate of Rick’s ex-wife, Diane.


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In the first episode of season three, The Rickshank Redemption, a captive Rick is tortured by visions of his past, including a harrowing memory involving the death of Diane.

Fans have since begun to speculate how a version of Diane from another dimension could eventually make her way back to the current Rick.

Furthermore, one eagle-eyed viewer took to Reddit to point out how Diane could have a surprising connection to Disney Channel’s popular series, Gravity Falls. 

Redditor ShyN3ko posted an intriguing still from season two episode, Big Trouble in Little Sanchez.

During the episode, an easter egg depicts an image of Gravity Falls’ interdimensional villain Bill Cipher on a background screen when Rick’s daughter Beth (Sarah Chalke) and hapless husband Jerry (Chris Parnell) attend alien marriage counselling.

This fan is convinced this small piece of trivia could, in fact, hold the key to Diane’s reappearance at some point in the show’s future.

Taking to the show’s subreddit, they posted: “What if Bill Cipher was created by Rick’s Wife?

“Rick and his Wife had problems, then they went to the place in the picture. She put on the helmet and created Bill.”

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During the episode, Beth and Jerry are able to plug themselves into a machine that creates a distorted approximation of their respective partners.

Anyone in a relationship with Rick during his most self-destructive periods could definitely have the capacity to create something as powerful and sadistic as Bill Cipher if they had access to this machine.

The fan added: “Bill was too strong and they fought in this place, then they escaped to other dimensions.”

Although it might be far-fetched, there is already precedent for a crossover between the two shows, as some items that fell through a portal in the Disney Channel series later appeared in the background of Rick and Morty.


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Moreover, voice actor Justin Roiland made frequent appearances on Gravity Falls as time-traveller Blendin Blandin.

Gravity Falls tragically lasted for only two seasons on Disney Channel, and its fans have been aching for more content from Alex Hirsch’s supernatural cartoon.

Perhaps Rick and Morty could be the perfect outlet for the villainous Bill Cipher to wreak even more havoc on screen.

Rick and Morty returns on May 3 on Adult Swim.

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